Roommates With A Bad Boy

A girl named Ava is 17 so she joined college. When she got her own room she though she was gonna be alone but turns out she was with The most popular bad boy in the whole college. She felt feelings for him but she knew it was bad. Who knows what this Bad Boy is capable of.


1. Moving In

As I walked downstairs my Mom and Dad were both smiling and holding each others hands

"i can't believe our little girl is going to college" she said sadly I went up to her

and put my hands on her shoulder "don't worry mom i'll be okay" I said happily "okay sweetie, but are you sure you want to go on the bus" she said wondering "i'm sure of it" I said with a soft smile and hugged her tightly

I moved on to my dad next. He looked me in the eye "You sure you won't forget us pumpkin" he said sadly too

"i won't i promise" I said and hugged him "okay, oh and no parties and no drinking" he said firmly "okay dad i get it"

I replied back . I grabbed both their hands and let them go. I went to the door and the bus was already there "bye guys Love you" I said blowing a kiss to both of them "love you too" they both said and I was off to go to College.

When I got to the bus people the people were so loud it stung my ears. I sat in the way back and stayed there until

The bus stopped. Once it sopped I went into the school. I was amazed of how big it is but I just went straight in. I looked at the sheet that someone Gave me that shows my dorm. As i went left I saw my dorm at the end of the hall. I got to it and opened it. That's when I saw a Handsome boy on a couch smoking. I dropped my stuff and he turned to me "who the fuck are you" he asked I gulped "i-im Ava" I said stuttering "cute and pretty I like it" he said and winked at me. He's so cute

But i won't let his cuteness fool me.

(Note: The cover is the bad boy so thats him) 

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