My One And Only

He was bad
I was lonley
We loved each other
But, never knew


6. The Night of My Life

*Friday Night*

• • • •

I decided since I haven't really gone out in years to dress up a little. I put on a blink 182 shirt and tucked it in a black mini skirt. I put my hair into a high ponytail and just put winged liner. Hey, at least i'm not just wearing pants it's as "nice" as you get.


Z: I'm here

I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. So fast my parents didn't notice. I hoped into his car.

"You look beautiful," he smiled and looked at me.

"Aww thanks you look amazing too," I started to blush but he just laughed a little.

Once we got to the house I could tell I wouldn't know anyone. They were all seniors and I was the only sophomore.

Zane grabbed my hand and we walked in together.

"Ayee Zane brought yo new girl," this guy in the front door stands up from his chair.

"Yeah, wanna grab some drinks?" Zane looks at me.

"Sure," I look back in his eyes. We walk to the kitchen then find somewhere to sit. I ended up talking to some of his friends and a few drinks later it became the craziest night of my life. All I remember is we were dancing and the music was so loud I couldn't hear my thoughts but I remember Zane grabbing my hand and walking me outside.

"Let's go somewhere"


"You'll see"

I always liked his surprises but this wasn't one. We ended up back at his house.

"Why are we here again?" he didn't respond. He just got out and helped me up out of the car. I wasn't that drunk that I could still walk but I had a feeling of what was gonna happen next.

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