Roommates With A Bad Boy

A girl named Ava is 17 so she joined college. When she got her own room she though she was gonna be alone but turns out she was with The most popular bad boy in the whole college. She felt feelings for him but she knew it was bad. Who knows what this Bad Boy is capable of.


6. Revenge?

We were at the park "okay this is the game plan...-" Lily said but Skylar was talking "babe i gotta go" she said sadly holding his hand "yeah me too" he replied. I smirked"lily you follow Skylar I have to go back to my dorm" I said. Lily nodded "okay i'll message you if Skylar did anything bad" Lily said smirking. They both said their goodbye's and so did me and Lily. Zander had to be going back to the dorm but he

was also flirting with other girls so I had enough time to get there before he does.I went to my dorm and closed the 

door behind me. I sighed I quickly sat on the couch and turned the Tv on and acted normal. I saw the handle on the door

turn and that's when Zander came in. I went to my room but of course Zander had to follow me. I sat on my bed. Zander was leaning on the door frame. "Zander" I said weirdly he looked up at me "what's wrong kitkat" he said. I sighed "who's room was this before" I said looking around. Zander walked to me and sat on the bed with me "it was my old friend's room Shelby" My eyes widened "UMM SHELBY!" I said worriedly He nodded I grabbed his hand "she betrayed me, she joined a group and left me she said she was gonna kill me but i didn't believe it" I sighed and hugged him "i'm so sorry Zander" I said sadly "hey, it's okay at least i have you kitkat" he said smiling softy at me. I smiled 

"well can you like...give me some space" I said nicely He nodded 

"sure thing KitKat" and kissed my forehead. I shifted 

in my spot. He left me room and my phone made a buzzing sound. It was Lily

I told her everything she was as shook as me. Then she told me about Skylar. "WAIT SKYLAR IS CHEATING ON ZANDER!" I replied "YES AND I HAVE PROOF I RECORDED EVERYTHING!" Lily texted. My face light up "HA! WAIT UNTIL ZANDER HEAR'S ABOUT THIS AH HA, CAN'T WAIT SO HE CAN LEAVE HER!!!" I quickly texted "whoa...Ava are you jealous?!" Lily texted I can imagine her face lighting up. My eyes widen "wha-WHAT!" I immediately texted. "lmao!" she replied,"Maybe you should calm down" "you're right I should wait till the perfect time! and I can get revenge!!" "whoa Lily, that's too far but i'm in!" Lily texted with an evil emoji. An evil smirk was plastered on my face. I hit the phone on my palm repeatedly and grinned. 

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