BATIM Fanfiction

I haven't found ANY Bendy and the Ink Machine fanfiction on here, so I decided to make one ^-^


2. 1

Spot's POV.
I woke from the darkness to the sound of whirring and shuffling feet, but I kept my eyes closed. The whirring continued for a while but the shuffling feet had been replaced with scribbling. I opened an eye partially to see someone hovering over a desk. They stood up straight, and I closed my eye again as to not give any hints that I was watching. I heard them shuffle over to me, then going quiet. What surprised me most was their tone of voice.
"Spot," she said gently, "I know you're awake darling." I opened my eyes to see a young girl standing a respectable distance away from the table I was on.
"Do you feel alright?" She was playing with her hands anxiously.
"A-.....aaiii...." I couldn't seem to find my words, so I simply nodded.
"Oh, good." She replied, going back over to the desk and scribbling something out. I tried to stand on the table, only making it halfway up before my legs gave out on me. The girl looked over at me, then came over.
"Are you okay? Anything......uh....." She put a finger to her chin and mumbled to herself, "I can't say dislocated, cuz you're made of ink." She thought a little while longer before picking me up gingerly and placing me on the floor. I looked up at her curiously. "Don't move okay? Don't want you getting hurt!" She pulled something out of her pocket and set it in my lap. As I observed it, it was a cookie!
'How could I have forgotten?' I thought to myself, biting into it. Chocolate chip, my favorite.
"Haaaaahh......chooo....." I still couldn't form my words, but the girl seemed almost happy with me.
"Just a hunch. I like them too." She smiled and turned her gaze to the table and ran her fingers over it. "Nothing's been.....dislodged! That's what it is, I guess." She came back over to me and crouched down to my level, holding out her fingers. "Can you hold onto these please?" She asked. 'What does she want me to do, pull them off?' I shoved the rest of the cookie in my mouth and grabbed ahold of her fingers. She seemed almost ecstatic about this and told me not to let go. She then pulled me off the ground and onto my feet, which were a bit wobbly to my surprise. She wiggled her fingers free and stabilized me by putting a hand on my back and holding onto one of my hands.
"Do you want to go see Colby, Bendy and Boris?" I nodded vigorously, instantly remembering my friends. "Alrighty then. I'm going to hold onto you so you don't fall, alright? Can you take a couple steps for me?"
"Yyess." I beamed up at her, finally able to say something. She beamed back, and pulled my hands slightly to get me to start walking. It took a while, and my steps were wobbly, but I made it into the projector room where Boris, Bendy, and Colby were watching an old episode.
"Haaaiiiieee!!" I squealed, still trying to form words. They turned and looked at me curiously.
"Try again." The girl encouraged as she guided me over to a seat. 
"Hellooo!" It was a bit bumpy due to my steps, but it was better than the last, nonetheless. Bendy waved as Colby and Boris chimed a hello back.

????'s POV.
Two down, none to go. Joey was right, making them three dimensional was hard. But unlike him, I didn't use satanic ritual shiz to do it. I made my 'babies' out of only ink. And maybe a tad bit of ritual but not enough to make them like he made Boris and Bendy. Spot is making slow progress, but she was always the shyest one out of her and Colby. Though she'd definitely give Bendy a run for his money with all the mischief she's caused in her days. Its like taking care of a baby, although in a few days she'll be right back to her old self, but three dimensional instead of two.

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