Legends I : Raven

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3. Chapter III

-Raven P.O.V.-

 This fancy place was The Hub? I thought 

" Doll we need to get you dressed and ready. You look like a hot mess." said my aunt looking at me up and down. 

I blushed. 

" Make-over!" she said.

 She clapped her hands together. 3 girls came in. They were armed with curlers, flat irons, combs and etc. This was going to be epic. They were done in less than 2 hours. I was drop dead gorgeous.

-Unknown P.O.V-

" Son remember catch the grey eyed girl" said my Father. 

" Yes sir pop" I replied.

 I walked into the lavish building. This was an upper class party. I soon spotted the girl. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was so beautiful. I watched her from the shadows. Her grey eyes seemed to laugh. Her movements were livid and fluid.

She was fine. I couldn't believe my luck. Her body was shaped like a vase. Her lips were plump. I couldn't contain myself. Out of all the girls this one made me wanna be good. What was it about her that made me like her?

- Raven P.O.V-

I danced to the rhythm of the music. Music seemed to love me. I was dancing with this handsome you man. He was simply charming. My aunt was flirting with a foxy man around her age. I smiled. As I danced the hairs on my neck stood up. I stood up taller. I had a feeling. Like something was going to go horribly wrong.

 " Are you ok? " asked the gentlemen. 

I nodded. I put on my most charming smile. My breathing hastened. Flashes of pictures filled my mind.

Electricity. Screams of horror. Smoke. Me lying on the ground motionless. A boy and girl protecting me. A hooded figure, a boy around 19 to be exact.

I opened my eyes. I gasped. My eyes widened. What tragedy was about to take place.

 " I-I-I I have to go." I said

 I walked off. I sat alone on a bench. Soon my aunt called everyone's attention. I walked on stage.

 She began her toast

 " Today we are gathered here. To see the reuniting of a family. Three extraordinary children. All with lovely grey eyes. Malissa, Adrene, and Raven."

 Two other people joined me. A handsome young fellow and a lovely young woman. We all looked alike, you could tell we were siblings.

-Unknown P.O.V-

'Blah, Blah, Blah enough with this happy shit. Time to stur up some trouble' I walked away to the control panel. I used my electric powers to fry the circuit. Darkness envelped the room. I used my super hearing power to hear

 " Protect the Prince and Princesses we must take them to the Archipeligo" 

I smirked. The plan was going well. I heard a loud boom. 

What the hell was that? 

I heard ominous laughing. 

What on God's green earth was that?



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