It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


9. "That's not a gecko."

"Oh god." Merlin says and everything in the room starts vibrating fast and Arthur looks around, his panic mixed with Merlin's is probably not good at all right now. "This is not good. Not good at all." Her says and random stuff starts bursting and shattering everywhere because Merlin is beyond scared and panicked.

"Hey we'll find it. We have to." Arthur says and him and Merlin share a look before Merlin bolts away and goes to search again for the creature.

They have to find it before someone else does. Someone like Holly.

He doesn't even want to think of what would happen if Clary found it first.

The door opens and Merlin closes his eyes and curses.

"So I got some stuff. Like just my clothes for tonight and tomorrow. I'll need to go and get just a few other things after." She says walking to the living room and more stuff has shattered because of the panic coming from Merlin. Like picture frames and vases and really anything glass.

'Oh god please let my eyes be blue and not gold.' He silently prays as he turns to look back at Holly.

"Didn't think you'd be back so soon..." He says biting his lip and glancing around.

She looks to where Merlin is looking but sees nothing. "Yeah..... Anyway I had time to think of what your uh friend said.... he was right. It wasn't right of me to joke about something so serious. Even thought I don't know what it is myself." She says then adds as Merlin keeps looking around. "Merlin what are you doing? Are you looking for something?" She asks coming over to Merlin. She looks around the room and frowns. "Why is stuff broken?" She looks at Merlin as if he'll tell her.

"We are looking for a... a lizard. Someone called and said there lizard got lose and asked us to look for it, see if it came over here." He says and she nods her head, believing Merlin.

"Oh cool what kind of lizard?" She asks as she goes over to the supply closet and grabs out the broom and dustpan to clean up the broken pieces of glass and stuff.

Well shit didn't think of that part. "Um a gecko." He says.

A gecko. Really?

"Merlin I can't find it." Arthur says coming up the stairs and you can tell he's just as stressed at Merlin because he looks like crap and his hair is all over the place. "Holly. You're back so soon."

"Yeah. So you're looking for a gecko. I'll help." She says shrugging her shoulders and puts the broom against the wall with the dustpan still attached to it. "I'll look up stairs." She tells them before heading up the stairs and Merlin lets out a breath of air he didn't realize he was holding in.

"Okay she's gone looking for a gecko so that leaves up to look for what's really important." Merlin says and uses his magic and lifts everything up in the air and Arthur stares with wide eyes.

Just ignoring how Arthur doesn't even know what a damn gecko is.

"Holy crap Merlin." Arthur says as Merlin looks under everything and even looks in the air in case he lifted the creature into the air.


He growls as he puts everything down with a bang that makes Arthur jump. "God damn it!" He shouts.

Foot steps come from upstairs and just after, Holly is at the bottom of the stairs looking concerned and confused. "You okay? What was that bang?" She asks and looks around before coming over to Merlin who has his eyes closed and Arthur knows his eyes are golden.

"He just tripped." Arthur lies and Holly looks over at Arthur and slowly nods her head.

"Okay. You okay Merlin?" She asks and puts her hand on his face to make him look at her and he sighs before opening his eyes.

"Yeah. I'm okay. Like he said- I just tripped." He goes along with Arthur's stupid lie and she gives him one last look before going back up the stairs.

"It's not in this room." Merlin says as he walks past Arthur and into the kitchen were he does the same thing- menus the banging back to the ground part. "Or this one." He grumbles.

They go back down stairs and Merlin goes to do it again when a weird sound comes from behind the chair in the far corner of the room.

They both look at each other and he goes over quickly to it.

It's just a toy. One of Clary's to be exact, one of those for real friends or something like that. They both groan and flop down on the couch.

Merlin then begins to cry.

"Oh Merlin." Arthur says and wraps an arm around Merlin's shoulders and brings him into his chest. Merlin just sobs into his shirt. "Hey it'll be okay. I'm sure it's around here somewhere."

Then they hear a scream from upstairs making both boys jump apart like they were electrocuted.

The glance at each other before flying up the stairs and from the main floor all the way upstairs to where they heard Holly scream.

They see her in the hallway shaking with Merlin's bedroom door closed. She has the toilet brush in her hand and has it pointed at his bedroom door as if something is going to come out and eat her.

"Holly." He asks and puts a hand on her should has she's taking in huge gasps of air and trying to calm down. "What's wrong? What happened?" He asks and she looks at him before her eyes dart to Arthur then back to the door.

"In there- I don't- that's not a- you said it was a gecko." She says between breaths and Merlin and Arthur shoot each other a look before Merlin slowly opens his bedroom door and peaks his head in. "No way in hell am I staying up here with whatever that is. If you need me I'll be down stairs." She says handing Merlin the brush before shaking her head and running back down stairs.

"Well? Do you see what she screamed about?" Arthur asks and Merlin ignores him and steps inside, Arthur following behind. He closes the door so it doesn't get out and scare Holly even more. Even though that would be funny.

They hear something move on the right side of the bed and Merlin slowly creeps over to that side and stops in his tracks once he catches sight of it.

Merlin places the toilet brush on the ground as he crouches down onto his knees, not breaking eye contact at all with it.

He slowly holds his hand out and it slowly comes closer to him while still being cautious of him. He gets close enough and sniffs Merlin's hand before backing away a step and sitting down like a dog would.

Merlin whispers some words to the creature in its own language and it's full attention is on Merlin.

It makes its way over to him. The small creature sniffs his hand again and much like a dog would, pushes his hand up so it's on its head and wants to be pet.

Merlin smiles down at the creature and pets it like he would a cat or dog.

So much for it being a gecko.

"What on earth are you doing?" To be honest, he forgot Arthur was with him. Merlin picks up the animal and grins at Arthur. "Is that what I really think it is?" He asks looking at the animal in Merlin's arms.

"Possible." Merlin mumbles but they both know that it is.

Arthur sighs loudly. "Merlin you idiot. Why did you think keeping a dragon egg was a good idea?" He asks crossing his arms and the dragon climbs up onto Merlin's shoulders watching Arthur.

"I guess I just wanted to save them." He says as he pets the small dragon on the head.

The dragon is a dark colour, dark purple or blue. In between those colours. The creature watches Arthur with unblinking eyes and Merlin can tell Arthur doesn't really appreciate these eyes on him at the moment.

"I can see why Holly screamed. He looks nothing like a normal lizard." Arthur says holding his hand out for the dragon to smell.


"I'm sorry what?"

Merlin chuckles as Arthur is granted by the dragon to be touched. He pets the dragon and smiles.

"You said he. This dragon is a girl." Merlin simply says shrugging his shoulders as the dragon seems to like Arthur and starts licking his hand.

"Oh. Well what's her name?" Arthur asks and Merlin frowns looking at the winged creature on his shoulders.

The Warlock and the dragon make eye contact and Merlin knows what her name is at that very moment.

"Lilith." He says and the dragon makes a small roaring sound. "That's her name." Merlin says just as a knock on the door comes dragging all three of there attention to the door and the human behind it.

The door opens and Holly sticks her head in and as soon as her eyes land on Lilith she screams again and closes the door making both lads laugh.

"Don't laugh at me!" She says from the other side of the door. It opens again slowly and she steps inside fully this time. "What in gods creation is that thing?" She asks leaning against the closed door.

"This here is Lilith." Is all Merlin says because he's not sure how to explain to his friend that it's actually a fire breathing dragon.

"Yeah okay. What is it though?" She asks crossing her arms, eyes never leaving the dragon.

Merlin looks up at Arthur who is already looking at him and slowly sighs.

Time to tell her I guess. Maybe she'll think we're so crazy that she won't stay here now.

"I'm Merlin and this here is Arthur." He says and she raises her eyebrows with a bored look on her face.

"No shit Sherlock." She throws them a snarky grin before frowning again and her eyes go back to Merlin's shoulders.

"I think we should go talk down stairs about this." Arthur says and Merlin can't help but agree.

They make there way down stairs, the dragon laying on Merlin's shoulders like a cat. They avoid all the broken glass and sit on the couch, Holly sitting in the chair she dragged over from the kitchen table.

"Okay lets start this all over." Merlin says and holds out his hand towards Holly. "I'm Merlin." He says and she groans. "You wanted to know what's going on, so I'm starting from the beginning. The very beginning." He says and she eyes his hand.

"If you have one of those damn shock things in your hand I'm going to kill you." She says before shaking his hand.

"And well, you can introduce yourself." Merlin says to Arthur who rolls his eyes.

"Why does he need to introduce himself to me? Why did you? I know you both already." She says as the look of utter confusion takes over her expression.

"Holly. What did I just tell you?" Merlin says and she crosses her arms and sinks down in the chair.

"That you're starting from the beginning." She mumbles.

"Anyway," Merlin then gives Arthur a look making him clear his throat.

"I'm Arthur. Pendragon." He adds on and Holly sits up and furrows her eyebrows.

"Wait like the royal Pendragon's?" She asks and Arthur nods his head. "That makes sense with the whole first name thing actually." She continues. "Who was a Pendragon in your family? Mum or dad?" She asks.

"Uh actually my dad." He says and Merlin frowns but nods his head because well Uther was a Pendragon and Arthur's mom married into the name.

"Oh cool. So what does this have to do with anything?" She asks trying to find a point in all this.

"Holly you don't understand. He's Arthur Pendragon." Merlin says and Holly still hasn't gotten it yet. "The Arthur Pendragon."

She looks between the two lads and starts laughing. Like full on laughing that had Arthur confused and Merlin just annoyed.

"Holly stop laughing. I'm serious." He says and she takes in big breaths of air.

"Okay fine I'm all good now." She wipes her face. "It's funny because the real Arthur Pendragon is dead. And this Arthur here is more than alive." She says shrugging her shoulders at the guys.

"I'm Merlin. The sorcerer or Warlock or whatever it is people call them these days." He says and she raises a nice plucked eyebrow.

"Merlin you are the clumsiest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting." She says and that's what sets Arthur off laughing.

"I tell him that all the time. That and he's the worst servant ever." He says and Holly just shakes her head.

"You had me and then you lost me just as fast." She tells him and she looks back at Merlin. "No way in hell."

"I don't know what to tell you." The king says and that just makes Merlin even more annoyed.

"Holly. I am immortal. I have lived thousands and thousands of years. I've watched Arthur die and I've watched everyone I love and know pass. I have grown to adapt to different places. I have to. While everyone around me is changing and aging I'm not." He tells her trying to get through to her head. "I am the Merlin and he is the King Arthur."

Holly looks at them like there both on crack.

"Oh and this? This is a dragon." Merlin adds and Holly's eyes widen but then she looks skeptical again.

"No way. Dragons are suppose to be bigger." She says smiling like she caught the lie.

"You moron. It's a baby." The Warlock says and Arthur chuckles.

"Fine. Magic isn't real. Merlin back then had magic. You do not have magic. I would have known." She says and then sticks her tongue out at him.

"You only would have known if I wanted you to know. Do you know how many years I've kept it from Arthur?" He asks jabbing a thumb at Arthur who frowns at him. "Years. I probably would have kept it if it wasn't for him dying and all." He says and as soon as those words leave his mouth Arthur smacks him upside the head.

"Well that's rude."

Merlin rubs his head. "Not as rude as you hitting me on the head."

"Oh I'm sorry. Who's the king here?"

Glares is what response he gets from Merlin.

"I don't believe you guys. At all." She says standing up and both boys do the same.

"Holly please believe us." Arthur says.

"Wow there are manners in there after all."

Another hit upside the head.

"I can't. It's impossible." She says shrugging her shoulders as if that ends the whole conversation and topic.

She goes towards the door to leave and opens it without looking back at the two lads who are indeed telling her the hard truth.

Merlin groans and his eyes go gold at the door she opened to leave slams shut.

The silence that follows is almost deafening as no one moves or says a word.

"Believe us now Holly?" Merlin whispers and he feels Arthur stiff as a rock before him and Lilith feeling like a statue.

A few heart beats pass after Merlin asks that and she slowly turns around to face them. Her face pale, as if she's seen a ghost.

"What was that?" She asks and Merlin can't help but kind of feel sorry for her.

Like, he knows she's not dumb- like at all, she's actually the smartest person he's met in this life time.

"I have magic Holly. I'm Merlin and this is Arthur. That's what we've been trying to get through that thick head of yours." He says throwing his hands up in the air.

"Magic? It's real?"

A sad sigh comes from Merlin. "Yeah."

He feels Arthur's gaze burning into his neck like he's holding a candle flame up to the skin.

"And- you have uh have it?" She asks coming back over slowly to them.

"Yes. Holly come sit in the couch and we will explain everything to you. I'll answer any questions you have for me and Arthur will do his best to answer any for him as well." Merlin motions for Holly to follow him back into the living room as that little mishap made its way into the kitchen. Arthur and Merlin sit on the couch and Holly slowly sits on the arm chair in the far corner from them.

Merlin understands.

"So you are really Merlin? The Merlin?" She asks and he nods and her gaze flicks to Arthur. "And you're really King Arthur?" Another nod from Arthur this time and she pulls her legs up to her chest and leans her chin on her knees. "Wow. Okay. That's a lot to take in." She says and tries to give them a smile but it comes out more like a grimace.

"Yeah." Merlin says giving her a small smile, well tries to anyway.

"So I've been hitting on an old dude this whole time?" She says and Merlin can see that she's slowly coming back around.

He then realizes what she said. "Hey. For your information I'm not really that old. And I'm pretty damn good looking to be my age." He says crossing his arms and Arthur laughs.

He continues to laugh. "Not that old? Merlin you're so old that none of what's here today is from back then. Only the random stuff you have in the boxes in the basement." He laughs and Merlin rolls his eyes but smiles as Holly joins him.

"I'm glad you find my oldness amusing." He mutters and the dragon slides down onto his lap like a puppy. "At least you're not laughing at me." He says petting her and she closes her eyes as he does so.

"That's because she's only a baby. Give her time."

And that's when Merlin smacked Arthur.

"Okay so wait. Pause for a second." She says holding up both hands. "So that thing..... It's really a dragon?" She asks and swallows loudly as she looks at it. "I mean aren't they suppose to be big and scary and mean?" She asks and Arthur opens and then closes his mouth turning his attention to Merlin.

"They are trust me. But she's still young so there is hope that she'll be okay." Merlin says as the dragon makes little noises.

"All the dragons I've met have been rude no matter what." Arthur says eyeing the small magical being.

Merlin chuckles. "Yeah. Kilgharrah was an ass no matter what went on around him." He says as he scratches Lilith under the chin and she closes her eyes.

"Wait," Holly asks crossing her legs. "So you guys aren't reincarnated? You're really from back in the day?" She asks and both guys chuckle.

"Trust me Holly. It's really us." Arthur says and Merlin nods while chuckling still.

"Does reincarnation even exist?" She asks. "Like is it true?" The girl then scrunches up her face and Merlin can tell that's when she's thinking hard about something specific.

Merlin smirks. "Don't think to hard Holly, don't want you hurting yourself."

She gives him a sweet smile then flips him off making Arthur laugh and Merlin grin.

"I've heard of stories about reincarnation. But never really met anyone." Merlin says. "And you'd think I'd have met someone by now after all these years." He shrugs.

"What about like, you did meet someone but they didn't know how to tell you it was them?" Holly asks and Merlin shakes his head.

"They wouldn't come up to me. I look to much like I did way back when. So they'd think it's something playing a trick or something is wrong with them." Merlin explains and Holly frowns.

"You never know." She says crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes at the Warlock.

"She kind of has a point." Arthur starts and when Merlin gives him a weird look he continues. "Like you never really know who is who. I mean look at me."

Merlin sighs. "Yeah you still look like a blonde prat." He smirks.

"Rude." He says. "But that's not what I meant. I mean is I look the same. And I'm kind of reincarnated in a way." He shrugs.

"Where are you getting with this?" Merlin asks confused.

Holly groans. "He's saying that it's true. Reincarnation is possible." She says throwing her hands up.

A frown crosses Merlin's features. "No, Arthur was raised from the dead. I know he died. I watched him die."

Just speaking the words aloud makes his stomach go into tight knots.

"So? That's still kind of the same thing." Holly says and Merlin can tell he's not going to get to her anytime soon. He sees Arthur very interested in this topic of choice as well.

"How? He was raised from the dead. Not born again." Merlin tries once again to get through to her.

"Because he was dead and is with us now. Merlin don't you see?" She asks and Merlin groans throwing his head back against the couch.

"Does that mean there might be others out there that are from our time as well?" Arthur asks and Merlin feels a weird feeling in his stomach just at the thought of seeing anyone again.

Merlin glances at him. "You really think there might be others out there?" He says quietly. Arthur gives him a small smile.

"I like to hope so." He says back just as quietly.

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