my story

im spirit the wild'est mustang in the world this is my story i remember i was there since the first time i saw the world i could hear the wind call my name


3. captured

as i arrived the other horses kep warning me to leave i din't wanna i walked round and spilled water on one of the guys head he slowly woke up ''boys a horse'' he took his lasso and got me i reared and bucked trying to  get away i finaly got free but got even more ropes on it took days so that they can bring me somewhere i heard the falcon pass i neighed he looked at me scared wanting me to get out i figthed all of my forces until i could'nt anymore i let them take me inside a hole group of horses marched pass ''help'' i neighed a hors estopped but was pushed to keep going 

he brang me to a guy they put me in a little woden played he started my cuting my main i let him do it he took my front hoof and tried to put  horse shoe on it i bit his butt then they put a bag around my mouth he tried to do the other one got smacked in the face y my bake hoof all the horses where looking at me they strapped my feet to the thing he tried to put a sing thing on me he tried to press the stamp on me but i squished his hand he finaly gave up 



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