It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


2. Boxes

Hey guyssss

I'm in love with this book like I can't even.

Merlin and Arthur are just so cute and this show has ruined my life.

God I love this show yet I hate it at the same time.

You get what I'm talking about??

~ Abbigail :)


Merlin sighs as he puts the pizza box in the fridge.

"Well," he says looking at the clock on the stove that says it's 12:30am. "I'm wide awake now."

He turns the kettle on but then turns it off again frowning. Why not have coffee?

He gets out a mug and goes over to his Keurig machine and turns it on, then grabs a pod of coffee and stuffs in it the top. As that makes his coffee he gets out the creamer that's in the fridge door.

He makes his coffee and sighs with satisfaction with a sip.

Merlin makes his way upstairs and tries to not spill the coffee he just made, for a couple of reasons.

Most are obvious.

That and it's what's going to keep him awake a little longer to find a costume to please Holly.

That girl I tell you.

Merlin stops and furrows his eyebrows confused. "Where did I put my extra boxes anyway?" He mumbles to himself as he bites his lip.

After a few moments of just standing in the hallway looking like an idiot, he finally manages to move to his room to set his mug down on the table beside his bed.

Merlin then takes a big gulp of his coffee and leaves his mug as he goes over to his closet. Why would he keep old stuff in the bottom of his closet? He uses this everyday.

He shakes his head at himself as he gets on his knees and hands before searching through the bottom of his closet floor.

And with no such luck in his side, he comes up empty handed. Not that he expected anything less.

He runs a hand through his hair and stands up brushing off his knees and hands.

"So where then?" Merlin says to himself as he makes his way out into the hallway. "Okay think you idiot. Where do most people put old things they still kind of care about but not really..." he says crossing his arms and glancing around the hallway.

He then smacks himself in the face and makes his way to the basement stairs.

"Am I an idiot? Yes of course I'm an idiot. Why the bloody hell didn't I think of this before?" He shakes his head as he goes down the carpeted stairs.

Merlins basement isn't gross. It's actually the opposite really. He hangs out down here all the time with Holly and a few others who decide to tag along. That also includes Clary.

The ground is a soft light carpet and it's lit up very well. A tv on the wall, a huge couch that has an angle in it. And other stuff that's usually in an entertainment centre.

He makes his way over to the spare room and turns the light on only to be met with a bunch of boxes stacked high. How did he even manage to get them that high? And why so many boxes?

'Is it bad I don't remember what's in most of these boxes or where they came from?' He thinks, frowning.

Gods he hopes not.

He looks them over from the doorway and goes for one that's in the corner closest to him and takes it out to the couch.

On the box in messy writing says "clothes. Kinda".

"Well that's reassuring. Thanks past Merlin.." He mumbles to himself and man does he need to stop talking to himself.

He unfolds the flaps and dust comes flying at him making him back away and cough. He blinks a few times to get the dust out.

Once he's all good and ready for more dust, he opens the box again.

He frowns at what's inside.

Sitting on the top of a pile of clothes, is a red neckerchief. You know, the ones the people would wear around there neck all the time. I guess people still do.

He grows confused at the emotions that have seemed to take over his actions as he grabs out the neckerchief with gentle hands and glances at the rest of the clothes under it.

A blue shirt is next, not the materials used nowadays. Then under is a pair of old pants. Trousers.

He has a sudden urge to curl up into a ball and cry forever.

He puts a hand on his heart and frowns even more as it picks up speed a little. What's happening to him?

Merlin takes a deep breath and the moment passes, but he can still feel it lurking close by, not so close that it's over powering but close enough that he can feel it pulling on him.

He then closes the box without looking in it anymore.

He does not need anymore random emotions right now.

He grabs the clothes that were in the box and takes them upstairs with him and lays them on the dresser.

He crosses his arm a wondering if the material is to fragile to put in the wash and decides against it.

He looks at the time and sees it's already 1:00am and groans.

He gets his coffee cup and takes it back down stairs and puts it in the sink and as usual, he forgot to turn the machine off.

After all that fun stuff he makes his way back upstairs to his room to finally get a good nights sleep.

After the weird day he's had, he feels like he deserves it.


When the light finally wakes Merlin he groans and turns his face into his pillow more, feeling his scruff brush against the pillow under his cheek.

To early Merlin thinks as he settles back in the deep comfort of sleep.

But that doesn't last long because his phone goes off.

He groans and blindly reaches over for his phone which is in his bedside table before pushing the answer button and putting her on speaker. Her, because he knows who it is already.

"Merlin! Are you awake??" She says making Merlin wince.

"Well how would I pick up the phone if I were sleeping still?" He mumbles loud enough for Holly to hear making her sigh.

"Shut the fuck up. Okay. I'm coming over." She says before hanging up making him groan loud. He shakes his head before locking his phone and falling back asleep.


"Merlin you idiot!"

Merlin slowly opens his eyes to see a blonde girl shaking her head at him glaring with her hands on her hips.

"Well hello to you too." He says before sitting up slowly. He yawns and scratches his bare chest before crossing his arms leaning against the bed frame with hooded sleepy eyes.

He can see Holly eye him and he chuckles shaking his head.

"Jeez." She pouts and crosses her arms. "I totally would date you." She says and Merlin breaks out into a huge shit eating grin.

"Oh Holly." He says. "You know I don't go that way." He chuckles and she rolls her eyes at him before smiling.

"Yeah don't worry I got that when I walked in on you and Archer." She says smirking and Merlin blushes and looks down at the blanket that's in his hands.

Yeah that was not his best idea.... but he couldn't help it. And he doesn't regret it.

Something made his stomach flip when he made eye contact with Archer the first time. Archer is a blonde, blue eyed football player who just happens to like blue eyed, black haired guys.

He doesn't know if it's a good flip or not but he went with it being good because he ended up with his hand down Archers pants and his mouth wasn't far behind and neither was Archers.

"Well I didn't think you'd come back to my place after." He says sticking his tongue out at her and she flushes a deep shade of red.

"Well I could have gone my whole life without seeing what I saw." She says sitting on his bed and he moves to sit up more.

He stares at her and she meets his eyes and he raises his eyebrows at her a few times and she punches his arm. "Stop it." She says.

"Oh come on, you liked it. You got a kick out of it." He says teasing her and she rolls her eyes.

"No. That's just- you're disgusting Merlin." She says standing up.

He laughs at her and she breaks into a smile, joining him.

"Come on. Get dressed and I'll go down stairs and make some coffee for us." She says before heading down stairs leaving Merlin thinking of a blonde haired, blue eyed guy.

But not Archer....

"Merlin! Come on we don't have all day!" Holly yells from downstairs making Merlin snap out of his daze.

He throws the blanket off himself and makes his way down stairs, only in his boxers slowly. The smell of coffee hits his nose making it sting and he scrunches it up.

Holly turns around and see him, then frowns.

"Merlin I said get dressed. We're going out." She says and Merlin finally takes note in what she's wearing and he grows even more confused as to why he hasn't noticed it before.

She's dressed in a suit and tie, the tie is crooked and she's got on a trench coat. Her hair is up in a tight bun.

He raises an eyebrow confused.

She looks at him and then down at her outfit. She chuckles.

"Really? Do you not go on Tumblr or the internet? Like at all?" She asks and he crosses his arms.

"Not everyone can live on the internet Holly. I barley go on it myself. You know this. I live under a rock really." He says his Irish accent sticking out on certain words.

"Right. Forgot you live back in the old days." She mumbles turning back to the coffee she was making. "Oh and go get dressed in your costume." She says before Merlin has a chance to move or respond properly.

"Why?" He asks and she turns back around just as fast and looks at him like he's stupid or something.

"Do you not see the time? You slept the whole bloody day away Merlin." She says and Merlin gaps turning to look at the time and he almost falls over at the time. It's already 3:00.

"Holy shit!" He tells before running up the stairs.

He grabs his Merlin stuff and as fast as he can shaves and hops in the shower. Just as quick he's out and pulling the old pants onto his body.

He hesitates and looks down at the shirt in his hands frowning.

Why is he hesitating? It's just a shirt.

The fabric of the shirt feels eerie in his hands but he pulls the shirt over his head and it's like a hug he missed so so much but at the same time he wants to push it off and burn it.

He sighs before getting the neckerchief and walking down the stairs slowly, his eyes never leaving the fabric in his hands.

"Well, well. You clean up nice Merlin." Holly says sassy and he looks up and chuckles at her before shaking his head.

"Why do you emphasize the beginning of my name?" He asks while going over to the microwave to look at his reflection to put the red neckerchief on his neck.

He turns to look at her and holds out his hands. "Well? What do you think?" He asks.

She looks him over from head to toe twice and smiles. "You look like a servant from back then."

He lets out a breath of air. "That's what I'm going for. Have you seen what he looked like back then?" He asks shaking out his hair.

"Nope. But I've heard stories. I mean, everyone has. You fit the description pretty good you know. Like with the hair colour and the clothes and such." She says before putting her shoes on and Merlin follows her lead, but not before putting on a jacket.

They go outside and Merlin locks his door and they go into Holly's car.

"So where are we going exactly?" He asks after awhile as she turns down Filling Street.

"I told you yesterday on the phone peasant, we are going to a Halloween party young Warlock." She smirks wide over at him before turning her attention back to the road making Merlin wonder what the hell happened to get himself wrapped up in this.

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