"Stay Strong"

A girl has her whole life ahead of her, she finally meets the guy that she wants to explore the wonders of life with. Little does she know that his time is shortening by the minute.


1. I - "Uhm.. Hey.."

It's usual that when you turn 21 it's time for you to and explore the wonders of life and that is what I, Meghan Darley wanted to do. But their was one problem, I didn't want to do it alone. So I was on a mission to find the perfect person to help me on my journey. He had to have a six pack, really nice hair, quite tall, good fashion sense and of course, must have the heart of a gentleman. I knew that it was going to be hard to find someone like that but I was trying. I was packing my bags as I was going to Vienna the next day until, as usual, my mom walks in. "Sweetie do you really need to go?" She asked depressingly, of course my answer was, "Yes mom! I really want to go out and explore new things instead of being crammed in this tiny place." But moms being themselves she continuously tried to talk me out of it until I gave her $20 to just let me go. She quickly accepted the offer so I am starting to think she is a gold digger but that doesn't matter. I managed to get some sleep without anyone coming in, waking me up and saying their goodbyes like it was my last day on earth, yeah it can be annoying but it was kind of emotional in a way. And I could tell that it would be hard for them without their perfect daughter being their 24/7, but everyone goes through that stage, and it was time for me to do the same. As I boarded my flight, and buckled my belt, a stunning human being sat right next to me. He was tall, had glossy luxurious hair, fashion sense just as good as the most rich girl in the world, and he was such a gentleman, as I needed to go to the toilet during cruising and oh my, how kind he was! He moved all of the things off of his tray, stood up, moved to the side and said, "There you go ma'am." I immediately felt my heart sink and automatically fell in love with him. As I returned to my seat, he repeated the process and we ended up talking for the full flight and it turns out we were in the same hotel, just a floor apart. I knew that this was my chance!

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