My One And Only

He was bad
I was lonley
We loved each other
But, never knew


2. Confession…


• • • •

I was standing at my locker staring down just thinking. Pretending like no one was there. I saw some shoes walking towards me and a shadow. I look up, you were standing right in front of me. I got so scared, I didn't know what was happening. Why did a senior walk up to a Sophomore like me.

"Kaia? I was wondering if we could talk sometime?" Zane's words got stuck in my head. It was like replaying a song over and over.

"Ummm yes…sure…I mean why not" I sounded like and idiot. He nodded walked away. I was sweating still afraid of why that happened. I rushed to the bathroom ran into a stall locked it shut and just stared. Thinking why did this happen. That question stuck in my head replaying and I couldn't find the answer.

• • • •

*After School*

He was in his car. As soon as he saw me walk out of the school doors he yelled.

"KAIA," waving his hand at me. I started blushing trying to hide it. But, I think he saw because he started laughing but really cute.

I got in his car.

"So how are you Miss Anderson?" he said very jokingly it was to adorable.

"I'm fine," I stared outside, "Why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Hanging out with me? Asking me if we could talk?"

"Okay here's the truth, you have always been interesting to me. Your always by yourself but still acts happy just to follow the stupid rules. I have always liked you I was just scared you'd never felt that way for me, but, I finally manned up to ask you for this."

What was I gonna say after that. The guy I think about 24/7 just said he likes me. I was so scared. I froze and he just kept driving to where ever he was taking me.

"You? Zane Cashemande… likes a girl? Kaia Anderson, also the girl no one wants to talk too?"


"Well I…l…li…like you too"

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