It's 2017 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....


5. Bathroom Door


I'm finally done school so I can try and update more now thank god.

I'm done high school and I finished grade 12.

But I'm going back for another year then I'm off to college.

So here's the next chapter and holy crap I love writing this book.

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Then Merlins phone goes off making Arthur jump back and fall off the couch and Merlin falls back on the arm rest and falls off that way.

They both sit up and look at each other before looking away just as quick and Merlin shakily stands up and grabs his phone from the coffee table.

"Y-yeah?" He stampers and Arthur clears his throat looking away and both of them are bright red and well, Merlin is very uncomfortable in his pants at the moment and he's wondering if Arthur is to.

"Merlin why do you sound out of breath?" Holly asks and Merlin groans. Not now.

He looks over at Arthur to see him staring at Merlin so hard that he feels his body heat up all over again.

"I'm not."

"Yes you are did you finally get it on with Arthur? Did I interrupt something?" She asks and Merlin can practically feel her beaming through the phone. Why does she want him to hook up with Arthur so badly?

Not that he's completely against the thought but still.

"No. We didn't hook up. We've never even kissed before." Merlin growls into the phone but apparently loud enough for Arthur to hear because he clears his throat and Merlin looks up to see Arthur move over to him looking more confused than ever.

Not that Merlin can blame him. He can only get one side of the conversation and it just happened to be the weirdest side.

"Well there's a first time for everything."

"No. That's not going to happen." He says crossing his arms and Arthur looks at his phone and throws Merlin an even more confused look than before if that's possible.

"How do you know? You aren't really Merlin Merlin. You're just..... Merlin. Not some powerful sorcerer from back in the day. You can't tell the future." She says chuckling and Merlin feels like laughing and crying at the same time.

The sad feeling takes over and he frowns.

"Hey uh Holly? I've got to go. I'll message you later." He mumbles and hangs up before Holly can say anything else about his and Arthur's non-existing sex lives with each other.

He locks his phone and throws it on the couch.

"Hey. What's wrong?" Arthur asks walking over to stand next to Merlin.

"Huh? Oh uh nothing. I'm good." He says shaking his head and running his through his hair and smiles at Arthur.

"Merlin. Come on. I know something's wrong. I know you."

Merlins smile goes away and he feels scared all over again.

He lets out a shaky breath and sits down on the edge of the couch and Arthur sits on the coffee table across from him. "What's wrong? You look like I'm about to arrest you for treason." Arthur chuckles.

Merlins eyes widen and Arthur's smile falls and he looks like he's been punched in the gut himself. "I'm not going to arrest you for treason Merlin. I can't even if I really wanted to:"

"I know it's just.... I'm scared." He says looking down and he's bracing himself for the laughs of Arthur Pendragon but they never come.

Instead he feels nothing. Hears nothing.

He opens his eyes to see Arthur looking very worried. "Why?"

Merlin chuckles to himself and fiddles with his fingers that are placed in his lap. "It's nothing. It's stupid now that I think about it." He tells Arthur who frowns even more.

"No Merlin. Something is bothering you. I'm here to listen." He says and Merlin slowly nods his head after thinking about those words.

"Okay fine." He clears his throat. "I'm scared that I don't have my magic with me anymore." He blurts out and then covers his mouth with his hands trying not to start crying.

"Your magic?" Arthur tries to bite back a smile but fails.

Merlin frowns and mentally smacks himself in his head. "Yes Arthur. My magic. You know the thing you would have killed me for back then?" He says rolling his eyes before they start tearing up. He glares at Arthur feeling hurt and more than a little betrayed. "Fine then, laugh. You have no idea what's it like." He snaps.

"Merlin I just don't get it. It's just magic...."  Arthur says and Merlin feels his blood boil.

"No you just don't get it Arthur."

"Well then explain to me Merlin." Arthur snaps back seeming almost just as pissed.

Merlin stands up and Arthur does the same. "I didn't practice magic like everyone else did. I was born with it. Magic is a part of me that will- should- be a part of me forever. I told you because I trusted you that you wouldn't make fun of it. Magic is something that I used to save your clumsy ass so many bloody damn times that I've lost count! You would have been dead the very day I met you if I hadn't used magic to save you and everyone! That includes your father! You, Arthur Pendragon were born of magic and I..... I am the magic. You have no clue what it's like to lose a part of you." Merlin yells at Arthur who looks just as pissed.

"Merlin I have been dead for over millions of years! I've lost my own life!" He shouts throwing his hands up.

"And I haven't?!" Merlin shouts right back and there both breathing heavily but that shuts Arthur up fast.

They stare at each other and there's tears in both there eyes. Moments pass. Merlins breaks it.

"You have no idea what I've been through." He says between clenched teeth, pushing his finger into Arthur's chest and Arthur grabs his wrist and tears fall from Merlins eyes. "I've been alive all this time going through lives after lives and watching everyone I know and love die while I stay young and live forever." He manages out between breaths of air and Arthur frowns before tightening his grip on Merlins wrists and he pulls him into a tight hug and he buries his face in the crook of Arthur's neck as he cries hard.

"Shhh it's okay." He mumbles and Merlin slowly gets his breathing back to normal and pulls back after around 5 minutes of none-stop crying.

He wipes his cheeks and goes over to the box of Kleenex on the side table and blows his nose in it before throwing it on the coffee table, not caring for it at the moment.

"Have you uh tried using your magic?" Arthur asks and Merlin gives him a stupid look.

"No because I've forgotten who I was." He says and that just confuses the blonde block even more. "Oh right. Didn't explain that part. I've managed to forget everything about you and Camelot and my life there somehow." He says crossing his arms.

And that's when he realizes they are both still in there pjs and it's like around 12:30 in the afternoon.

But neither of them seem to care which is odd for Arthur because he would usually be yelling Merlin for not having his breakfast ready and his clothes out for him.

But times change.

And he guesses people change as well.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I must have thought of a spell and put some sort of block on my mind to forget. Guess I even forgot I had magic. I just hope that part remembers how to use it again." He says and Arthur looks a little sympathetic.

"Why not try?"

"Yes like it's just that easy." Merlin says but then stops himself short. He starts to smile. "It is that easy. I learned how to use magic before I could even speak a single word." He tells Arthur who actually looks very impressed which is odd coming from him.

"Okay well sense it's that easy supposedly this should be as easy as it to escape our dungeons." He says and Merlin snickers then goes full on laughing.

"That is very true." Merlin says and Arthur rolls his eyes but smiles anyway.

"Try your magic Merlin."

After a moment Merlin closes his eyes and turns to look at something other than Arthur. His eyes land of the door to the downstairs bathroom that's closed.

He holds his hand out, noticing he's shaking a little and swallows. He takes a deep breath before closing his eyes and reopening them again. His hand steady.

"Aliese." He whispers and the door swings open. He feels his body fill with a calming familiar feeling as the magic swells in him and it's like a greeting from an old friend and he feels his eyes change colour as he does the simple spell. He feels his whole body relax then he turns back to Arthur grinning. "I did it. I can still use my magic."

He throws himself at Arthur feeling overwhelmed with joy at the feel of himself using his magic again. He feels Arthur stiffen quickly but then relaxes and hugs him back just as tight.

"I'm glad."

They pull apart and Merlin is still grinning like a mad man.

Merlin looks over at the shelves and the candles flame up making Merlin sigh and he hears Arthur short intake of breath behind him.

"You didn't even say anything for them to light up...." Arthur says and he turns around smiling a little smug.

"I told you. I could make things move before I could talk." He shrugs his shoulders like it's an everyday thing for him.

Arthur just kind of gaps at him.

"Gaius said that you were the most powerful sorcerer to ever live." Arthur says quietly and Merlin nods his head. He then chuckles a little breathless and runs both his hands through his dirty blonde hair. "Clearly that still stands."

Merlin smiles slyly up at Arthur as he flops down on the couch feeling smug as hell. "Clearly."

He clears his throat and sits beside Merlin. "Can you tell me what happened?"

That's not what he was expecting to be honest.

Merlin blinks at him before realization settles over him at what Arthur is asking of him. "Oh." He looks down at his hands that are white and shaking slightly now.

Telling Arthur what happened is something Merlin has been dreading. Because that means Merlin has to relive all the deaths and pain he's come to know and hide away. He clears his throat that has suddenly closed up and it's now hard to swallow.

"Where to start?" His voice comes out raspy. Arthur frowns.

"Hey, if you don't want to talk about it then we can have this chat some other time." He says quietly and Merlin is so close to giving in and telling Arthur to Google it.

But then he realizes Arthur doesn't know what Google is.

Instead he says, "Can we save that topic for another time please?" He says and waits for the judgement from Arthur but just like before it never comes.

"I'm sorry." He looks up and Arthur has sad blue eyes- not sad because Merlin won't tell him. But because of what Merlin had to go through.

"No need to be sorry Arthur. You were dead. You couldn't have done anything even how badly I wanted you to." Merlin says and Arthur looks even more guilty than before. "Arthur don't look like at me like that. It's not your fault at all." He turns so he's facing Arthur on the couch and hesitates before grabbing Arthur's hands and Arthur's gaze flicks to there hands then back up to Merlin's face.

He lets go just as quick and crosses his arms. "Why don't we go get dressed?" He suggest and stands up, hoping Arthur will just follow.

He makes his way up the stairs and he hears Arthur's footsteps behind him and thanks whoever is helping him out with this very weird situation.

He goes into his room and Arthur follows behind and softly closes the door. Merlin goes over to his dresser and Arthur sits on Merlin's bed watching him with careful eyes.

"Do you want to shower?" He asks and physically face palms as Arthur throws him a confused look because Arthur doesn't exactly know what a shower is. Only baths.

"A shower?"

"Yes Arthur a shower. It's like a bath but.....not?"

"Merlin that came out more like a question than a statement. Which is it?"

Merlin groans. "You stand under the water while it sprays down on you and you wash up." He says and Arthur raises an eyebrow.

"Show me."

And that is how Merlin shows Arthur how to use the shower for the first time ever.

They're both in the bathroom still when a question is asked. "Will you help me wash up?" Arthur says and Merlin sputters before going 50 shades of red.


Arthur looks up confused. "What do you mean what? Are you stupid as you are deaf?" He says and Merlin narrows his eyes at the blonde king.

"I won't help you. I can't help you." He says as he goes out into the hallway to get the bloke head a towel.

"What do you mean you can't? You always have." Merlin hears Arthur say as he makes his way back to the bathroom.

He sets the towel down on the sink. "Well times have changed." Is all he says and that isn't a good enough answer for Arthur apparently.

"That's not good enough. I need an actual answer Merlin." He grabs Merlin by the arm to keep him in the bathroom with him.

Merlin blushes as he looks away from Arthur. "Arthur please let me go." He says and the king lets go as soon as those words pass Merlin's lips.

"Why Merlin? You used to always help me with my baths. What has changed so much that you can't even help me with that anymore?" He asks and Merlin groans realizing he's just going to have to tell him. And if Arthur doesn't like it then Arthur can suck a dick.

Even though we all know he won't actually do that.

"Fine. Why I can't help you is because you're... a guy." He says shrugging and going to leave but Arthur beats him to the door and holds it shut. Merlin sighs and crosses his arms over his chest. "What Arthur? I told you. I have you an answer."

"No you didn't. You just said I was a guy. Not like I already didn't know that."

"Cause Arthur, are you really that dumb?"


"Did I stutter?"

"I don't know Merlin did you stutter?"

"Ouch! You prat." Merlin rubs the back of his head where Arthur hit him.

"Tell me Merlin!"

"You idiot! We've been over this! I'm attracted to guys! You're a guy! Im sure you can do the math!" Merlin finally yells at Arthur who looks confused but then realization hits him.

"Oh." Now look who's red.

"Yeah. Oh." An awkward silence blankets over the large bathroom and Merlin doesn't meet Arthur's eyes.

"So does that mean you're attracted to me?"

Merlin groans throwing his head back against the door. "Oh dear god." He says before turning around and leaving the bathroom and Arthur to clean and remember how to work the shower. By himself.

Merlin goes to his room and gets out clothes to wear when he has his shower after Arthur is done. He grabs out a blue long sleeved shirt and black skinny jeans and clean boxers. He looks in his mirror and rubs his hand over his cheeks and chin to see a small stubble coming on.

Arthur hasn't changed much. He looks to same, maybe his hairs a bit longer but not to much where it's noticeable. Unless you're Merlin.

Merlin has gotten stronger and filled out more and his hair has grown much more and is more curly. He's grown a little taller as well. And his accent is a strong Irish one, which I'm sure Arthur will mention sooner or later.

He hears the shower turn off and glances at the bedroom door. He shakes his head at how long Arthur will take to dry off and try to get dressed in these new clothes. Merlin chuckles to himself at the thought of Arthur struggling to get dressed.

He flops back on his bed and sighs at the feel of his blanket on his back. Bed feels much better than his couch. He thinks it's time to clean the spare room for Arthur.

Unless Arthur wants to leave. Merlin frowns at the thought.

"Merlin, what do I do with these pants?" He leans up so he's on his elbows and meets Arthur's eyes with his own blue ones.

"Laundry basket." He nods at the basket in the corner and Arthur follows his gaze and puts the dirty clothes in it before turning his attention back to Merlin. "Well I'm going to shower real quick."

He hops up off the bed and makes his way past the old king and goes to the washroom as quick as he can. He curses himself as he realizes he forgot a towel.

Smooth Merlin.

He opens the door and goes over to the closet grabbing out a white towel and heading back to the washroom for his own shower. He hangs his towel up and turns the water on to hot as he strips down from his pants and boxers.

He steps in the hot water and sighs as it washes over him.

He does what needs to be done and steps out, turning the water off as does so.

He steps onto the mat and starts drying off when he notices he didn't bring his clothes in with him.

He groans loudly and hits the countertop. "Fuck." He mumbles then bites his lip as he wonders if Arthur went down stairs or if he's still in Merlin's bedroom where his clothes are.

He wraps the towel around his waste and prays Arthur isn't in his room still as he slowly makes his way down the hall and towards his room.

Apparently the gods like messing with him because he almost has a heart attack when he sees Arthur laying his bed with a book in his hands.

He looks up and looks Merlin up and down confused as to why Merlin is just in a towel and still damp. "Why aren't you dressed?" He asks putting the book down beside him.

Merlin mentally hits himself for putting him self in this problem. "I forgot my clothes." He mumbles

"Ahh." He stands up and grabs Merlin's clothes from where he moved them to. "You mean these." He says holding them up.

"Oh god please just give me my clothes." Merlin tells Arthur who smirks. "I don't like that smirk on your face." He narrows his eyes at the blonde who smirks even more.

"How badly do you want these clothes Merlin?" He asks and Merlin rolls his eyes.

"You do realize that we are in my room which is full of my clothes, right?" He says and Arthur frowns.

"Oh come on Merlin. Mess around a little." He says sending him a teasing a grin and Merlin just chuckles shaking his head.

"Arthur, I'm just in a towel. I can't just 'mess around a little' in just a towel." He says crossing his arms, after he tucked the towel tighter around his waist.

"Just a towel huh?" He mumbles as he eyes the white fabric on Merlin.

Which makes Merlin worried as he shifts from one foot the the other. "What do you mean 'just a towel'?"

Arthur then slowly puts the clothes down on the dresser behind him and slowly walks towards Merlin who steps away from him.

He doesn't notice his mistake till after it happens.

Arthur is now at the door and locks it.

Oh shit.

"Arthur what are you doing?"

Arthur just smirks and leans against the door, locking Merlin in the room with him.

"I just have a few questions about today's society." He says and now Merlin is even more confused.


"Just some questions. That's all." He says putting his hands up in mock surrender even though the smirk is still on his face.

"And you need me in a towel because why?" He asks and Arthur just throws him a grin that usually meant he was going to get in trouble or a good yelling at. Or you know, something along those lines. "Okay fine. Ask."

"Good. Okay. So, about you sharing a bed with guys-" Merlin groans throwing his head back. "I wanna know what people think about that."

He tightens the towel again as it loosened a little. "Most people don't care anymore. I've watched it change and become more open to the public and lots of people are with the same gender now." He says shrugging feeling awkward having this conversation with Arthur while in a towel.

"So everyone is okay with it?"

Merlin shakes his head. "No not everyone. There are people out there who hate it and are against it. But people mostly just brush them off." He says shrugging and Arthur furrows his eyebrows thinking.

"Okay so if I were to say, I don't know date a guy society wouldn't care?" He says and Merlin feels a stab in his gut.

"Yeah. Just like I could date anyone or sleep with anyone and no one would care." He says chuckling and sits in the bed.

"I would care." Arthur says then when Merlin looks at him he looks away.

"You would care? Why? You never seemed to care before." But then he thinks back to the time when he was with Guin and seemed upset that he was with someone, a girl at the time.

"Because. What if I wanted you all to myself like old times?" He says and Merlin shakes his head.

"Arthur you can't just do that anymore. I'm free to be with whoever I want and when I want ." He says standing up again because he really needs to get dressed.

Arthur is still leaning against the door and frowns. "Okay fine next question." And it's seems like that's Merlin's Que to sit back down again.

So he does.

"They don't care about public affection between to males? Or females?" He asks and Merlin blushes bright red.

"Well it depends on what you mean by public affection." He says clearing his throat.

"Like kissing. And hand holding and maybe making out in a park or somewhere." He says shrugging and Merlin gets images of him and Arthur doing just that and he turns bright red and his body gets all hot. He shifts in his seat and uncrossed then crosses them again.

"Um that's all okay. Just don't go wild on the making out part though." He says chuckling.

"And you obviously are okay with all this, correct?" Arthur asks and he seems to have moved without Merlin hearing or knowing this.

He looks up startled. "Yeah obviously."

Arthur then sits in front of him on the bed. "So if I were to kiss you, you wouldn't mind?"

And that's when Merlin feels his whole world come to a stop.

"What." He breathes out and Arthur sits patiently waiting for an answer from Merlin who has seemed to have lost his ability to speak- and of all god awful times that could happen as well.

"Could I kiss you?"

Wow, way to be blunt about it Arthur.

Merlin clears his throat and blinks before slowly nodding his head.

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