It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


3. The Water

Hey guys. Came back from New York and had a blast oh my lord.

It was amazing and so so tiring.

We ran around like crazy but it was amazing.

Went up the Empire State Building and went to Central Park, my friend Abby met Anthony Ramos and I'm so jealous of her.

It's funny because I have a friend who's initials are the same as mine. A. W. 😂

Anyway it was just great. Anyway enjoy some more merlin love.

You guys should message me because I really need more people to chat with.

I'm down with anyone guys.




"You do realize that it's only 3:30 in the afternoon right?" Merlin says as she pulls up to a huge house that has cars parked everywhere. "Why are we here so early exactly?"

Holly turns the car off and turns to look at Merlin with a hard stare, which looks even more intimidating because of her hair and outfit. Sorta. "Merlin, honey. Listen to me. And listen closely." She says and grabs his hands making him frown at her weird behaviour. "You need to get out. Like, outside and be social. You need to meet others- and no not for a one night stand like Archer. Now here is the answer to your question, people who like to party and celebrate holidays always start early so it seems to lasts longer. Get with the program for once Merlin and maybe get your head from the past and into the present." She says before letting go of his hands and getting out of the car, leaving Merlin to think of what she just said.

He frowns after a few moments and he finally climbs out of his car and smoothness out his shirt and feels weird being in these clothes.

Where did he get them from?

Why is this now just occurring to him?

"Merlin!" He hears Holly shout and he looks up to see her standing by the door looking at him like he's on drugs or something along those lines.

He looks beside her and sees her friend- Jessica- chuckling as Holly looks back at her and says something then they both look at Merlin before Holly throws her head back and groans.

"Merlin lets go!" She tells and Merlin finally moves towards them and stands beside Holly as Jessica looks his outfit over and giggles.

"Nice clothes Merlin." She says as she lets us inside and he rolls his eyes but smiles either way.

He walks in and a bunch of people are dressed up as random characters from random stuff. From animals to monsters to nurses.

He turns to look at Holly. "Am I the only one as a myth? An old folk tale?" He asks scrunching up his face as Holly laughs nodding her head.


"You're awful. I hope you know that." He says turning back around and goes straight to the kitchen for a nice strong drink.


"Merlin what are you doing?" Holly asks coming over with a drink in her hand. You can tell that this is definitely not her first and he highly doubts it's going to be her last.

"I'm sitting here ignoring most people who make Merlin jokes at me." He says taking a long sip of whatever is in his cup. Something with alcohol that's for sure.

Holly giggles. "Well why by yourself? Merlin, find someone." She sings the end before walking away, her tan trench coat flapping behind her.

Merlin chuckles taking another sip of his drink. Maybe he'll get drunk enough to forget this night and not go home alone if he's lucky.

Yeah to stuffy in here he thinks as he throws his cup out and makes his way outside to the backyard and faces the woods as the music plays loud in the house, so loud he can hear every word coming from some song.

"Oh Merlin!" He sighs and looks behind him to see Holly with some guy dressed in jeans, a plaid button up shirt and a leather jacket making Merlin even more confused on who he's suppose to be. "Where's your prince Arthur?" She giggles as it seems mystery boy and her are clinging to each other to hold each other up right.  He turns around to face the woods again feeling weird.

Merlin frowns as he feels his heart pick up speed and his eyes get wet. What's going on?

"Merlin? Where is he? Do you know?" Holly asks sounding a little confused on his lack of response.

He clears his throat. "Not yet Holly. I haven't found him yet. Just go back inside and have fun." He says. Lying to her or to himself he doesn't know.

"Okay love. I'll be with my Winchester if you need me." She says and her laugh fades as they go back inside.

He takes a deep breath and let's out a gasp of air that turns out to be a sob and Merlin has no idea why or where it came from,

He grabs onto his shirt and falls on his knees as the sobs come harder and for some reason he can't stop crying.


What's happening to me?

He throws himself up and runs around the left side of house to the front yard with tears rushing down his face.

He just needs to get away.

To where he doesn't know.

He just runs.

He almost trips but it's almost like his feet know where to step even if Merlin himself doesn't.

After running for awhile he gasps for air as he falls to his knees and holds his chest. Life is crazy. This is crazy.

He is going mad. He's going crazy.

He can't seem to stop the tears even if he wants them to and he looks up through blurry eyes to see the lake.

And for some reason that makes him cry even harder and he didn't know that was possible.

"I'm going bloody mad." He mumbles to himself as he wipes his eyes and puts his head in his hands.

The water moves again but Merlin can't seem to bring himself to care at the moment.

He closes his eyes and random photos- visions?- appear.

Him and some blonde guy.

A very cute blonde guy.

And it's not Archer this time.

And just like that all of the memories pint up from over the past 2500 years come crashing down on him and he breaks out another gut wrenching sob and he screams as he remembers everything.






All the other knights.


Merlin open and closes his eyes again as images of Arthur flash through his mind behind his eyeballs. From when he first met Arthur and called him friend to the day he died in Merlins arms at this very spot. All of the smiles he gave Merlin and all the tears he shed for him as well.

All those little things that Arthur did to make him Arthur.

"What have I done? Why have I forgotten so much?" He says to himself as he curls in on himself as the chilly wind wraps around him.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He whispers and it's almost like he can hear Arthur laughing at him and telling him to stop being such a girl.

He gives a watery chuckle at the thought and he wipes his cheeks again with the back of his sleeve.

Now everything makes more sense.

He sighs and looks down at his hands that are holding tightly to his shirt, not caring about the cold seeping through his pants and getting his legs cold and wet.

There's a splashing sound from the water in front of him and his frown deepens.

It's almost like the isle of the blessed is messing with him.

He shakes his head and goes to stand up when he hears a groaning sound and his blood runs cold.

He slowly looks up but sees nothing.

He swallows and slowly stands up and makes his way towards the water, fearing what's making that sound.

Wait what. Why is he scared? He's the most powerful being ever.

Instead of looking at the direction of the sound with fear, his eyes harden and he glares at the sound.

He slowly walks forward as the groaning continues but it sounds strange.

Merlin just grows more and more confused as the sounds continue because it's almost sounding..... human?

Merlin holds his hands out ready to throw something at whatever is making the sound, even if he's not sure he can still do it. Holding out his hands feels right and the most normal thing all day.

He sees something crawling on the shore of the water and Merlin can't help but make a grossed out face.

Because come on, that's gross. Why would you be in the way when it's so cold out? Plus the water is gross this time of year, everyone knows that.

He makes his way closer and stops once he realizes it's just some random person probably drunk.

He sighs and lowers his hands, thinking he looks like an idiot and hopefully if anyone saw what he was doing they'd play it off as him playing the role of his costume, which he actually is... but it's not just a role anymore.

It never was.

Merlin slowly backs away and pretends he doesn't see anything when a strangled noise makes him stop in his tracks.

He turns back around and the guy looks up.

His heart stops at what's in front of him.

Blue eyes meet blue eyes.

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