my story

im spirit the wild'est mustang in the world this is my story i remember i was there since the first time i saw the world i could hear the wind call my name


2. my heard

i chased the falcon just to the heard i stoped at the cliff and looked over my heard it was buetiful seeing them happy i remember my first time there i was so little my father and my mother used to come here and tell me this will be mine i reared and i ran down ''dad whats wrong '' i said as he came in beated up he fell on the floor ''dad awnser me dad'' i said s he slowly died it just made me stronger 


(1 month later)

i got over  the death of my father i was just happy  my heard was safe i walked around the heard making sure there good before i rest i walked up to my cliff and saw a little fire my mom walked up ''im going '' i said walking away ''spirit don't its humans there gonna get you '' she said worried ''im the wild'est mustang ever they can't take me'' i said galloping away 

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