My One And Only

He was bad
I was lonley
We loved each other
But, never knew


7. Ready

SEX WARNING : skip to next chapter

- - - -

He unlocked the door the grabbed my hand. Once we walked inside I quickly slammed the door and he ran upstairs dragging me with him. We got to his room.

"Ready?" he looked at me in excitement. I smiled and nodded.

We both leaned in for a kiss. I slowly started to untuck my shirt and taking off my skirt. Zane was unbuttoning his pants and slowly sliding them off. We unrealized from the kiss and jumped on the bed. I sat with my head leaned against the wall. He came next to me kissing my next. He put his fingers on the bottom of my shirt and carefully taking it off of me. I was always insecure of my body but I felt safe with him. Still kissing my neck I started to moan. It felt so good. He got to my chest but paused.

"Is this okay?" he whispered.

"Yes yes"

He ripped off his shirt and while kissing me he unhooked my bra. I grabbed his back like a hug and he put his arms around me. The night went on for hours and it felt so good until we both passed out.

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