It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


4. Juice Jug

Yooooo guys.

I graduated!! I know it really shouldn't mean much to you guys but to me it means a great deal.

I am now a graduated high school student for the next like three days that I have to actually go to school.

Anyway here is the best chapter.

I really need to make a list of stories I wanna write instead of just making them out of the blue and surprising you guys with yet another story.


Love you all to pieces.

~ Abbigail


His breath gets stuck in his throat and he takes a step back and then falls on his butt in the cold dirt.

"Arthur." Merlin breathes and the blonde guy who Merlin is most certain isn't Arthur because that can't because Arthur died in his arms over what feels like millions of years ago.

But Merlin would know those eyes anywhere.

The blonde guy smiles looking at the ground a little but then looks confused and a little pained. Merlin can feel his heart start beating so fast he was scared it would kill him.

Even though he knows it can't kill him.

But no, he's right. It's Arthur.

His Arthur.

Arthur slowly gets to his knees and his arms are what's holding him up, as he looks at the ground, his arms shaking and he looks so weak. Unlike the Arthur he grew up with but much more like the Arthur who was dying in his arms.

He then looks up at Merlin and almost as if Merlin has been splashed with cold water, he quickly gets up and slowly walks back to Arthur.

He hesitates before holding out a hand towards Arthur. Fearing that this is all because of the alcohol he drank and Arthur really isn't here.

But all that doubt goes away when he feels Arthur's hand grab his hand and Merlin feels more tears come to his eyes, even though he was so sure he ran out of them.

He pulls Arthur up and the familiar sound of the chain mail fills Merlins ears and he slowly chuckles breathlessly to himself. How so this possible?

He lets Arthur throw his arm around him as he makes his way back to his place. If Arthur was better, even a little bit then he'd be pushing Merlin away saying he could do it.

Well he knows one thing for sure, he didn't go home alone.

No wonder the park always gave me the creeps.

As they walk, no one says a word. The only knowledge of Arthur actually alive beside him is his breathing and the rise and fall of his chest under the armour.

When they finally reach Merlin's house he digs around in his pocket for the key and unlocks the door, half helping and half dragging Arthur though the door before shutting and locking the door.

He really doesn't need Holly to come barging in here right now.

Or at all really.

He slowly drags Arthur to the living room and groans once Arthur is off his shoulders and onto the couch. Yes his couch is getting wet but he can't find it in himself to care.

Merlin slowly backs away as Arthur gets this far away look in his eyes. Merlin blinks his.

"I know you're weak but I need you to stand up again so I can take your chainmail off." Merlin says with a wobbly voice.

Arthur doesn't move or seem to have heard Merlin and it makes his heart hurt.

After a few moments of Arthur just sitting there, Merlin slowly pulls Arthur off the couch and starts taking off his chainmail and armour and he sighs once he removes it all.

"Okay I'm going to run you a bath." He says as he slowly helps Arthur up the stairs and down the hallway.

Once in the bathroom Arthur sits on the toilet seat as Merlin runs his bath, filling it with warm water. He lets it run for a few minutes as he and Arthur sit in dead silence the whole time.

Once the bath is full of the warm water he stands up from the side of the tub and faces Arthur.

He helps Arthur out of his shirt and his breath hitches at the feeling of how sadly familiar this feels and his eyes fall on the muscle on his arm and he averts his gaze back up to Arthur's blank gaze.

He sighs and then returns to taking his clothes off and helping Arthur into the water, averting his gaze and making sure he only looks at Arthur's head and shoulders.

He washes Arthur's shoulders and his hair slowly and before he knows what's happening he's crying again not caring if Arthur is there.

He drops the cloth and he gets up leaving Arthur in the bathroom, staring blankly at the wall as he rushes down the stairs and falls on the couch, losing it all over again.

He's not sure how long he's been sitting there but the whole time he's been going through memories as they seem to just pop up and take over his mind.

He hears a creak in the floor board and he turns around quickly to see Arthur frowning at him. Merlin quickly wipes his face and eyes.

Arthur has a white towel wrapped around his waist and his still dripping wet, frowning and Merlin can't help but think of how weird this is.

Arthur slowly walks over to him and Merlin holds his breath. Arthur comes to be in front of Merlin and he stands up so there eye to eye.

Before he can help himself Merlin throws his arms around Arthur's wet torso and just sobs. He feels Arthur tense and Merlin thinks he's going to push him away.

But Arthur slowly puts his arms around Merlin and before he knows it Arthur is holding on to him just as tight- maybe even tighter- in his arms.

"Merlin?" Arthur whispers and Merlin chokes and pulls back a little to meet Arthur's eyes which are now wet and still very confused.

"C'mon Arthur. Let's just get you to bed." Merlin mumbles and Arthur nods his head once, not saying anything else as Merlin helps Arthur to his room to find him some clothes.

Merlin gets him some clothes and he helps Arthur get dressed slowly. Arthur looks down at his clothes confused but still doesn't say anything.

Now where to let Arthur sleep?

Well he is a king.... well from way over 2417 years ago.

"Well Arthur you can sleep here." He says and pulls Arthur over to the side of his bed and pushes him down on it. "Um I'll just be down stairs if you need anything. Or just yell I guess like you used to." He says and scratches the back of his head awkwardly.

He goes to leave the room but turns at the door way and notices Arthur is now laying down but is watching Merlin.

"Goodnight Arthur." Merlin says and shuts the light off and grabs a heavy blanket from the closet before making his way down stairs to sleep on the couch.

Not the comfiest place but it'll have to do. He'll just have to clean out the spare room.

He lays on the couch after turning everything off and sighs. He rubs his eyes and before he knows it s giant smile breaks his face because Arthur is here.

And in his bed.

"This is not how I wanted Arthur to end up in my bed......" He mumbles before groaning and covering his face before turning on his side and closing his eyes, stuffing his face between the back of the couch and the pillow.


Merlin feels himself slowly wake up and groans from the stiffness in his back and neck and is very confused on to why he's sleeping on the couch.

That is till he remembers a certain blonde, blue eyed king and he squeezes his eyes tighter and sighs.

It was a dream. A dream Merlin doesn't want to wake up from.

But sadly the dream is quickly demolished when he feels himself being shaken a little and his eyes snap open.

Fucking Holly.

He quickly turns back over and he meets the blue eyes of the king.

"Merlin." Arthur says very low and Merlin jumps for joy in his mind because Arthur remembers him. But then it falls because how much does Arthur really remember? Merlin snaps him out of his trance. "What in the bloody hell is going on?" He says slowly and Merlin is so happy that he can't seem to form any proper words.

"I- uh-." Smooth Merlin.

Arthur rolls his eyes. "Well, Merlin you're officially an idiot. Once again." He says before standing up and Merlin's eyes follow his every move.

So it wasn't a dream.

"Merlin! You better be awake!" And there's the mood killer.

"Oh god." Her groans and Arthur looks confused as he turns his head in the direction of the voice.

"Merlin?! Where are you?" Holly yells and Merlin gets up and just shakes his head at the questioning look he gets from Arthur.

He makes his way into the kitchen and sees Holly typing away on her phone opening her mouth to yell when Merlin clears his throat making Holly close her mouth and look up.

She smiles and pushes her sunglasses up onto her head and goes to say something but snaps her mouth shut and her eyes slip from Merlin to behind him as he feels heat on his back as Arthur comes up behind him.

Holly throws Merlin a wicked grin. "Hello there." She says her eyes flicker back to Merlin and he sighs and walks over to his coffee machine and turns it on, letting it heat up.

He turns around and leans against the counter, crosses his arms.

"Merlin don't be rude. Who's your friend here?" Holly asks and looks Arthur up and down and Merlin realizes what this looks like.

Arthur is just in pj pants without a shirt and Merlin isn't any better looking.

Only in his very low pj pants.

His face goes beat red and Holly snickers.

"This is not what you think." He says pointing a finger at her before going back to making his coffee.

"What does she think happened?" Arthur says crossing his arms and Merlin isn't sure if he's joking or being serious.

Holly turns her whole body around to look at Merlin with her eyebrows raised. His eyes go up to Arthur who he can now see is trying to hide a smile.


"Where did you find him?" Holly asks before turning back to Arthur. She eyes him. "Not that I'm complaining or anything."

"What exactly do you think happened between Merlin and me?" He asks and Holly smirks.

"Oh you know.... just some fun between you guys..... in bed. Or even on the couch for all I know." She says not meeting either of there eyes but grinning at the counter top.

"Merlin why didn't you tell me that's what we were doing? I would have joined you." Arthur says making Merlin blush bright red and groan turning back to make his coffee ignoring Holly snickering.

"Glad to see you're still a prat." He asks stirring his coffee then turning back around to face Holly and Arthur.

"Did you just call me a prat?" He asks and Merlin takes a sip of his coffee smiling.

"No, I would never." He says taking another big sip of his coffee and Holly rolls her eyes. "So, how was your night? And how the hell did you get in? I locked the door." He asks Holly.

She smiles. "Merlin honey I have a key. And for your information it was good. Very good." She glances at Arthur then back at Merlin. "How was your night? I'm going to assume very good." She says before walking away, probably to go to the washroom.

Once she's out of listening shot Arthur bursts out laughing and Merlin blushes red again.

"Shut up Arthur." He says and feels weird saying it.

"Did you just tell me to shut up?"


"I'm your king. You can't just talk to me like that."

"Watch me."

"Is it a kinky thing?"

They both turn around to see Holly leaning against the door frame smirking and Arthur and Merlin look at each other and both look away.

"Wait. So you two seriously didn't have any sex last night?" She says frowning and both of them shake there head. "But you're both wearing no shirts and messy hair and-" she turns to face Merlin confused. "Merlin he looks like majority of the guys you've slept with." She says going over to his fridge and Merlin gapes at her.

"Holls!" Merlin says and she just chuckles continuing to search through his fridge, not even bothering to face him.

"Guys? Slept with?" Arthur says frowning and crossing his arms and Merlin can feel the confusion coming off him.

Both of them ignore him.

Holly then looks up and drinks from the orange juice jug. She then puts it back as Merlin rolls his eyes, not even bothering to give her heck again.

It's pointless.

"Well. You guys should get on. I gotta go. I'll talk with you later Merlin." She says blowing him a kiss before heading out the door.

"You slept with guys? How many?" Arthur says and Merlin groans and walks back into the living room leaving Arthur to his imagination in the kitchen.


"Arthur. It doesn't matter." He says and Arthur scoffs.

"Well I'd still like to know wether it matters or not." He says and Merlin looks over at him smirking.

"Why do you care?"

"I'm just wondering who my manservant has been sharing his bed with while I've been gone." He says and that's all it takes for Merlin to burst out laughing making Arthur groan.

"Oh Arthur. You don't want to know." He says smirking before leaving Arthur confused standing in the kitchen.

"What? Merlin? What do you mean I don't want to know?" Arthur then goes after Merlin and Merlin laughs while sitting on the couch in the living room.

"Arthur just drop it." Merlin says and Arthur shakes his head and crosses his arms staring down at Merlin.

"Okay fine." He puts his hands up and Merlin turns on the tv. Ignoring Arthur's stare.

"Arthur." Merlin says without looking at him. "Stop."

"Oh come on Merlin. I'm your king. You must obey me." He says growing annoyed and Merlin rolls his eyes.

He flicks the tv off and turns to face Arthur who is now sitting on the couch with him. "Um sorry to burst your bubble sire, but you lost your power over me long ago."

Arthur gapes at him and then narrows his eyes. "Merlin. I don't care how long ago that was I'm still your king." He frowns and Merlin matches his stare with his own glare.

"Fine. I've been with over 500 guys." He says then turns away back to tv turning it back on but not before seeing Arthur's mouth drop and his eyes to huge.


Merlin sighs and throws his head back against the couch. "Arthur. You're the one who asked and I responded with an answer."

"You can't have possibly slept with that many guys." He says throwing his hands up and Merlin smirks over at him.

He sees Arthur turn red and look away before clearing his throat.

"Oh Arthur." Merlin says, the smirk never leaving his face. "You have no idea."

Arthur glances up at Merlin before looking down at the couch and pulling at a lose string. Merlin then chuckles.

"There is no way you could have still slept with that many people." He says and Merlin sighs loudly.

"Arthur you seem to be as dense as you were all those years ago." Merlin says and Arthur scoffs and crosses his arms.

"What are you on about?" He says frowning.

Merlin then shakes his head. "Arthur. I have a question for you."

That just makes Arthur frown even more but he's now confused.

"Carry on." He says and Merlin feels nervous.

"Do you uh remember what our last conversation was about?" He asks then clears his throat and Arthur furrows his eyebrows thinking.

"Not really. It's all fuzzy." He mumbles then scratches his head and looks like he's thinking harder.

"Well that just makes it oh so much more fun for me." He says to himself and mentally hits himself because this is going to be a weird conversation.



"Mhm. So Merlin explain to me the last conversation we had sense you brought it up."

"Uh lets keep that story for another time yeah?"

Arthur grabs Merlin as he goes to get up and pulls him back down but closer to him.

Merlins breath catches in his throat as they meet eye to eye and very close. "Spill it Merlin."

He swallows and looks away but neither of them move away from each other.

"What's the last thing you actually remember?" He says but it comes out as a whisper.

"We were making our way to the lake and then we finally got there it's all black." He says keeping his eyes on Merlins face watching for a reaction.

"So you remember.... how I saved your life? All those times?" Merlin says looking up and meeting his bright blue eyes with his own and he feels a tug on his heart.

"Yeah. And that you're the most powerful being ever." Arthur says his eyes searching Merlins face so intensely that Merlin thought he was trying to remember every inch of his face.

"Yeah. That." He whispers and Arthur and him just stare at each other.

After a what feels like forever Arthur breaks the silence.

"Merlin?" He whispers so close that Merlin can feel his breath on his mouth and is makes him feel all hot and he feels his body turning red. Which is bad because he's such a pale person in general.


"What's happening?" And he thinks they've gotten closer but he's not sure.

"Wish I knew sire." He says and he feels Arthur move closer to him and Arthur's hands move from his lap to Merlins wrists.

"You called me sire. And it wasn't in a mocking way." Merlin blushes and goes to look away but Arthur grabs his jaw and holds it steady in his hand and his eyes widen slightly.

"Yeah. You are the king." Merlin says and Arthur lets out a breathy laugh with a small smile on his face.

"You know you're just eating your words."

Merlin moves his hands to Arthur's arms and Arthur tenses but just as fast relaxes. His hands move slowly up to Merlins shoulders and holds him steady as they both seem to lean in.

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