It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


8. "Gwen or Morgana?"

Hello. So this is long. Longer than most stuff I've written.

I love Merthur with all my heart and especially Colin.

He's just adorable.

I totally got my friend into loving Colin because I showed her the shows he's in and the last one I showed her was the newest thing he was in in 2016.

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"Wow." Says a voice. "I am so not surprised. I knew this would happen eventually." The voice continues sounding smug as ever and Merlin tries to ignore it.

Oh. Her.

"Holly. Go back to hole you crawled out of." He mumbles and he feels a body rumble beside him. Or under him? His mind hasn't woken up yet to function properly.

It's like he can feel her smirk, without even looking at her. "I swear Merlin, I'll just drag you back down under with me." She says before flopping down on the bed at there feet making Merlin groan and the bed bounce.

He slowly sits up and glares at her. "What do you want." He asks and she just grins at him and bats her long mascara covered eyelashes.

"Why Merlin." She gasps and puts a hand to her heart. "You're my friend you idiot." She says rolling her eyes. "And I need a place to crash tonight." She says quickly and Merlin goes to tell her to get a life but gets cut off. "I know, I know. I should just find a new place to live. But I can't. I don't have the money or the time right now. The neighbours are renovating and it's all just noise and messiness." She says throwing her hands up and falling back so she's now laying across both there feet.

If Arthur was still king and in charge she'd have been throw out the window by now. And Merlin wouldn't have complained either. Hell he probably would have joined him.

"Holly, come on. It can't be that bad." He says and Arthur moves so his head is now under the pillow to try and block out the sound of Merlin and Holly. Not that Merlin blames him. Merlin wishes he were him.

"Merlin you have no idea. All they do is keep me up when I'm not at work. I need sleep. They even make me do things for them." She says and shudders over dramatically. "Have you ever done stuff that you don't want to do but you have no choice?" She says then rubs her eyes.

Merlin looks down at Arthur who is now watching Merlin from under the pillow. "You have no idea." He mumbles and Arthur grins before going back under fully.

"It's awful! I hate it! They don't know me or if I had plans for today- which I didn't, but that's besides the point. I'm not there servant girl. They can do there own ridiculous errands." She says and crosses her arms.

"Mate I already have a guest and I need to clean out the spare room for him already." He says around a yawn.

Holly crosses her arms and rolls her eyes. "Yes, because I can see that's going to happen anytime soon."


Her narrows his eyes at her. "I just haven't gotten around to it. It's such a mess with boxes everywhere. Arthur only got here like two days ago. And yesterday we had to go shopping for food. And stuff for Arthur." He quietly adds but Holly chuckles and just shakes her head.

"You're my best friend. So there for, your duty as my best friend is to let me crash here for a few days." She says smirking before heading towards the door.

Wait what.

"Wait you said for the night, not a few days." He says and she just cackles loudly as she leaves his room and into the hallway. Witch.

Merlin looks down at Arthur who has his eyes closed and has shit eating grin on his face. "She's your friend." Is all he says. Not once opening his eyes.

Merlin huffs. "Not for long." He mumbles making the blonde king chuckle and snuggle down more into the blankets. "You know who she reminds me of?"

Arthur slowly sits up and rubs his eyes looking as tired as Merlin feels.

"Random. But I'll bite. Who?"

"Gwen." He says.

Arthur furrows his eyebrows. "How on earth does that come to mind?"

"Well she could kick your ass if she wanted to and everyone in Camelot knew that Gwen could as well and has." He says shrugging his shoulders.

"She does not. She doesn't even look close to Guinevere." He says motioning towards the doorway Holly just left and Merlin chuckles.

"Not look wise genius. Just the way she acts." He says sighing. "She acts just like Gwen did. Bossy, but in a good way. They can both get what they want with no questions asked. Well most of the time anyway. And I bet you if Holly lived when we really did, she'd have been made something of high power because of her attitude and looks." He says and Arthur shakes his head.

"Or she would have been thrown in the dungeon." He says shrugging. "But then she'd somehow escape." He says and rubs his chin. "Okay fine sense we're comparing people all of a sudden, I think that Clary reminds me of someone." He says smirking.

Merlin sighs because he already knows where this is going. "Let me guess. Morgana." He says and Arthur opens his mouth then closes it like a fish and frowns.

"Yeah actually. When she was young and not all evil." He says and slowly frowns. "I wish she didn't do what she did." He says and picks at a lose string on one of the blankets that's covering them both.

He puts his hand on Arthur's shoulder making him look up and meet Merlin's eyes. "It was her destiny Arthur. We can't stray from our destinies no matter how hard they are. Trust me- I've tried." He says.

"What do you mean you've tried." He says and Merlin just ignores him, getting out of bed and walking out the door to the hallway and down the stairs. "Merlin!"

Shaking his head and laughing, he makes his way to the kitchen where he knows he'll find Holly eating something of his.

And man was he right.

But also wrong.

"Holly." He asks slowly walking into the kitchen. "What on bloody earth are you doing?" He asks and she turns around and smiles at him, her only dimple making a large indent on her left cheek.

"Making breakfast duh. If you're going to let me stay here for a little I have to be a nice house guest." She says shrugging her shoulders and turns back around to the stove. Yup. Totally Gwen.

"Do you even know how to cook?"


Merlin rushes out of the kitchen as she runs after him with a spatula covered in batter. Laughing he flops on the couch.

He closes his eyes and when he feels someone staring at him he opens them again to come face to face with a very close blue eyed prat.

"Hello." He whispers and Arthur grins down at him.

"Hi." He whispers back and leans in close as if to kiss Merlin.

As if.

Just as they get close to touching chapped lips on probably even more chapped lips, Holly ruins it by yelling.

"Food!" That breaks the tension with a snap as both boys rush to the kitchen to eat and fill there grumbling stomaches.

"Oh and Clary is more like Gwen than Morgana I think. After the way she looked at you the other day makes me think of Gwen, not Morgana, she never looked at you like that before only Gwen has." Arthur says and Holly looks up from her plat to Arthur who is staring at Merlin and waiting for his reply.

"How so? I thought we just agreed she was like Morgana and Holly was like Gwen?" He asks confused and both ignore Holly who is staring at them like there crazy.

Which they are in there own way.

"No no. If Clary was anything like Morgana she would have tried to get power as well." He says and Merlin shakes his head chuckling.

"Arthur she's 5. She doesn't even know what power really is let alone wants any." He tells Arthur who just sighs and shakes his head.

"No Merlin. Her attitude is just like Gwen's. Holly seems more like Morgana to me now that I think about it."

What is he smoking?

"What makes you think that? Does Holly look like she wants to kill me or you? No." Merlin says while gesturing to Holly who has stopped eating and is beyond confused at this point and has her fork on the table beside her.

"What are you guys talking about?" Holly finally says throwing her hands up finally getting the lads attention. They both look at her like she's the one who's talking nonsense.

"What are you going on about?" Merlin asks and Holly groans.

"You guys are comparing me to people I don't even know! I mean, I know Clary but that's all." She says sounding so confused that Merlin almost feels bad for her.


She crashed into his house and is staying for a few days.

She's going to be confused and there is nothing Merlin can do about it really.

Arthur just waves his hand her direction. "Nothing that concerns you really." He tells her and her jaw drops and her eyes go wide before they narrow into tiny slits.

"Excuse me?" She says slapping her hands down on the table to get both boys attention before they go back into another debate on who she's more like. "Not my concern?! You two idiots have been talking about me and comparing me to girls I don't even know and have never heard of! Of course it concerns me!" She snaps and crosses her arms after her rant and both boys shut there mouths and look at each other before both shrugging.

They turn to look at her. "Okay fine. We're comparing you to Morgana and Guinevere." Merlin says before going to back his pancakes that are now cold because of his chatter with Arthur.

"Who and who?" Holly says. "I still don't know who they are...? Do I know them?" She asks looking back and forth between the two guys.

Arthur snickers and Merlin just full on laughs.

"If only. You girls probably would have gotten along quite nicely." The Warlock says and Arthur nods his head agreeing. "Well before Morgana turned Evil and tried to kill everyone." He says going back his pancakes leaving Holly even more confused and with more questions than answers.

"I will never get you Merlin. I'm going to the washroom." She says getting up and heading towards the washroom, leaving both boys alone in the kitchen.

"You think we confused her?" Merlin asks frowning.

Arthur tilts his head to the right a little. "Nah. I think she understood everything very well actually." He says and they go back to eating what's left of the food before going into the living room and plopping down on the couch beside each other.

"So," Arthur starts. "What are we going to do with all those boxes?"

"Not a clue your highness." He mumbles leaning his head back against the back of the couch.


The box.

He bolts up right with wide eyes. Arthur looks at him concerned as Merlin turns his wide eyes on his king.

"The box." He says and Arthur's expression matches his as they both bolt upright and make there way to the basement stairs in record time. As if anyone was really keeping track.

Merlin reaches the bottom and trips, losing his balance as he hits a bookshelf making it tip over, falling with lots of stuff on it. Both boys watch with wide eyes and Merlin reacts quickly throwing his hand out the use magic to stop it from hitting the ground with everything on it. The magic flows through him like a fountain and everything that was falling stops in midair. His eyes changing colour once again to reflect who and what he truly is.

Magic. Magic reflex.

"Merlin?! Arthur?! Where did you two run off to?" Merlin hears Holly yell from some place upstairs and he quickly puts the shelf back in place just as Holly comes down the stairs. "Jeez you guys move fast. I just left you for a moment." She says leaning against the wall. Merlin just notices what she's got on.

She has on a long sleeved white shirt with dark blue stripes going through it from the chest area and down and ripped black skinny jeans with her hair up two little tight buns on the side of her head.

"Nice outfit." He says and she grins bowing.

"Nice bowing." Arthur says making Merlin chuckle and roll his eyes.

He meets Arthur's gaze and shakes his head. "I'm not bowing to you."

"You take all the fun out of everything." He says and Merlin just rolls his eyes and then remembers the whole reason he came down to the basement.

He walks towards the room which the door is shut now. Courtesy of Merlin.

He doesn't need anyone going in or more importantly- coming out.

He slowly opens the door and peeks his head inside. Nothing looks different and he lets out a big sigh of relief.

He opens it the rest of the way and he hears a low whistle from behind him. He looks over his shoulder at Holly who looks a little shocked.

"That's a lot of boxes." She mumbles. "What's in them anyway?" She looks at Merlin and he honestly doesn't know how to answer that.

"That is a excellent question." He says and Holly just chuckles at him.

"You mean to tell me, you have all these boxes and have no clue what's in them?" She asks leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed again.

"Yes. That's exactly what I mean." He says.

Holly grins. "Well now is the perfect time to do just that!" She says and claps her hands together before walking past Merlin into the room. "And if you don't understand what I mean, I mean it's the best time to go through all these while we clean it out!"

Arthur and Merlin shoot each other a panicked look before rushing in after Holly.

"Holly," Merlin starts as Arthur throws him a look that says "fix this before it actually needs fixing!" Yeah that look. "Why don't you go get some of your stuff that you want here and me and Arthur will start on this room?" He asks and she throws him a look over her shoulder.

"Mate if you think I'm going to leave you two to do this without me then you're on crack." She says before picking up a random box and Merlin goes pale. "Plus I can just get my stuff later today! We have all day to do this so I have a place to crash do the night. Even if we get most of it out today that'd be good." She tells them walking past them with a huge box in her hands and Merlin gets worried thinking of what else he might have put in these boxes.

Him and Arthur grab random boxes, being careful not to move them around to much and go over to the couch where Holly is standing looking confused.

Merlin is confused as well till he realizes what she's looking at.

The shattered coffee table.

"What are you- oh. That." Arthur begins then stops short.

Holly looks at them with accusing eyes that have a million questions swimming in them. "Oh that?" She asks looking back down at the tiny pieces that should have been practically impossible to get so small. Especially since it's the whole coffee table that looks like this and not just bits of it. "What did you even do?"

"Um." Merlin says and opens and closes his mouth trying to think of something to tell her but ends up just looking like he's having a seizure.

"I have no good answer." He finally says shaking his head and she just sighs loudly.

She goes over to the closet and grabs out the vacuum. She comes over with it and plugs it in and starts cleaning up the tiny shards of glass.

Merlin could have this cleaned up as quick as he blinks but not with Holly around. That's just to much for one day.

For him not Holly.

After a few minutes fighting with himself over using his magic or not, Holly has it all cleaned up.

"Well would you look at that." Arthur says hitting Merlin on the shoulder. "Cleaned up just like magic." He says grinning like a child and Merlin gives him a bored look. Arthur just shakes his head. "Disappointment is what I'm shooting at you right now Merlin. Pure and utter disappointment."

"Alright." Holly claps her hands together pulling Merlin out of his thoughts and back to reality. "Lets go through these boxes."

"Man I wish I had an extra coffee table." Merlin says frowning at the now empty space.

"Hey, maybe in all those boxes in there you've managed to shove a table in one." Holly snickers shoving Merlin a little.

Little does she know if Merlin really wanted to he probably could have put one in a box.

Merlin sighs before sitting down and looking down at the unopened box in his hands.

It doesn't say what it is.

Which worries Merlin to no end.

Some are labeled. Some are not.

Holly has a labeled one that says clothes and Arthur has one that says Random.

Random? Really?

Merlin lets out a long breath before opening his box and frowns but then grins once he sees what's inside.

"Why are you grinning?" Arthur asks and Merlin looks up grinning.

He pulls out a hard covered book that has symbols on the front and a lock. Arthur gives Merlin a quizzed look then looks back at the book.

"What's that?" Merlin looks up to see Holly trying to see the book and he quickly puts it beside him- and out of Holly's reach.

"Just an old book." Well he's not lying. The book is beyond old. Merlin is old.

This book is older than Merlin.

"That looks like a very old book." Arthur says eyeing it.

Merlin nods his head. "It's older than me Arthur." He says and Arthur's eyes widen as he looks at Merlin then back at the book beside him.

"That is old." He says. "That is very, very old." He shakes his head his eyes never leaving the book. "How is it in such great condition?" He asks and slowly picks it up and looks confused as he studies the cover then realization takes over his features. "Ah. Never mind." He says and throws Merlin a sly smile before going into his own box.

It's a spell book. And Arthur knows that.

Holly on the other hand doesn't even know what that is.

"You guys lost me. It's not that old. Merlin is my age and I am not that old." She says narrowing her eyes at Arthur who just shakes his head.

"It's nothing. You wouldn't understand even if we explained it to you a hundred times over again." Arthur says and Merlin slowly turns his head to face Arthur who hasn't caught on to his slip up.

Then he does.

His eyes go wide and he looks up Holly who is frowning. "Well now you have to tell me." She says crossing her arms with hard eyes.

"Holly, it's nothing. Ignore the prat." He says and she turns her hard stare in Merlin, only it doesn't effect him like it should. He's seen worst stares in his life.

And lots of them are from Arthur.


Merlin looks over to see Arthur staring at him. "Yes. Did I stutter?"

"Do you want a stutter?"

"You two are like a married couple." Holly mumbles pulling out random clothes that don't even fit this age of day and some of them are Arthur's. Holly just looks at them confused as she pulls them out.

He looks over at Merlin after looking at the stuff Holly had pulled out. "You kept some of my clothes?" Merlin looks down and nods. "Why?" Arthur barely whispers.

Merlin doesn't look up. "I knew you'd come back. So I had to keep some of your stuff for when you did return. But clearly those are of no use to you now." He says and Arthur raises an eyebrow.

Merlin knows he doesn't buy it.

"What's the real reason Merlin, that's a good one but I want the real one."

Merlin looks up to meet the piercing blue eyes of his king and suddenly he's back in Arthur's chambers being asked why he wasn't working on his duties and why he was at the tavern that day- even though Merlin knows that's not the truth, Arthur seemed to think it was. Everything's gone including Holly and the worry about a certain box.

He looks back down and is suddenly nervous- like he used to be when he was still Arthur's manservant and trying to hide his magic.

"Um well." He stampers and Arthur gives him a confused look but doesn't say anything and waits for Merlin to spit it out already. "I just couldn't leave you." He finally blurts out.

Arthur's face grows confused but then his face softens at the realization of what Merlin's words mean. "Leave me?"

Merlin sighs and feels his eyes get teary. "Yes leave you." He looks up at Arthur. "You- you were my whole life. Protecting you was what I was born to do. And with you gone there was nothing left." He finally gets out those few words even though they're just the tip of the huge iceberg of words Merlin wants to say to Arthur.

But he can't find it in himself to say the rest.

Arthur puts his hand on Merlin's arm. "Merlin, I'm the one who left you-"

Merlin cuts him off. "But you didn't have a choice. I had a choice. I could have stayed with you and made sure you were alright. I failed to do what I was literally born to do Arthur." He says and his eyes tear up again but this time there a mixture of sad and angry tears. Very angry tears.

Not towards Arthur but towards himself.

He wipes angrily at the tears that escaped and that are now on his cheeks. "Neither did you Merlin. From what you told me you didn't have a choice either or more people would have been hurt."

"Okay hold on. You guys talk about some of the weirdest shit ever and I have no clue what it's about. So please if you wouldn't mind enlightening me on what this topic is about this time, that'd be great thanks." Holly says cutting through there thoughts like a knife.

Arthur glances at her. "My last day."

"Last day of what? Spy club?"

Merlin sees Arthur's eyes go hard and his guard go up. And Merlin watches as Arthur goes from a clueless blonde guys the 21st century to the king all in a split second and he feels his heart beat fast in his chest.

"Spy club?" He says with his voice hard and Holly seems to notice the shift of tension in the air and shifts in her seat. "Do you think this is some kind of joke?"

"Arthur," Merlin starts but Arthur's gaze makes him stop.

"No Merlin." He then looks back at Holly. "Merlin is crying over this and you're making a joke out of it? Merlin has a right to cry over this and I do as well. The day we're talking about was hard on not just me or Merlin but everyone we've ever known. You don't have the right to make it a joke or joke about it in any way." He says, his voice full of authority of a king that Merlin's blood goes cold for a second and he feels like he's going to faint or be sick to his stomach.

He doesn't really know which one at this moment.

Arthur going back to being a king brought Merlin's mind back to when he was in Camelot and scared of being caught with his magic.

Arthur's gaze turns to Merlin and it softens once he takes in Merlin's appearance. Merlin can feel the blood drain from his face and looks down at his hands and doesn't meet the eyes of the king.

"I'm sorry." Merlin whispers clasping his hands together to keep them from trembling.

He's scared all over again.

Even though he could kick Arthur's ass easy as pie he's scared of the king part of him. The part of him that has grown up to hate magic in all shapes and forms.

"Sorry? For what Merlin?" Arthur asks and Merlin looks up and then looks at Holly who is just as pale as him. But probably from a different reason.

"Um, I'm just gonna uh go get some of my stuff." Holly says and quickly runs up the stairs as fast as her legs can carry her and he hears the door close shortly after.

"For being me. For not being a very good manservant." He says quietly and Arthur frowns.

"Merlin what on earth are you talking about? Sorry for being you? I don't understand." He says and Merlin swallows a lump that's formed in his throat.

"For being born of magic. The very thing you were raised to hate with a passion." He says looking up to meet Arthur's gaze before he looks away quickly. "I'm a terrible servant and an even more awful friend."

"Oh Merlin. You big baby. Why are you thinking of this now? Of all times?" He asks and he puts a hand on Merlin's shoulder gently. Merlin tense as the hand makes contact with his shoulder.

Arthur frowns even more when he notices Merlin's doing. "Was it something I said?" He says and Merlin slowly shakes his head but then stops and starts to slowly nod his head instead.

"It wasn't just what you said- it was how you said it." He says before taking a big breath and looking up to meet Arthur's blue eyes with his own.

"I still don't understand? What did I say to make you upset? Whatever it is I'm sorry I said it." He says sounding upset himself.

"It was how you said it. Made me go back in time to when I was fearing for my life everyday. And how awful I was at being your servant." He tells Arthur.

"But you were good at one thing though."

Merlin frowns and turns confused. "And what would that be?"

Arthur smiles. "You were good at saving me all those times."

Merlin slowly breaks into a small grin. "I wasn't just good, I was amazing. I saved your royal arse more times than I can count. At least once a day I saved you from something." He says chuckling as some of the tension leaves his body as his mind gets pulled back to the present and how magic is not even real here to people.

"Not everyday." Arthur says. "That's not possible. I wasn't even with you everyday." He says poking Merlin in his chest.

"Yeah and those days were even harder- there were very few of those days but saving you was harder those days because I couldn't just show up out of nowhere." Merlin chuckles thinking of how those conversations would have been like back then.

Arthur giving him a strange look and making him go back as the knights all silently judged him as he judged them all back just as hard because he was doing there job.

There both silent for a few moments then Arthur looks up from his lap and gives Merlin a questioning look.


"Yes sire?"

"Where's the box?"

Both boys eyes widen at the sudden realization that they haven't seen the box at all this morning. They both bolt up right and run to the room full of boxes.

"Where did you have it last?" Arthur asks as they check every box they can reach from ground level.

"It wasn't in here I'll tell you that." Her says and he feels his panic rise along with his magic. He bites his lip and runs both hands through his hair as he starts to really panic, his magic starting to bubble just under the surface of his skin.

His eyes go gold and boxes start floating and swirling around the room as his panic increases. The more he panics the faster the boxes move.

"Merlin.... Merlin!" Arthur grabs Merlin's shoulders and his blue eyes meet the bright golden ones of the panicking Warlock. "Calm down. Deep breaths. I'm sure it's around here somewhere."

Merlin slowly nods his head and the boxes slowly go back to the ground as his eyes to back to sky blue. "I just have no clue where it is and you and I both know what could happen if it got out."

Arthur nods. "Yeah. We'll have to move. Like asap." He says and Merlin feels his panic rise all over again.

"Lets split up." Merlin finally says and they both go separate ways. Merlin up stairs and Arthur down stairs.

Merlin makes his way up the stairs in seconds as he uses his magic to search places he didn't even know he had.

"Oh god." He mumbles over and over again. He searches his living room, his kitchen his bathroom and he even did up the stairs rooms and he still hasn't found it. He runs his hands through his hair and starts pulling on it.

"Merlin!" He hears Arthur yell from down stairs and Merlin bolts it down the stairs and back down to the basement to see if Arthur has found anything.

He looks around and finally sees the shadow of the king coming from the extra storage room. Well it's got his heating and cooling system and all that snazzy stuff.

He goes over and silently hits himself as he sees it's also full of random boxes. What was he thinking? Why would he need this much stuff?

"Merlin!" He hears Arthur whisper yell. He goes over and is met with a pale faced Arthur.

"What is it? Did you find it?" He asks and he frowns at Arthur's expression.

"Well not exactly." He mumbles and holds out something to Merlin.

Merlin's blood goes cold and drains from every part of his body.

He can't take his eyes away from what Arthur just gave him.

Broken egg shell.

He looks up to meet Arthur's panicked eyes.

"Uh oh."

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