Crystal Lies

Super talented Majesty Nova moves into a quiet town and turns everyone against each other. How she does it? Read to find out.


1. Expect The Unexpected

Was she popular? Yes. Gorgeous? Yes. Your stereotypical high school mean girl? Not so much... Although she seemed like your typical cheerleader that dates the jock and strives for homecoming queen, Majisty was different. a good different. Her heart was kind and her mind was right. Her pockets were always full, yet her focus on the outside world was sharp. She had the looks, the mind, the talent, and most importantly ... the personality to be ANYBODY'S friend. Majisty is 17, plays chess, basketball, and weightlifting. She is vice president of the junior class and takes that role VERY seriously. She organizes and helps fund school trips, volunteers at different events, goes to church, and accompanies people on daily activities. Her heart is pure. She was literally the nicest popular girl at Rosewood High School. She turned down every guy that asked her out. Mainly the jocks asked her. A few nerds.. a couple emo guys.. some girls... you know- the STEREOTYPICAL high school "cliques". Majisty wasn't against commitment or anything, I guess she just didn't want to be in a relationship. Maybe she was just waiting. Maybe she liked someone who didn't like her back (i don't see why they wouldn't). Whatever her reasoning, she didn't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Now don't get me wrong. She wasn't innocent. She partied, wore revealing clothing, drank, smoke, partied. Again, STEREOTYPICAL high school fun. Majisty was a party animal; one thingcan say about her is that she can party until 2 in the morning but then ace her freaking Calculus test at 9. She could drink a bottle of tequila with motivation from the drunken "CHUG CHUG CHUG"s but then sip on a cup of her favorite tea or coffee as if she were Princess Elizabeth. She was literally everything I wanted to be. I don't think she realizes how much pretty every girl at this school admires her. Her reputation is literally perfect. She is PERFECT!! But there was something she knew, something she wouldn't tell us. Not even her best friend Brina knew. The school was chatting about it all freshman year and into sophomore year too, but as junior year approached, nobody really thought to speak of it. I asked her once:

"Majisty, what ever happened to that big secret everyone was hiding for you?" . She looked really upset and kinda bowed her head and let out a forced (totally fake but seemingly depressed) smile. Her fingers went to the ends of her hair and one single tear dropped from her eye.

"Hey Jas, I'd rather not talk about this here. Or talk about it ever. I know it seemed all fun and games to us last year, but really it's nothing. It's a thing of the past, and for the good of everybody we should probably just forget it even happened. I love you though, you're one of the people I'd turn to if things aren't right. Pinky promises. So... let's try to forget what that was. Let's just play pretend and act like it never existed- like an imaginary friend that we deny even though we know it was a thing of the silly past.". At that point, I hugged her, not knowing whether it was because I knew she was hurting or because I was a great friend that supported her through any decision she made. I wanted to know what was bothering her. If it was really nothing, then why'd she hesitate to talk about it? Why'd she let out that one single tear? I just felt helpless. But when I felt her arms slip from my grip, her body flying towards the locker and her hair rapidly swing towards my cheek, I knew she was upset. Something was wrong.

Majisty quickly pulled from the hug. She was acting super afraid for a minute, like something I did put her in shock. Sure enough, her jaw dropped, her eyes blinked rapidly and her hair frizzed all around as if she'd been asleep. She wasn't looking directly at me, so I tried to make a connection to what she was looking at. I was standing kind of at a 45 degree angle from her left side, so to trace exactly what she was staring at was SUPER challenging. Promptly, Majisty came back to reality. There was nothing but high school kids going to and from lockers and classes down the hallways. She snapped her neck to me and asked:

"How's my hair?". It was like a random loss of reality for her I guess. I laughed and told her she should probably fix it into a ponytail and handed her my travel hairspray just in case she needed it. She went back to her old Majisty self and walked towards the gym- she had softball tryouts today. As she walked away, all I could inquire was what just happened and what the hell she was hiding. I just wanna figure it our so I can help. There's nothing more than honesty, integrity and loyalty in me finding out what was wrong- or maybe even what was right. Who knows? I don't. Nobody knows actually. And nobody will if she doesn't talk to us. But then again, maybe it isn't my business. Maybe I am being too nosy.



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