my story

im spirit the wild'est mustang in the world this is my story i remember i was there since the first time i saw the world i could hear the wind call my name


5. a day with her

they took my at there camp and let me in a small pen with that mare the morning came and he lassod me and her together ''rain i want you to show him round ill call him spirit '' he oped the gatee and ran walked out i followed her we stoped at a little pond with an apple tree i went on my back feet and took one i gave it to her i think i like her she took it the day passed by while we were waking back i took the ropes off and followed her bk to camp i smelled fire ''the camp'' rain said galloping to it i followed galloping even faster i got there first i ran over to the kids and put them on my back i put them far away from the fire while the other horses watched them i got the rest of the pepole with rain i ran back to the pond with loads on buckets on me i ran back to camp and took out all the fire i stayed the nigth with the kids and slep with them while the others set the camp back up

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