My One And Only

He was bad
I was lonley
We loved each other
But, never knew


1. Him…

I love him. But he doesn't know me…

• • • •

Oh sorry forgot to introduce myself, my name is Kaia Anderson. I live in a society where everyone is judged on there personalities and actions. You have to be nice and an ALWAYS happy person. If you didn't follow these rules the punishments will be put to you. Nobody dares to even try except one "kid" at my school. Zane Cashemande. I admire him because he's not afraid to show the truth and when he does something wrong he always gets away with it. But, he'll never notice me. I'm to quite and just in the shadows. I try to look happy when I'm by myself cause I don't want to be put to the worst like death. I've talked to him a few times but never a real conversation. More like asking for a pencil or something along those lines. I just hope everyday, one day, we might be together.

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