My One And Only

He was bad
I was lonley
We loved each other
But, never knew


4. I Love You


• • • •

"WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!" my dad yells as I walk in.

"GO UPSTAIRS!" my mom yelled right back.

"Why can't you be like your sisters Kaia?" my dad asked as I walk upstairs slowly crying.

I lock the door and just sit on the floor. This is why I hated life so much. In public my parents are such nice people but when it comes home they always yell at me because I can't do anything about it.


I took my phone out of my pocket

Z: Babe are you okay

Wow after about a hour he's already calling me babe.

K: Yes, yes I am fine

I couldn't say anything because if he turns my parents in they will blame me.

Z: Why did you leave like that

K: I am so so sorry. I forgot I had a family thing to be at

Z: Oh okay I understand

K: Sorry I have to go bye

Z: I love you

I love you I could hear his voice saying that. Still crying I was thinking about what just happened. Being with him I felt safe. He would protect me and he really cared.

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