BATIM Fanfiction

I haven't found ANY Bendy and the Ink Machine fanfiction on here, so I decided to make one ^-^


4. 3

Spot's POV.
Bendy isn't himself. Nobody would be themselves, after finding their best friend's corpse put up on display like a trophy. But Bendy, he just sleeps now. When he's not sleeping, he's sitting at Boris's feet. He is, quite literally, dead inside. Its been weeks now, and he still hasn't improved. I've been trying to help, but it's like trying to comfort a brick wall. So now I just sit quietly with him, wondering what is going on in his head.

Bendy's POV.
I have had no motivation to do anything, since Spot found Boris. I don't want to dance, I don't want to interact with anyone, I just.......I want my friend back. I want him back but I can't, because he's dead. He's dead and it's all Joey's fault. It's his's his's his fault.....Boris would still be alive if I hadn't listened to's MY fault......right? In a way, I guess it was my fault. And I couldn't fix it. Everybody was gone, and now he can't be fixed. I spent days, weeks, even, trying to find a way to make it up to him. But nothing came up. Spot came in frequently and sat next to me. It was somewhat comforting, having someone there with me. One time, she came in, sat next to me, and hugged her knees close to her chest. She's talked to me, that much I know, but her words just went in one ear (do I even have ears....?) and out the other. But that day, she talked to Boris.
"Boris...? I know you probably can't hear me, or anything, for that matter, but how.......why did this happen? Why'd it have to happen to you?" She sounded hurt, like he did her a great injustice by being dead. "Bendy really misses you, y'know. He's hardly himself anymore. All he does is sleep and sit here. He doesn't do anything he likes anymore." She was choking back tears now. "Y'know, we all really care about you, but none more than Bendy. And it hurts to see him like this." She nuzzled her face into her knees and continued. "I'd do anything to bring you back, just to make him happy again."

Colby's POV.
"Spoooot? Bendyyyy?" I was searching for my friends when I heard soft cries from where Boris was hung. Figuring it was Bendy again, I looked in quietly to see if Spot was in there too. She was, but Bendy wasn't the one crying - she was. She was crying softly while Bendy had his head lying on her shoulder sympathetically. I didn't want to disturb them, so I quietly walked back in the direction I came from, completely forgetting about the weakened floorboards in front of the exit and falling into the basement.


A/N: This is probably the worst of the chapters TnT but oh well. Figured something weird should happen before Henry got there XP

By the way, Spot and Colby are my own characters. Thought I should just let you know now.

~I don't own anything from Batim; not the characters, not the place, not the items. 


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