Legends I : Raven

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2. Chapter II

" What is the Hub?" I asked curiously

 You will see soon" said DeDe

 I looked out of the window. I was curious about this 'Hub'. I closed my eyes. I saw something.   A beautiful building. It was in the middle of a lake or ocean. I snapped my eyes open.

 ' Strange ' I thought. 

' I hope she is not on me' I heard a voice.

 It was my Aunt. I was shocked. Visions now reading minds. How crazy can this get. I sighed. I looked at the passing trees and lakes. We arrived at a huge sea. I could see something in the far distance.

My Aunt pushed a few buttons. The car started to rumble and shake. I was shocked. Then out of the blue she drove into the ocean. I shrieked. 

I thought

This is it. This is the way I'm gonna die.' To my shock I wasn't suffocating. 

My Aunt was driving underwater! 

" Holy mackerel!" I said. 

My aunt played a smile on her face. "Scared ya their for a second now did we" teased DeDe.

I nodded. I looked out. The ocean was beautiful. The sea turtles, anemones, and fish. I counted out 7 different species. I smiled. All of a sudden I felt dizzy. My head hurted. I passed out.

"Raven so we meet again"said the woman from my previous vision.

 " Forgive me for the dramatics. My name is Makia." " Who are you? Why do I have visions? Why do we look so alike yet so different? " I blurted out. 

The woman gave a hearty laugh. Her grey eyes sparkled.

 " All will be answered in due time" said Makia. 

"No! Waittttttt" I said. 

The world around me seem to crumble. 

I woke. I saw a man this time. " Hello Girl" he said. He was a hooded figure. He was well built no dought about it. He was scary. I saw his pink scar on his right eye. His teeth were rotten and grey. He grabbed me roughly. " You belong to me" he mused. His dark eyes glinting. he laughed darkly. I screamed. I felt like I was falling into a endless void of doom.

The same vision with the baby happened again. This time it was different. " Lets name her Raven our third child." said Makia. Matilda was 3 yrs old now. She was so cute. Her black and purple hair was long. Her kiddy face. A baby boy was crawling around the floor. " I will prowtect her wit mwy wife" said  Matilda.

I gasped. I was now back to reality. I had so many questions I needed to ask. 

'Where am I?' I thought.

 I was in a lavish bed. I was clean. My skin glowed. 

" Miss she is awake" said a butler. 

My aunt came in. she looked stunning. She had on a lavish velvet dress. It showed her cleavage a little. Her figure was awesome. She had on red lipstick. "

Where are we " I said. "

 Welcome to The Hub hon" she said coolly.

My mouth gaped open.

       What the heck?  I thought. "How long was I out?" I asked.

 "Um for about 2 hours"said my aunt

No comment I thought 

"Yo DeDe you needed in the main room" said a handsome guy. 

He had brown hair with blue eyes. He smiled at me. His perfectly chiseled face looking so hot. I turned away from Mr.Gorgeous. 

"Okay Damion" said my aunt.

 He left.

 "Ohhh looks like you got hots for this guy" said my aunt teasing me.

 I said " I DO NOT" I was blushing furiously. 





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