Make Me Real Again


1. Chapter 1 Kimberly

I woke up only to see white. Not even white, all I saw was...nothing. I couldn't see anything. I raised my hand to touch my face. When I got to my eyes...there was a bandage. What happened? Then it hit me. We crashed. My family, my eyesight, it's all gone. I can still feel the metal cutting into my eyes enough to ruin them forever. I will never be able to see again.

"KIMBERLY," I heard a familiar voice but I couldn't place it. My mind was still slightly fuzzy from the morphine.

"Kim are you okay!?" It was Tyron. One of my best friends. He came to see me even though I couldn't see him. He always was the sensitive one that tried to help people.

"Tyron, are you okay?" I heard some shifting and a warm took mine. "No, my best friend has been orphaned and blinded. How could I be okay?" Was he crying?! Tyron may be sensitive but he never cries. "Tyron, are you.........crying?" "No.........maybe............a little." I held my arms out for a hug and I felt his arms hesitantly wrap around me.

"Hey Tyron, do you think I'll ever see again?" I felt the muscles in his shoulders tense.

"The doctors all said that they couldn't do anything for you.............I'm so sorry."

"Hey lovebirds, do I get a chance to say hi?" Kalson. I could tell his voice anywhere.

"Yeah I wanna see Kim too!" Vinnie, Kal's little sister. Tyron had moved away from me when he heard Kal speak.

"I'm dating Kasandrea and you know it Kal! Why do you always say things like that!"

"Okay, okay, you don't have to get so pushy about  it Tyron. It was just a joke."

"Well I'd like you to stop telling it."

"Okay, you have my word. By the way I would like to talk with you while Vinnie is visiting Kim."

"Why? What about?"

"It's private."

"Oh, okay then." I heard some shuffling going to where I assume the door is.  I wonder what they will be talking about.

"Hi, Kimmie!" Oh, I almost forgot that Vinnie was here as well.

"Hi, Vinnie."

"How are you feeling?" She is so cute with her little five year old voice.

"I'm fine, how are you?" I lie to her so as not to make her and Kal worry.  She would tell her brother if I said I was anything but okay.

"I'm good.  Big Bubby sure does like you Kimmie.  He started crying when he found out you were in the hospital.  Then we rushed over here to see you."

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