The Absolute

<Humans are the weakest> Characteristics of human have many reasons to criticize. We are weak, greedy, and the only thing that we have is our numbers. However we managed to live the longest out of them, but we didn't realize that the time was ticking down. The mythical creatures from fantasy were real and their advent had already begun. The world of modern fantasy begins. <Do you desire the absolute power?>


1. The Prologue

Have you thought of escaping out of this meaningless reality? Economy, politics, and education has already begun to take control of our lives. Sometimes, even the slightest hope that something extraordinary can happen persuades us to live another day of our life waiting for it. But it simply was a baseless delusion, until now.

<Modern Fantasy>

A Million Years Ago...

The humanity has already existed during this time period. Though their technology couldn't rival with ours, they had the mysterious element called the Magic. Magic revealed humanity the nearly infinite possibilities. It enabled them to heal any sickness with single touch, travel anywhere without wasting any time, and even more with Magic. This world seems to be harmonious compared to ours.

Nobility didn't exist.

Wars didn't occur.

Efforts were valued.

And status never determined your fate.

However, humans were not the only creatures living on this harmonious world; the mythical creatures evoked sense of fear and danger within humans. These extraordinary creatures were what shaped humans that we see nowadays.

Elves taught humans the Compassion.

Goblins taught humans the Greed.

Dragons taught humans the Pride.

Golems taught humans the Peace.

and many more contributed to the creation of modern humans.

In the end, what truly caused humans to rebel upon these creatures were truly caused by the monsters who had changed them to their current form.

Humans and the other race often ended up in conflict.

Wars began to happen between them.

Countries and nobility were established.

And status determined our fate.

The mythical beings, guilty of their mistakes, disappeared without a trace. Not a single fossil or remains of these creatures were found. Humans had become the dominant species of this world but now that the competition was done with, we began to fight among ourselves. The humanity collapsed few hundred years later and it revived few thousand of years when small group of children survived and roamed the earth again, but to their primitive forms.

The rest of the history is as follows, but what we couldn't understand was where are these higher beings now? What would happen if they were to begin their revenge upon us now? Will we be able to defend against them without the support of Magic? How would the peaceful society change after their arrival? The answer to this question is simple: Humanity had met its greatest crisis.

Dragon's body possessed impregnable defense against any explosives, weapons, and even nuclear warheads.

Behemoth couldn't be taken out with the armed force of an entire country.

Goblins robbed important goods as well as food supplies.

The world was in absolute chaos. 

Humanity was about to end yet again.

Until the unparalleled being arrived in front of the mythical beings.

The person remembered by the history itself,Absolute, was any other ordinary human. 


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