It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


10. "Movies?"

"Wanna go to the movies? It's only 7:00." Holly asks from her claimed seat, the lonely but comfy chair. Both Merlin and Arthur look at her the exact same time. "That's creepy. Please don't do that again." She asks. She's upside down on the chair with her blonde hair now in two long pig tails on the sides of her head.

"I don't even know what's playing these days." Merlin says as he flicks through the channels not paying any real attention to what's on and passing through.

"Movies?" That's when Arthur clues in he has no idea what there talking about or what a movie even is.

"Yeah. A movie." Holly says like it's the most obvious thing ever.

"What's a movie?" He asks and Holly's eyes widen.

"Are you serious?" She looks at Merlin. "Is he serious?" She then looks back at Arthur. "What the hell mate."

"Holly," He starts. "Have you've forgotten that he's not from here?" He asks and she throws a grin at Arthur as she responds to Merlin.

"No. But you know what a movie is and you're not from here." She says like she's stating the obvious. Which she kind of is but not at the same time.

"He's been dead. I haven't." Well not technically. Merlin has been dead on the inside, but Holly doesn't need to know that.

Her eyes go wide again and her grin gets bigger as she shows white teeth. "Oh yeah." She says slowly. "So you're like, a baby."

Merlin smacks his hand over his mouth and his gaze goes straight to Arthur who's eyes are wide.

"A what."

"A baby. You know, like a small human? I'm sure you guys had them back then right?" She asks turning back so she's sitting properly in the chair but her legs are still crossed.

Merlin can tell she's being a smartass. He knows the look in her eyes. He should know, he's the one who started it all to begin with. He's the one who invented that look.

Arthur on the other hand is a little rusty with the sarcasm and smartassness.

Merlin sputters out a laugh at Arthur's red face.  "Yes we had babies. What did you think happened?" Arthur's face is beat red.

She starts laughing and Merlin joins her. Arthur glares at them both and turns his attention back to the tv.

"You guys are awful." He says not taking his eyes away from the tv screen.

Merlin chuckles and puts his hand on Arthur's arm. "Yeah but that's what you loved about me." He starts laughing again and turns back to Holly, missing the way Arthur's gaze lingered on Merlin for a tad longer than usual.

Holly didn't miss it though.

"Well what about the fair that's going on? That's gotta be fun." Holly says standing up grinning so wide Merlin thought for a moment her face would split in two. Maybe then she would be quiet and stop barging in all the time.

Merlin looks over at Arthur who's got the most confused look on his face. "What's a fair?" He asks slowly.

Merlin the smirks over at Holly. "Oh we have to take him." 

Holly then claps her hands and starts dancing on the spot and Merlin smiles over at Arthur who looks a little scared. Which makes Merlin enjoy this even more.

"You look scared." Merlin says nudging Arthur who's eyes are wide.

"Um no." He says but his expression gives it all way.

Merlin smirks. "Lets just call this pay back." He says standing up.  He grabs a blue hoodie that's on the back of the couch and throws it on over his head and messy hair.

Arthur furrows his eyebrows. "For what?"

He shrugs. "Everything." He says before going into the kitchen where Holly disappeared to moments before.

Arthur gets up off the couch, moving the blanket that was half way on the back of the couch and spilling onto to couch cushion and the dragon that was sleeping beside him on it opens one eye but doesn't move.

"Where are we going exactly?" Arthur asks as he comes into the kitchen where Holly and Merlin are getting there coats and stuff on.

"To the fair. Duh." Holly says rolling her eyes and Arthur starts to get his boots on and coat.

Lilith sort of flys into the room, making a little roaring sound and Holly and Arthur jump while Merlin doesn't even look up as she slides across the kitchen table in her messy landing.

"Um quick question." Holly says watching the dragon. "Do you think it's a good idea to leave her alone here?" She looks over at Merlin who has a conflicted look on his face.

"Uh oh. That look is never good. I remember it." Arthur says as Merlin sighs. "You always come up with ridiculous ideas that never end well."

"I'll just have to bring her with me." He says ignoring Arthur and Holly stops putting her black ear muffs on half way.

"I'm sorry what did you say?" She asks and Merlin chuckles as Lilith tries again to fly at him but is still very clumsy and crash lands into Merlin's arms making Arthur chuckle and Merlin smile.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Holly asks.

He gives her a look. "No but I feel like it's better than leaving her here alone. Who knows what she would get into while we were gone. I'd still like a house to come home to."

"Oh. Yeah true. I agree with you." She says zipping up her coat and putting her fluffy black earmuffs on completely.

Merlin does the same with the dragon in his coat. Her head peaking out by his right shoulder. He puts on a red scarf and her head goes under it and out the top again.

Merlin puts a hat on and Arthur chuckles as his gaze goes to the reptile of sort. "What if people see her?" Arthur asks as Merlin pulls his hat down more so it covers his big ears.

"Eh I'll just say she's a lizard. No one will no the difference if they don't see her body." He says and he nods his head.

"No one would believe you anyway." Holly says chuckling as she puts her purse across her shoulder. "I wouldn't have believed you if I hadn't been here."

He points to her. "That my friend is very true."

They shut the lights off after Merlin makes sure he has his wallet, phone and keys and locks the door. "I drove." Holly says and Merlin grins his thanks.

"You drove?"

A sigh from Merlin.

"Oh Arthur."

Holly climbs in the drivers seat and Merlin in the passenger and they both look out to see Arthur staring at the car with wide eyes and he looks scared all over again.

Merlin sighs slowly before getting out again and going over to where Arthur is glued to the snowy spot by the door still. "Arthur. What are you doing?"

Arthur looks at Merlin and then looks down at his glove covered hands. "I'm still not sure what to think of all this." He says and he looks back up at Merlin and Merlin frowns as he sees the tears start to swell in Arthur's eyes.

Merlin puts his hand on Arthur's arm. "I'm sorry Arthur." He says and he hesitates before grabbing Arthur's hand in his. He looks up to see Arthur's gaze now on there clasped hands. "I forgot that you weren't around for everything, to see it all evolve and change over time." He continues and Arthur meets his gaze, eyes still watery and tears leak out of the sides without Arthur noticing. "I know I have to go slow at explaining everything to you. And that you'll need time to catch up. I'm just new to all this explaining stuff and I know I'm awful at it but if you go trust me I promise I'll try my best, just for you."

Arthur grabs Merlin's other hand slowly and they look up and lock eyes in the dark. Arthur's blue eyes shine bright in the half covered moonlight.

"Merlin," Arthur whispers but it sounds loud in the darkness and empty air between them. "I'm bad at it to. I need to realize that this also new for you in a way. That you never had to explain some of the simplest things to people and that having me here has thrown your life out of control and all. But I trust you. I always have and I always will." He looks down at there hands again, holding tighter than before and then back up to Merlin's eyes.

Arthur brings his hand up to Merlin's shoulder and makes his way up to Merlin's face. He moves slowly, hesitant with every move he makes. Merlin doesn't move or take his eyes off Arthur's and Merlin gets goose bumps all over his body- and it's not from the cold.

He leans in close and Merlin sees him swallow. "Don't move." He whispers and Merlin nods his head in one jerky motion.

They might have kissed before but that was in the spur of the moment is what they would call it.

This one seems more intimate than anything they've ever done, even over the past years they spent together as king and manservant.

Merlin holds his breath as Arthur leans in even closer and before he knows it, Arthur's lips are on his ever so gently.

Neither of them move and Merlin is sure that Holly is freaking out in the car. But Merlin nor Arthur seem to care.

Arthur pulls back a little so all he can see is the blue of Merlin's eyes. Merlin sees Arthur searching his eyes for something but he's not sure what. It seems like he thinks Merlin has all the answers. Man does he wish that were true.

He leans in again and presses a little harder down on Merlin's lips and Merlin closes his eyes while pressing his whole body up against Arthur who was not prepared for that as he stumbles a little and grabs Merlin's arm with the hand that's not on his cheek for support.

He regains his balance and moves his hand up from Merlin's arm up to his shoulder.

He feels something wet on his hand and that makes him pull back and look down at Merlin's shoulder to see two little beady eyes watching him.

"I think she wanted a kiss to." Merlin whispers and Arthur smiles at the dragon then looks back up at Merlin who is already smiling at Arthur.

"We should go." Merlin says and Arthur slowly nods his head. "I'll help you." They walk over to the passenger side of the car- which isn't really a car per-say- it's a grand cherokee jeep to be exact.

He opens the door for Arthur and Arthur hesitates before climbing in. "You take this strap and put it across your body and stick this part in the clip in the seat beside you." He explains and Arthur does as told but Merlin has to help a little.

Merlin climbs into his seat and does his seatbelt up before Holly has a chance to say anything.

After a few minutes of driving the silence is broken. By you guessed it, Holly.

"Are we just going to pretend that didn't just happen?!" She bursts out making Arthur jump a little but Merlin was waiting for her to do or say something.

"What do you mean?" Arthur asks and she looks at him like he's crazy in the review mirror.

"What do I mean?!" She repeats. "Um just that two legends or myths or whatever you guys are called these days just kissed." She says her eyes focusing on the road ahead of them but she's still freaking out.

"I don't see your point." Arthur continues on and Merlin tries not to smile as he looks out the window.

"My point is I just witnessed history." She explains in one big breath. "I am the luckiest person ever I swear to god." She then squeals as she puts both hands on the wheel directly in front of her while puffing out air.

Arthur taps Merlin on the shoulder. "Does this happen often? Her being like this?" He asks and Merlin laughs and turns around to face Arthur who has leaned forward to talk better.

"Yeah. You get used to it. Or maybe that's just me and I've grown accustomed to people being weird and random." Merlin says shrugging and he laughs as Holly hits his shoulder. "Ow you ass."

Merlin doesn't have to see Arthur's face to know he's smirking. "See I'm not the only one who hits you." Smartass.

"Arthur. Shut up."

They drive for a little in almost silence as there is a small sound of the music coming from the speakers.

He doesn't turn it up anymore than it is already because music coming from a speaker is something that can wait to be explained to Arthur.

Holly pulls into a parking lot and Merlin climbs out as does Holly and they shut there doors. Merlin pulls his hood closer to his head and puffs his scarf out and up more and Lilith snuggles up to his neck and Merlin can't help but giggle slightly as her scales rub against his skin on his collarbone.

They both look at each other before Merlin sighs and opens Arthur's door to find Arthur leaning half way out the door with his seat belt still clipped.

Merlin laughs and shakes his head, climbing into the car while shaking his head and reaching over to undo his seatbelt which makes both of them fall on the floor of the jeep with all the moving around Arthur did in the process.

"Arthur. You need to learn how to undo a seat belt." Merlin says and Arthur grins up from under him.

He leans in close, eyes bright. "Wasn't it the opposite early? Weren't you on the bottom?" He says as Merlin blushes bright red.

"Can we not talk about that now." He says as he climbs off Arthur and out the door, leaving the king to get himself up.

They close the door and Holly locks it. They make there way to the gate and pay the fee to get in and Arthur moves so close to Merlin that Merlin steps on Arthur's foot more than once.

He turns around and sees Arthur's gaze flick from one thing to the next and his eyes to big. "Wow." He whispers but he's so damn close to Merlin that it sounds like he says it normally.

"Yeah. So this your highness, is a fair." Holly says sticking her hands in her long trench coat. Almost like the one she was wearing on Halloween but- nope never mind. As he looks closer he realizes that it is the same coat. Just the bottoms of her skinny jeans and her boots showing.

"Are these everywhere?" He asks as they walk slowly into the fair grounds and people walk all around them, laughing and talking loudly but Arthur doesn't seem to care as his eyes are on all the games lined up.

"No they only happen once a year. Maybe if you're lucky there will be another one in the next town over or some place close to you." Merlin explains and Arthur's wide eyes meet his and he grins laughing. "Come on, lets go get some bracelets."

They walk over to the ticket booth and a young girl is working it.

"Hello, how can I help you?" She asks eyeing Arthur and Merlin grows defensive immediately. He'd lie to himself and say he doesn't know why but in all honesty he even thinks Lilith knows why.

"Um we will take three bracelets please." Holly says throwing down 90$ before Merlin can stop her. The girl rolls her eyes. She gets the bracelets and Holly puts her hand in the hole in the glass and the girl puts the bracelet on her wrist.

She does the same for Merlin and goes super slow when she does Arthur's, touching his arm and hand while giving him a sweet smile that makes Merlin tense and Lilith growls making Holly snicker.

"Okay." Merlin says loudly and the girls attention goes from Arthur Merlin and her eyes go hard. "Thank you but we really should get going." He says glaring at her as he grabs Arthur and drags him away.



"Why is that guy dressed as a jester but old and with a long beard?"

Merlin furrows his eyebrows and follows where Arthur is motioning and goes bright red. Holly seems to notice and bursts out laughing.

"Oh my god. Knowing what I know makes this whole thing even better. I totally forgot about it." She says coming up to stand beside Merlin and Arthur just looks confused.

"I don't understand." Arthur says and Merlin groans.

"Arthur, here you and Merlin are legends, myths." Holly explains. "Everyone here loves the story of you two. I mean they probably have it all wrong but they still love it." She explains and Arthur frowns confused.

"I still don't see your point."

"So what I'm trying to say is that people dress up as you two. What they think you looked like back then." She says and Arthur gaze goes to the guy in costume then back to Merlin and then to the guy again.

"Don't tell me that's what they think I look like." Arthur says and Holly snickers while Merlin groans again.

"Nope. Not you."

Arthur's gaze goes to Merlin and he soon joins Holly in laughing. "Wait. They think that's what you look like? Do they not know you're my age?" He asks then looks at the guy again before laughing all over again.

Merlin rolls his eyes. "Yes so funny. There going by what they think. It's not like I can waltz right up to them and be like 'hey guys, it's really me Merlin the Sorcerer and I look nothing like that dumb costume'. Yeah that'll go over well." He says crossing his arms but can't help but smile as they come down from there laughing high.

"But why so old?" Arthur says frowning as he looks over at the costume again.

"Because I'm over thousands of years old and that's what they think I'd look like now I guess. That and they also say I changed to an old man back in the day as well to help you out." Merlin says then smirks.

Arthur looks at him. "Why are you smirking? That's a ridiculous story." He says

"Well there not wrong. Not entirely anyway." He shrugs his shoulders and shoves his hands in the pockets.

"What do you mean?"

Merlin chuckles. "I really did change to an old man to help you out." Holly starts laughing all over again but Arthur didn't join her this time.

"You did what?"

Holly leans against an abandoned bench and takes in big breaths of air as she continues to laugh.

Merlin sits beside her. "Well when I couldn't go with you I had to sort of..... improvise. You even said you thought you knew me at one point while I was the old man."

Arthur sits beside him. "How? You were an old man how could I have possibly recognized you?"

Merlin smiles looking down at his hands. "You said you recognized my eyes."

Merlin looks up as Arthur makes a face then he looks down. "Yeah. That I remember saying and it's very true." He tells Merlin looking back up.

"Okay lets go on some rides. Holly are you done dying?" Merlin says standing up changing the subject and Holly is leaning against the bench grinning.

She stands up. "Yeah I'm all good. Sort of. I'll probably laugh about it later again." She says walking ahead of them and goes to a food booth.

So much for rides right now.

"She will. I'll never be able to live this one down. It'll be hundreds of years from now and I'll still look back as of how Holly laughed at me for a solid good 10 minutes." Merlin says chuckling and Arthur grins as they follow Holly.

"I thought we were going on, rides? Is this a ride? It seems boring."

Merlin smiles shaking his head. "Oh Arthur." He says. He can't believe that he has to teach Arthur everything there is to know. How he wishes he had someone else from there home to help.

He feels a little off without having a third party with them, yeah Holly is with them but she won't ever understand. What is it that small keeper said at the one bridge? Three things were needed to complete the task or something like that. Him and Arthur were barley alone back in Camelot. A knight was always close by.

He's magic obviously, Arthur is.... um.... courage? Is that correct? He doesn't know what the last one was.

Can't seem to remember the one word.

He frowns and Arthur notices. "Hey, why are you frowning?"

Merlin looks up and throws him a grin and pulls himself from those thoughts. "Just thinking." Is all he says and turns back to the booth as Holly makes her way to them with a to-go container of fries.

"What does she have?" Arthur asks as she comes over to them, Merlin steals a fry making her pout and glare at him.

He puts the fry in his mouth. "There called fries and there heaven on earth." He says after he swallows the fry in his mouth.

Arthur raises an eyebrow. "Heaven on earth?"

"Yeah. Just try one." Merlin holds a fry out to Arthur who takes it and stares at it for a few seconds before slowly putting it in his mouth.

After he chews for a second he grins. "That's really good." He says and steals another one from Holly.

"Guys! I bought this food for me!" She says and Merlin and Arthur chuckle.

"Lets go on some rides now." Merlin says grabbing Arthur's arm and pulling him through the booths and swarm of adults and children and teenagers of all ages.

They go to a boat that goes back and fourth and turns in circles as well.

Arthur leans in close to Merlin as they wait in line, Holly sitting on the bench eating her fries. "Do you think Lilith will be okay on the rides? Or should you leave her with Holly?"

Merlin looks over at Holly then he looks down at his shoulder where the dragon is hiding under his scarf, all you see of her is her eyes watching him.

He feels her move closer to him and he knows the answer to Arthur's question.

"No. She'll be okay on me." He mumbles to Arthur then smirks. "Do you honestly think she'll be safer with Holly than with me, even on a ride?" He feels Arthur chuckle up against his back and Merlin sucks in a breath as he slowly leans his back against Arthur, worried that he's pushing his limit.

But Arthur just puts his hands on Merlin's sides and leans his head against the back of Merlin's hat. Arthur's breath warm on the back of his neck. They move slow, everything is new to them, this territory.

They get to the front of the line finally and show the guy there bracelets and they pick a spot not to far from the back but also not in the very middle.

He lets Arthur sit on the inside and Arthur grabs his hand, startling Merlin.

Arthur looks scared. Very scared.

Merlin squeezes his hand and gives Arthur a reassuring smile before the carnie comes over and pulls the lever down and makes sure there buckles are done up right.

"You'll be fine Arthur. You fought bandits in the middle of the woods and are the king, I think you can ride a ride. This is so much fun trust me." Merlin whispers to him in his ear because he can't talk normally with all the chatter and laughter going on around them.

Arthur slowly nods his head as Merlin pulls back. His eyes flick down to his neck where he can just barley make out two little eyes blink.

The ride starts moving and Merlin smiles while Arthur looks like he's about to die all over again but from a different reason this time.

He clings to Merlin like he's going to be taken by bandits as the ride moves back and forth.

Merlin leans in to Arthur again. "Relax. Have fun." He says to him and Arthur shakily nods his head before forcing himself to relax and smile even though he's scared out of his mind.

As the ride goes, Merlin's laughter takes over Arthur's senses and his body relaxes at the sound of Merlin's laugh.

And before he knows it, he's joining Merlin with laughter of his own, as the ride spins and goes back and forth a few times.

The ride ends as soon as it began and both legends climb off the ride still smiling like idiots and laughing with each other.

"I take it you liked the ride?" Holly says from her spot on the bench. Her fries now gone and she's just smiling at the two boys as they try to stop laughing.

"Yes. Much more than I thought I was going to." Arthur says and grins at Merlin who is to busy checking on the dragon to notice the look of pure adoration in Arthur's eyes.

But Holly noticed it. She notices a lot of stuff the others don't think she does.

All the looks and glances they throw each other when the other one isn't looking are her favourite. She gets to see them slowly fall for each other all over again without them even realizing it themselves.

At certain times she swear she can hear wedding bells. But that also just might be her imagination going wild.

"Can we go see that Merlin guy? You know the one dressed as you?" Arthur asks as Merlin rolls his eyes.


Holly chuckles shaking her head at the boys.

They make there way back the way they came and Arthur and Holly start laughing again once the costume guy comes in view and Merlin can't help but chuckle along with them this time. It is pretty funny.

Arthur grins. "This is ridiculous." He chuckles and Merlin nods his head as they make there way towards him. He's got kids around him as he's making balloon animals for them.

"Hey can you do a magic trick?" Holly asks and for a minute he thinks she's asking him but then realizes she's asking the wanna be Merlin.

He grins at her. "I can do my signature trick if you'd like."

Arthur leans to Merlin and whispers, "You have a signature move?"

Merlin shrugs his shoulders. "Not really. Like I guess I move stuff a lot with my magic but that's about it. I can do a lot of things but I don't think I have a signature one." He explains to Arthur.

"What was that?" Both Merlin and Arthur look up to see all eyes on them as the Merlin fake calls them out.

"What?" Merlin says like the bright person he is.

"You were telling this man beside you how you can do magic. And how you're Merlin and that you don't have a signature move which I think is false all together." He says and Merlin raises his eyebrows.

He chuckles nervously. "No I'm not- I never said." He licks his lips and looks at Arthur for help but Arthur's just smirking and has his arms crossed.

"Yes you did. I heard you. And Merlin- I do have a signature move." He says crossing his arms. "I am magic itself. You are just a human."

That's when Holly starts laughing. Loud and hard. "I think I need to step away for a moment I'm sorry." She says between laughs as she walks away.

"Okay Merlin. What's his- your signature move then?" Merlin asks and the fake guy grins.

"Why would I show you? You just accused me of not being Merlin and not having magic." He says and Arthur chuckles.

"You should show him a trick." Arthur says to Merlin who looks at him like he's crazy.

"What why?"

"Just do it."

With a sigh Merlin cups his hands together and mumbles a few words under his breath keeping his eyes closed as they turn gold. He opens his eyes and his hands and a blue butterfly flies out.

The kids around them awe and clap. Merlin looks over to see Arthur smiling at him with amazement and Merlin can't help but feel his cheeks heat up and he knows his face is red again.

"How did you do that?" The fake Merlin asks.

Merlin holds his hand out towards the guy. "Hi, I'm Merlin." And he motions towards Arthur. "And that is Arthur." He says pulling his hand back and stepping beside Arthur as the kids all go away and run to rides and stuff.

"No really who are you?" The guy asks chuckling. When neither lad says anything his smile goes away. "Wait you're serious?"

Merlin nods his head. "Yup."

Holly comes over ignoring the dude. "That butterfly was so pretty. I mean not as cool as Lilith but still pretty damn cool." She says and turns around to see the guy standing behind them confused. "Oh hello fake Merlin."

"Hi yeah who's Lilith?" He asks and they all throw each other a look.

"Just tell him, he won't believe you anyway." Arthur says and Holly nods before chuckling.

Merlin shrugs. "She's my dragon." He simply says. He smiles before he walks away with Arthur and Holly beside him.

"I think we confused the poor fellow." Arthur says and Merlin smiles and nods his head.

"I guess that's what he gets for making me look like that." Merlin says and they all laugh.

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