Roommates With A Bad Boy

A girl named Ava is 17 so she joined college. When she got her own room she though she was gonna be alone but turns out she was with The most popular bad boy in the whole college. She felt feelings for him but she knew it was bad. Who knows what this Bad Boy is capable of.


5. Tracker

Lily got up, Zander helped me up which made me blush. Lily furrowed her eyebrows "so this is the little puta!" she said about to attack Zander but I held her back "whoa! Feisty I like that in Ladies"  Zander said winking at Lily. She gave a disgusted face at Zander he chuckled but got slapped on the arm by Skylar. "so this is your girlfrined" I said casually.

He smiled "yup, my baby". 

Skylar's face light up "BABE! you said you were gonna take me out to the park!"

"I am just hold up" Zander said.

Zander looked at me "isn't it a little rude to spy on people" He said smirking

" I...- UHH!! OM!" I said stuttering," w-we weren't spying on you what!" 

"HA HA HA HA! we were just looking for someone's contact lens" Lily said making a worried face

"OH LOOK! I FOUND THE CONTACT LENS" I said."LET'S GO GIVE IT TO UM UM...-"  "SHELBY!" Lily said cutting me off followed by worried laughter. "yeahhhhhhhh Sh-Shelby" I said nodding quickly," well we better go and give it to her...BYE!" I was pushing Lily to leave. I turned back and saw Zander so confused like if I had two heads.

"That was wayyy too close" Lily said wiping away the sweat on her forehead "mhmm" I said calmly,"Now we better

follow them to the park" "WHOA! why?" Lily said weirdly "cause..." I said quietly 

"Ava, we should just give up he clearly loves her" Lily said looking down. I bite my lip "UNLESS!" I said." we follow Skylar wherever she goes to see of she's cheating on him" Lily's face light up she gave me an evil smirk "YESSS!!!


 "Now we better...-" I said until someone bumped into me. "OH i'm so sorry!" she said looking at me sadly," i should have watched out where I was going" "it's okay we all make mistakes" I said smiling warmly. She smiled back.

In the distance I heard and happy yell "SHELBY! LET'S GO! WE'RE GONNA MISS THE MOVIE" said the person.

"COMING!" said Shelby," it was nice meeting you guys I hope we can meet again"

Lily and Me were astonished. Shelby skipped away to her friend and they left to the movies.

When she left we both started laughing then followed Skylar to the park 


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