It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


7. Family Tree

"Why." Arthur says crossing his arms as Merlin is now pacing back and fourth again.  "On earth do you have that?" They've just put Lady and The Tramp on for Clary but she's already asleep and Joy should be here soon to pick her up. Thank god, he doesn't want to have to deal with Clary and Arthur. Especially since Clary knows the truth now.

Merlin rubs his hands together and he feels his magic start to bubble just beneath his skin, making him feel all tingly and on edge.

"I have no idea Arthur, honestly. I guess I just wanted to save them?" He says sounding even more confused then he frowns. "Wait. The Great Dragon said that you would return when Avalon needed you the most.... he couldn't have been talking about that.... right?" He says then shakes his head again and feels his magic bubble even more at the thought.

"The dragon? What on earth are you talking about?" Arthur says throwing his hands up growing even more confused as the seconds tick by. Not that Merlin blames him or anything, if he were in Arthur's position he'd be confused as hell right now as well.

"Argh!" Merlin whisper shouts and the glass coffee table shatters loudly as his magic reaches its peak and bursts out, his eyes going gold for longer than few seconds this time.

He looks at Arthur, his eyes still golden and slowly fading in the dim light of the basement. Arthur looks at the coffee table with huge eyes but he thankfully grabbed the box before it could fall with the broken glass.


Merlin closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before opening his eyes again and there back to there normal bright blue colour. He sits back on the couch beside Arthur and gently takes the box from him and sets it on the floor beside him. He puts his head in his hands. We're all doomed.

He feels Arthur put a hand on his shoulder and Merlin lets out a long breath. "I don't know what to do. I forgot all about it. Didn't even realize I had it with me."

And this just makes Merlin wonder what else he forgot he has.

Now is not the time. One problem at a time.

Arthur opens his mouth to speak but a knock on the door breaks them out of the past and brings them back to the present. They both go upstairs, carefully avoiding the box and trying to make little noise as they can.

Merlin goes over to the door while Arthur stands at the entry to the living room.

Merlin unlocks and opens the door to find Joy standing on the other side smiling with her coat pulled up around her neck and a deep purple scarf wrapped around her neck and a pretty black hat on her head. "Hello Merlin, Arthur." She says as she steps in and closes the door behind her to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

"Hello. Oh uh fair warning. Clary thinks that me and Arthur are really King Arthur and the magical Warlock Merlin." He says and she rolls her eyes but smiles.

"Of course she does." She mumbles and Arthur comes in the kitchen carrying a sleeping Clary and Joy smiles at the sight.

He gently sets her on the cushioned chair and gets her coat on and shoes while she's sleeping still and Merlin can't help but chuckle slightly to himself.

Imagine Arthur doing this back in Camelot?

"You know, I always say this to Merlin but I'm saying it to you as well.... You'd make a great dad." She says.

Arthur looks up at them from zipping up her coat. "Thank you, but my time for having any children is long past." He says and only Merlin hears the small sound of sadness and disappointment in his voice but he grins at Joy anyway.

He finishes putting her stuff on and hands her off to Joy. "There is always a right time to have children, you just have to find it. Oh and I'm sure your lady is out there somewhere." She says chuckling slightly and Merlin looks away and Arthur looks down.

"Yeah, buried somewhere 6 feet underground. And has been for the past millions of years." He thinks to himself but he's sure Arthur is thinking the same thing if not similar.

Joy then looks at both boys and clears her throat, making both boys look up. "Unless you two are together." She says pointing at them with raised eyebrows with a small smirk. Merlin feels his face heat up and he goes red.  "Because if that's the case then you two could always adopt." She says shrugging her shoulders as she picks up Clary and heads out.

Leaving the long forgotten king and the old Warlock standing in the kitchen going over stuff in there heads. Stuff they never thought they'd think of.

Merlin clears his throat and breaks the awkward atmosphere after a few tense moments of silence. "You said you wanted to find out what happened right? Well come with me and I'll show you a way you can find out." He says and doesn't meet Arthur's gaze as he walks past him and up the stairs to his room.

He grabs his laptop and heads back down the stairs to see Arthur biting his lip with a frustrated look on his face. Merlin sits on the couch ignoring Arthur all together and fires up his Mac.

He feels the couch dip beside him and he can feel the confusion coming off of the old king.

Right. Merlin hasn't shown him what this is. Oh well he's about to find out.

"This is what people call a computer. Well, a laptop actually but it's the same thing basically." He goes on glancing at him and Arthur nods his head slowly.

Merlin clicks on the Chrome icon and goes to google search and types in "King Arthur Story" then clicks enter and when he can't find what he's looking for he goes back up the search at and changes the words. "King Arthur Legend" and clicks search and a website for a family history tree comes up.

"What's that?" Arthur says quickly beside Merlin and he clicks it.

His eyes widen.

It shows Arthur's whole family. All the way to the bottom where Arthur is. And on the sides as little bushes are all his knights and close friends.

"My father." He mumbles as a clear photo of Uther comes up. Well it's a drawing but damn close to looking like an actual photo.

He scrolls down and you see Arthur.

And beside him you see a smiling queen.

Also known as Gwen.

Arthur makes a choked sound and puts his head in his hands. Merlin sits still and keeps staring at the beautiful picture of Gwen.

He finally puts his hand on Arthur's shoulder. "You should know that she did an amazing job Arthur. Making her queen was the best decision you've probably ever made." He says and Arthur looks up and Merlin feels his heart sink at the sight of Arthur crying. "She lifted the ban on magic and everyone was happy. We didn't have another war for years." He says and Arthur smiles small.

"Yeah. She could easily have stopped a war from happening if she wanted to." He says and Merlin nods his head. "So Morgana never attacked again?"

Merlin then clears his throat. "She couldn't have even if she wanted to. She died." He says and Arthur sits up straighter.

"What? When? How?" He asks and Merlin sighs.

Here we go.

"She died the same day you did." He says slowly and then hesitates. "I killed her." He says and he feels Arthur stiffen beside him.

Then very quietly he whispers.

"You killed someone?"

Merlin then looks over at Arthur and meets his blue eyes that are filled with wonder and- it breaks Merlin's heart- a bit of fear.

Arthur's scared of him.

He looks away and clasps his hands together to keep them from trembling. "She sent Mordred to kill you. And he did. And while she was alive and breathing, more people would have died. I couldn't let her go." He says feeling his magic bubble again at just the thought of Mordred and Morgana.

He closes his eyes and wills himself to calm down.

Arthur is silent for a few moments and Merlin begin to worry. He looks over to see Arthur staring the screen and Morgana's smiling face.

The picture was taken before she became evil obviously.

He ignores the ache in his stomach at the sight of Arthur's fear directed at him.

Caused by him.

"Anyway." He mumbles as he goes down the tree and gets to the bottom and smiles as he sees the knights.

He feels Arthur relax a little next to him once the knights come into view.

"Gwaine." Arthur chuckles and shakes his head and Merlin feels a heavy weight on his chest.

Gwaine was a very good friend to Merlin and to everyone.

Who couldn't like Gwaine?

Then next was Lancelot.

Merlin frowns and swallows and he feels Arthur deflate even more than before.

"If there is one knight I miss the most, it has to be Lancelot." Merlin says and clears his throat but not before it closes up and he feels his eyes start to sting.

"Agreed." He hears Arthur mumbles quietly. Merlin looks over to see Arthur already watching him.

"Lancelot knew about my magic." Merlin blurts out and Arthur raises his eyebrows and looks shocked.

"I beg your pardon."

Merlin chuckles lightly. "Lancelot knew I had magic. He caught me using it. When he defeated the creature with the jousting lance.... I enchanted it so he could kill the beast and you would allow him to stay as a knight." He says and Arthur then smacks Merlin upside the head. "Ow! What the bloody hell was that for?"

"That was for not coming clean about how it was really you I should have knighted all along." He says narrowing his eyes and Merlin's rolls his.

"Oh yeah?" He asks grinning over at Arthur who's eyes are narrowed. "And what exactly would you have done about it back then? Because if I'm correct you would have had me burned at the stake in front of the entire kingdom." He says and the words are bitter coming out without meaning to in the end.

Arthur seems to notice this and looks down at his hands with a frown on his face. Merlin looks back at the screen with a frown on his face as well.

"I never would have let them harm you." He says quietly as Merlin feels his heart squeeze and his stomach goes into a knot thinking of being burned.

He's thought about it many times.

How he would escape if it ever came down to it. If he would survive the flames that were meant to kill him. The one thing meant to being him harm.

He slowly opens his eyes to look at Arthur who is meeting his gaze. "I would have made sure that your secret was safe and I would have helped you out of the kingdom. No one would have hurt you. No one would have known." He says never breaking his gaze from Merlin's intense blue ones.

"I could never have left you Arthur. Even if my life was at stake, which was technically everyday." He says and let's out a sigh. "And I could never have put you in the position to pick between your father and me." Merlin tells him while searching his eyes for any sign or disappointment or even the fear he saw before.

But all he sees is Arthur looking at him with a "you're definitely an idiot" look.

"Merlin. If I had to pick between you and my father. Which one do you think I would have picked? Honestly?" He asks and Merlin furrows his eyebrows frowning.

"Your father. Hands down. You always follow what he says and something as serious as magic you have no choice but to follow through." He says and those are the wrong words apparently because Arthur is frowning deeply.

"Merlin. I've disobeyed my father so many times for you. And I would have chosen you over my father no matter what. Even if it is as bad as magic." He says and hesitates before grabbing Merlin's hands with his own. "I choose you. Magic or not." He says and looks up from under his eye lashes at Merlin's expression.

"Oh Merlin, don't cry. You remind me of a girl when you cry." He says trying to lighten the mood and Merlin didn't even notice he was crying till he feels a wet spot form on his and Arthur's hands.

He wipes his face and he can't even bring himself to laugh at Arthur calling him a girl, he looks back down at his lap instead and sniffles.

"You would really have kept it a secret from your father?" He asks his voice all watery. "For me?" He whispers the last part but there sitting so close that Arthur heard it with no problem.

"Merlin." He says and grabs Merlin's face and turns it so there looking at each other, blue eyes meets blue eyes once again. "Can't you see? I would have done anything for you. I would rather throw myself in harms way than see you get hurt by the hands of my father. Or anyone out to hurt you." He says and Merlin feels more tears come and go down his cheeks and he doesn't care that Arthur calls him a girl for it.

He throws himself at Arthur and wraps his arms around his neck and buries his face in Arthur's neck. "I've wanted to tell you my secret for so long. It killed me inside everyday." He mumbles into the crook of Arthur's neck while sobbing.

Arthur wraps his arms around Merlin tightly, as if he's going to be taken away from him any second and he closes his eyes.

"I would have never hurt you." He mumbles into Merlin's shoulder. He pulls back slowly and meets Merlin's watery gaze. He puts his hand on the side of Merlin's face and wipes some tears that have managed to escape the corner of his eye.

"Your tears keep escaping. Kind of like people from our dungeons." Arthur says and Merlin frowns.

"Haven't you made that joke before?" He asks and Arthur smiles.

"Yeah. But it's not really a joke when it's true, is it?" He asks and Merlin chuckles and shakes his head.

"Guess not." He mumbles and looks at the computer screen that has gone down a notch, warning it's about to go into the sleep mode.

He taps the mouse so it brightens up again and looks at the time and sees it's already 11:45pm and Arthur still hasn't found out what happened.

"I think we should go to bed." He mumbles and Arthur nods his head agreeing with him but neither of them move.

He sighs and slowly pulls himself away from Arthur who is watching his every move and he powers down his laptop and closes it.

He pushes it so its in the middle of the table and won't get knocked off. He then slowly stands up and turns around stretching his arms over his head and yawns.

He looks down at Arthur who is trailing his eyes up Merlin till they meet his eyes.

"Lets get you settled in for the night. We can deal with the spare room thing tomorrow." He mumbles and Arthur stands up and yawns as well which triggers Merlin to yawn again.

They make there way up stairs and down the hall to Merlin's room to get Arthur ready for bed.

They go into his room and Merlin walks over to the dresser and grabs out a pair of pj pants for Arthur and debates if Arthur will need a shirt or not.

He'll probably just take it off in his sleep so what's the point.

Merlin shrugs and turns around only to find Arthur sitting on the bed watching Merlin in only his boxers. Merlin's face heats up and he quickly hands Arthur the pair of pj pants.

Arthur smirks but doesn't say anything as he puts the pants on and Merlin doesn't meet his eyes.

"I'll be on the couch if you need anything." He mumbles before grabbing out a pair of pants for himself.

"Wait what?" Merlin hears as he goes into the hall to grab a clean blanket. "What do you mean on the couch?" Arthur asks frowning coming from the room and leans against the wall beside Merlin, blocking his way to the stairs.

Merlin sighs. "I'm sleeping on the couch. You have my bed." He says and Arthur raises an eyebrow which makes Merlin groan. "You're the king. You have my bed you sire." He says and steps around Arthur.

But Arthur grabs his arm making him stop and turn back around to almost smack faces with the blonde block.

"Merlin. Now is not the time or year to act like a servant. You're a few million years off." He says and Merlin cracks a small smile which makes Arthur grin.

"Yes sire." He whispers and Arthur shakes his head.

"Now come Merlin. It's your bed." He says and Merlin frowns as Arthur drags him back by the arm to his room.

"I don't understand."

"I'm trying so hard not to make a comment on that." He says and Merlin sticks his tongue out at the back of Arthur's blonde head and he doesn't care if he's being childish or not.

"We are going to share the bed." He says grinning at Merlin like it's the best idea ever.

"Share? You? Sire, are you sick or something?" He asks and puts the back of his hand to Arthur's forehead only to have Arthur swat it away and hit Merlin on the back of the head. "Argh. Again? Seriously?"

"Shut up Merlin." Arthur just smirks and sits on the bed and pulls Merlin down with him. "We're sharing a bed and that's final." He says in that voice where you have no room to argue. The voice Merlin has missed so much.

Merlin sighs and rolls his eyes but is secretly grateful he doesn't have to sleep on the couch again.

He gets off the bed and goes back over to the door and shuts it. He grabs his pj pants from the floor where they fell when Arthur was dragging him and takes off his shirt and jeans from the day, not caring if Arthur sees.

He then puts the pj pants on and collects his clothes from the day and puts them in his laundry basket and mentally tells himself to do laundry tomorrow.

He looks over to find Arthur's blue eyes staring at him intensely and Merlin frowns and shuffles from one foot to the other before walking over to his side of the bed and climbing in.

But then gets out and turns the lights off before climbing back in and under the heavy blue blankets.

The air is thick and heavy and he's not sure why.

He has a few ideas but none that actually would make sense at this time. He shuffles and turns on his side so his back is facing Arthur.

He pulls the blanket up around his shoulders and buries his face in his pillow before letting out a soft sigh at how nice the bed feels compared to the couch down stairs.

It's comfy just not bed comfy.

"I'm sorry." Arthur says quietly and Merlin tenses before easing himself to relax again.

"Sorry for what?"

"For making you go through living in fear everyday." He says. "And for making you go through the past even though you didn't want to." He says and Merlin feels the bed shift behind him.

Silence follows.

"You were scared of me." Merlin says.

"Back then? I highly doubt I would have been if I'd known." He says chuckling softly.

"No." Merlin says quietly. "Today." He says and the tension in the air thickens and Merlin feels like he's going to explode from the weight, his magic swirling around inside of him.

The silence that follows is heavy and harsh.

"Oh," Arthur mumbles. Then quietly adds, "you noticed that?"

And Merlin feels his whole world crumble and is about to get out of the bed and maybe even leave the house and stay at Holly's.

"I was scared because I didn't know what you're capable of." He says and Merlin frowns and turns around so he's facing Arthur now. His blue eyes stand out in the dark. "I still don't."

"Are you scared now?" Merlin whispers his gaze never leaving Arthur's and Arthur looks back just as intense.

He shuffles closer to Merlin so that instead of just feeling the body heat they feel each other. Skin touching skin.

"Honestly? Only a little. I have no idea what you're capable of. I saw you shatter a glass table into a million tiny pieces only because you were frustrated. Imagine what you could do when you're pissed off?" He says and Merlin chuckles softly.

"You have no idea." He whispers before closing his eyes and he's sure Arthur gets the memo because even though Merlin can feel the curiosity leak from him like a faucet he stays quiet.

"Goodnight Merlin." He whispers and Merlin just smiles and pulls the blanket closer to his body.

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