My One And Only

He was bad
I was lonley
We loved each other
But, never knew


3. Truth or Dare

The rest of the ride was silent…

*Zane's House*

• • • •

"Let's play truth or dare," Zane said in a childish way while running to jump on his couch.

"Okay, dare"

"I…I dare you to be my girlfriend"

"Hmmm" I got so scared how to I respond to this. I just laughed to make it seem I wasn't to serious.

"So, no pressure but and answer would be nice"

"Well then… Yes"

He jumped in excitement with a huge smile.

"Okay your turn"


"I dare you to kiss me"

I didn't even think of what I said. It just came out because I wanted it to happen so badly.

He leaned close to me I went in too. Our lips locked in and instant. It was the best feeling I ever experienced. We both pulled away. Him still staring and me and I stared straight into his eyes getting lost in another world. I looked down and he pulled my hair behind my ear. Still in silence we stayed there for a few minutes that felt like hours.

"Oh shit," I said whispered to myself but he heard.

"What's wrong?" He was really concerned and worried.

"I have to go I am really sorry"

"Do you need a ride"

"No I'll walk," I said rushing out the door running back to my house not to far away. I forgot about home.

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