my story

im spirit the wild'est mustang in the world this is my story i remember i was there since the first time i saw the world i could hear the wind call my name


4. get off of my back

they saddled me and put a bridle on the first guy got onn me the other opend the gate ''bad idea'' i said to myself i jumped and he fell off the other one got o me i went galloping like if i was wild he fell off i happily troted back to the case and snorted on the guy 3 more guys passed i got them off esily until the chief got one me i tried everything i could do but he still was'nt off me i was too tierd so i decided to walk but i had a plan he relaxed and did a speach in the middle of it i begane galloping i kicked and jumped he fell off i kicked and the saddle feel off all the horses started cheering for me i got up on my back legs and did my rear he took my rains and lied then up to a pole ''2 weeks no food or water'' the chief said  walking away ''yes sir'' 1 week pased i saw a indian come in he took out a knife at nigth when everyone was sleeping he cut himself free ''hey boy its ok '' he took the bridle off my i was finaly free i wanted to get the other ones out i jumped out the pasture and got them all out we all ran to the door i was first and we broke it the guy jumped on me i ran away  until a nice paint mare came past he jumped on her but th other ones in back lassod me i was free but now more ropes 

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