A Boy Who found his Best Friend


1. a boy who found his best friend

once upon a time there was a little boy named Christian. He is 10 years old and lives in a small neighborhood with no kids. Christian didn't have a lot of friends to play with after school. He hung out with some boys at school and called them his friends but never played with them outside of school. Christian has been having these bad dreams lately. They were about monsters and this mad scientist guy. One dream was that Christian was lying on a table locked down to it. His hands were on the sides of his head and his legs were spread apart. There was the scary scientist and a huge blue monster. The scientist pulled a lever and started an evil laugh. A bunch of small mechanical hands popped out of the table Christian was on. Two at his feet, thighs and armpits and one at his stomach. Christian was laughing like crazy because the hands were tickling him all over. Christian is very ticklish and never liked to be tickled. He would wake up sweating and run to his parents bedroom. His parents sent him back to bed and tucked him in hoping he would go back to sleep. Christian was lying in bed not able to go to sleep because of the wind outside the open window. His door was closed. Christian was trying to fall asleep but spooked by a massive wind storm entering his room and rattled the window. Christian was under his covers terrified that his dreams would come true. It was no dream when Christian heard something rolled out from under his bed. Slowly removing the covers from his head he saw a box. Getting out of bed curious to what the box contained he got out of bed and on the bottom of the box it said;

“Open only if you are alone”

Christian put the box on his bed and went to his parents room to see if they were awake. They were surprisingly asleep. He scurried back to his bedroom wondering whether to open the box or just ignore it. He decided to open open the box with the latch on the side. It started to shake on his bed and he took a step back a big cloud of smoke appeared and a person emerged from the smoke becoming clearer and clearer as Christian crawled to the corner petrified. A tall man appeared with dark hair and wearing a long coat was standing on his bed. “well that was rough. Oh hello boy, whats wrong?” said the man slowly coming off the bed to the floor but moved no closer to him. Christian replied in a shaky voice “umm usually a tall man doesn't appear out of a box at 10:00 at night.” Christian could not see his face, cause he was standing in the dark side of his room. He slowly walked toward the windows moonlight and said in a deep voice “I am Dr. laughter.” Christian doesn't scream for his parents sake. He already woke them up once this night and didn't want to do it again.

christian- wait, your the mad scientist in my nightmares.

Dr.- what? Why are they nightmares?

He started to mumbling to him self pacing in the room. Christian was a little confused but still terrified fore there was a man who appeared from a box under his bed and just talking to him like they were friends.

Dr.- OK so let my try to explain. Ever since you moved in a couple of weeks ago I have been under your bed because the purpose of what we do is to make people feel better. After a parent or animal loss, moving and having no friends.

Christian- No. This isn't real. Its not. I ma going to go back to bed and this is just going to be another bad dream. Good night

Dr.- I know its hard to believe but-

Christian- No! Your NOT real! I am going to wake up in the morning and you are going to be gone. Good night!

And with that Christian got up and went to bed.

Morning approached and the sun shined through the closed window and the room was empty with no box or Dr. laughter. He gets dressed for the day but when entering his closet, the doctor has made some “additions.” Christian stands at the closet door in awe staring at a dinning room with a table and a chair in a corner, the kitchen to the far left and some how a view of the water. Christian enters and walks around to see this mansion in his closet. Christian found Dr. laughter in the kitchen making breakfast for himself and Christian. He wasn't as scary today as he was last night, but Christian was still a little spooked. They both sat down at the dining room table and had breakfast and just talked.

Dr laughter- so I bet you are wondering why I am here?

Christian- oh, that is one question . Followed by a million others.

Dr. laughter- OK shoot.

Christian- first. Who exactly are you and why are you here?

Dr. laughter- let me tell you something. My friends and I go to younger peoples houses who are going through something really hard or some sort of depression for a long time. We go to their house and are temperamentally their invisible friend cause you are the only one who can see us and make them feel happy again.

Christian- oh I guess that kinda cool.

Dr laughter- oh, and also, every time I see you with out a smile I am going to have to tickle you until you are happy again. Got it?

Christian- wait. I am sorry but I didn't sign up for this. I hate tickling.

Christian was not smiling so Dr. laughter went over to him and started to tickle his stomach. Christian was laughing so hard he finally gave in.

Christian- OK! OK! Just stop! ….... and do you have like a name other than Dr. laughter that I can call you?

Dr Laughter- oh yeah. My name is Tommy.

Christian was not smiling again but looked like he was going back to a memory of a past moment and started to get a little emotional. Dr. laughter went over to comfort Christian.

Dr. laughter- Hey Christian what wrong.

Christian- oh nothing...... its just that my best friend at my other school was Tommy.

Dr. laughter- oh I am sorry. OK how about.... John.

Christian- sure that will work.

John- well what do you think about going to play some baseball today?

Christian- totally! My dad has no time to play with me and my school friends prefer hockey.

John- get dressed and lets go.

So Christian grabbed his bag and ran to a field with John. Christian usually gets a little upset when he strikes out at bat or has a bad throw. At the field Christian was up to bat as John pitches to him. His count is 3-2. John throws the pitch and Christian swings and misses. He takes his helmet off and drops his bat and sits down sulking next to his bag. John comes over and sits next to him and Christian's head is still in his hands.

John- hey, remember what I told you this morning about not smiling?

Christian doesn't answer but shakes his head in his hands.

John- OK then. I guess I just have to remind you.

John starts to tickle Christian under his arms and he immediately lowers his hands from his head and squeaks at the shock. He falls back laughing and John does not stop.

Christian- OK! OK! I Remember! I Remember!..... Just Stop tickling Me!!

John stopped and he packed up his stuff, dropped it off at his house and went to a close by beach to clear his head. Christian had a great day but was still troubled on something.

John- hey bud whats wrong?

Christian- I just have a big baseball game tomorrow and if we win, well we win the whole tournament. I am just really bad at hitting and my dad has no time to help me cause he's always working. Maybe..... never mind.

John- maybe I can help. What else are friends for.

Christian- awesome! I finally have a friend.

Christian and john walked home and the sun finally set and it was dark. Christian walked in the doors of his home to see his parents waiting patiently for him to come home. The looked frustrated.

Dad- Christian where have you been? Its dark out. You should have been home hours ago!

Christian- um I was outside..... playing with.... my friend.

Mom- what? You found someone to play with. That's great! Maybe you can invite him over and we can have lunch with his parents later on.

Christian- umm I don't think that's possible because..... his parents are away and um his aunt is watching him.... and she hates other people so. I gotta go to bed. Night.

Mom- well OK honey. Night.

With that Christian ran upstairs to his room dragging his bag along with him. He runs into his room and slams the door behind him.

Christian- I cannot believe I just lied to my parents.

John- well unless you want them to think you are so lonely you made up an imaginary friend, that was the right thing to do. Just go to bed and we will practice tomorrow at the field in the morning. Meet me in my house tomorrow at 8am. Good night.

But by the time john was finished talking he realized Christian already passed out on his bed. John decided to change him into his pajamas and place him under his covers. He kissed hi on the forehead and walked to the closet not to be seen til morning.

The sun rays shine through the window awaking christian from his deep sleep. Christian gets out of bed ready for the day to come. He went to Johns house at exactly 8am like he was told but john was not there. He went to the kitchen where he found a note on the table.

Meet me at the ball field. Got a surprise for you! Hurry slow poke!

Christian eats breakfast and heads down to the field. When he gets there, there is John standing with a new baseball bat, gloves and a helmet with the rest of his baseball gear ready to play ball. They played ball for two hours. Christian was still not hitting the ball and getting frustrated about it. So John being his friend gave him some advice.

John- so Christian, let me tell you something that will help you with your anger and frustration problems. Every time you strike out or are mad, do not show your emotions by throwing the bat and your helmet because every time you do I am going to have to tickle you in front of your coach, teammates, the crowd and the other team. So just tell yourself that when you get frustrated.

They were about to start up again until over the field was a bunch of mean baseball kids. Three kids came up to him and Christian had no one to back him up. They made fun of him then challenged him to see who is a better batter. Christian excepted the challenge. Christian was up to bat. He did improve from the practice but not much. Christian had a count of three balls and two strikes. He swings and misses.

Leader- looks like someone still needs to practice. Now are you gong to scream and cry like a little baby?

Christian- no. I am not. I am going to place my helmet and bat down like good baseball players do.

Leader- you know what else good baseball players do? They hit the ball. Now hurry up and pitch the ball.

The mean kid is up to bat with a count of two balls one strike. Christian throws the ball and its hit right to him. He hesitates for a moment then catches the ball calling him out.

Christian- now who's crying like a baby.

Leader just shut up and hit the ball now. Oh wait you can't do that.

Christian- watch me.

Christian goes up to bat and soon has a one ball two strikes on him. He needed to hit the ball or they will never let him live it down. Christian goes back to the plate totally focused on hitting the ball. It comes over the plate and he swings not knowing if he hit it or not. The ball went flying into the trees and would be called as a home run. Christian actually hit the ball.

John- now.. he's ready.

The mean guys slowly approach Christian and just stair at him for a good 30 seconds.

Leader- that was a good hit but don't get cocky. We are still going to cream you tonight. See you there loser.

They finally leave and Christian was so excited he ran over and hugged John. They talked about it the whole way to the baseball game. When they got to the baseball field the bleachers were full with family members and friends all there to watch the game. He went into the dugout and saw coach putting up the batting order. In his league the coach picks the top people to bat and can leave out two or three for a back up if someone gets injured. Christian was one of the back up and was not signed up to bat. Christian was really upset and went to talk to the coach.

Christian- hey coach why can't I bat today's game? I have been practicing all day and yesterday and have actually hit the ball.

Coach- I believe you have been practicing but you haven't prove to me that you can hit the ball consistently or at least been close to hitting the ball in a game. I'm sorry but that's my final answer.

The game went on and Christian was just a back up player. The sixth inning came and the score is 7-10 with Christians team losing by four runs with two outs on them. Christians team is up to bat and also has last bats. One girl, Alana on his team is up and is one of the best hitters on the team. The other team's coach calls a time out to talk to his pitcher. He tells him to throw a fast ball to her knee. Alana just recovered from surgery on her knee and if she gets hit there again, she is out and Christian will have to come in. that was the coaches plan to win. The pitcher throws the ball and it hits her knee. She collapsed to the ground in pain holding her knee. The coach and her mom run out to get her. She is taken to the hospital to get an ex-ray on her knee to make sure everything is all set. Meanwhile the game has to continue. The coach signals for Christian to come out and bat. He was shocked and so was everyone else. They all knew then that he was going to lose the game for his team. He had so much put on him with winning the game for his team, not getting stressed out about it, and making everyone see him as a good baseball player. Christian goes up to the plate extremely nervous and ignores everything the catcher has to say to him fore it is the main kid he met at the field earlier that day. Christian just focused on the ball and John believing in him and being a true friend to him. The count was three balls and two strikes, and the catcher told him that this looks like the end of it. For you at least. He blocks him out and focuses on the ball. Before ho approaches the plate he turns to the crowd and sees his dad and mom waiting to see their son succeed in what he loves doing and notices John stand in the corner also waiting for him to to his best. Christian goes to the plate and waits for the ball to come over the plate it comes closer and closer and he just watches the ball hit the bat. Then he watches the ball go over the infield players then over the outfield players and finally over the fence. Christian just got a home run and won the game with bases loaded. He ran the bases with a huge smile on his face and everyone congratulated him. He ran over to his coach and gave him a hug.

Coach- Christian I am sorry for underestimating you. You did an amazing job tonight.

Christian found his parents and gave them a huge hug. His dad was so proud of him and decided to spend more time with his son instead of always working. He wanted to see John but he was nowhere to be seen. He already left Christian to celebrate his victory and didn't need him anymore. Some of his new baseball friends also don't live that far from him. Christian was finally glad he moved because he became a better baseball player, grew closer to his father, made new friends and will never forget his first friend who helped him with everything he gained.

The End

word count: 2,920

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