Legends I : Raven

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1. Chapter I

Chapter 1- The Visions

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Do you ever feel

Like you being watched?

Like their isn't a time when you alone?

Not even when you rest in your bed

That's how I feel

Sometimes I hear whispers in the night

The shadows seem to dance for me

I wish I knew why


" Raven" said a voice. 

I looked into the distance. I didn't see anything. A woman was moving close. Her hair was grey and old. Her skin was wrinkled. 

"Young girl" she croaked " you are more powerful than you think. Stop being cruel to yourself. Things aren't always as they seem" 

A flash of light enveloped her. Her skin melted. It turned to the perfect caramel latte. Her eyes were bright grey. Her hair was long and black and purple as the night. 

" I love you little one" 

she said. She disappeared. I saw a baby. She was the most perfect baby I have ever seen. 

" Let's name her Matilda our first girl" said the man.

 The woman I just saw was with him .

'Now what does that have to do with anything?' . 'RAVEN' 'RAVEN' A voice interrupted my dream.

I quickly opened my eyes. I was in a hospital bed. The heart monitor was beeping. My aunt was looking at me. "Don't you ever scare me like that again young lady" said my aunt. 

" What happened?" I asked.

 My aunt was breathless. 

She said " You were in your room for like an hour. It was lunch-time. I called your name. You didn't respond so I got worried. I waited 30 minutes. I really got worried. So then I went to your room. You were knocked out. I called your name. You ignored me. So i opened your eyes. They were gold. You were not responding to anything."

She continued " Then your breathing started going haywire. So I took you here at the hospital." I listened to every word my aunt said. I was shocked. 'So I was out for at least 2 hours when the vision seemed to be like 2 minutes' I thought. ' Wicked' A doctor looked at me. 

He said " What did you see ma'am?"

 "What?" I said.

 " What did you see?" he repeated." I am Dr. Simone"

 I looked at him crossed. 

" What do you need to know this for?" I questioned.



                                                                                    Dr. Simone


My aunt frowned at me.

 " Is there something you're not telling us?" she said. 

I rolled my eyes in frustration. My aunt narrowed her eyes at me. 

" Young lady DO NOT sass me! " she said.

 I sighed. Soon I was out of the hospital. My aunt was beautiful. She had on all white with gold jewelry. She had brought me some clothes. It was the same. I had a white fedora. Soon we were leaving.

My Aunt DeDe. She drove in a pattern. Soon we passed our stop. 

"Hey you missed a turn" I said looking at the sign.

 " I know" she replied. 

"Where are we going?" I asked. 

" I am taking you to the Hub" said Aunt DeDe.

 The Hub?I thought what the heck is the hub?

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