The Love of a Boss

Cassandra is a girl trying to make it. She loves to sing but drama seems to follow her wherever she goes. Maybe she can make it through the struggles and fall hopelessly in love with her own lucky leprechaun!


2. Excuse me?

Today was the day. I was going to do something that mattered. Make a difference. So I rolled over to get out of bed, but me being the clumsy self I am, I didn't realize how close I was to the edge of my bed. So when I rolled over I fell off my bed smacking my forehead on the edge of my dresser.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck," I groaned, That hurt. From my position on the floor I propped myself up enough to see my alarm clock. 8:47 why the hell am I up so early?! Ah well, I should make something of myself....

But I'm hungry.

I manage to get off of my floor, and make my way to the kitchen. I get some fruity pebbles and begin to eat, with milk of course what idiot eats cereal without milk?! My best friend, Sydney, is still asleep. I decide to be quiet so I don't wake her. I may be a funny person but not a cruel one,What?

Sleep is a beautiful thing! I wouldn't do that to someone! So I grab my phone and pull up YouTube. Pewdiepie made a new video! oh it's just another happy wheels, never mind. So I scroll until on his channel until I see something interesting. After a minute or two of scrolling, I find Cards Against Humanity, that is my shit!

I click on the link. But there's other players? A collab? Well pewds doesn't do many of those. Might be worth the watch. I love CAH (cards against humanity) because you can't go wrong while playing it, it's funny no matter what. The video I was watching had pewds, cinnamontoastKEN, and jackiepoo? I didn't know the last two players but Jackiepoo was whipping everyone's ass. He had an accent which I recognized immediately. He was Irish, I knew because my grandmother came over from Ireland and she had a thick Irish accent.

"Gmornin' Cassandra whatcha up to?" Sydney asks but when I text her I call her syd cause I'm that lazy.

"The usual, YouTube," I respond taking one headphone out.

"Who ya watching?" Syd asks

"Pewds playing CAH," I say looking at the screen, it was the last round and pewdiepie was winning. Well his pride wouldn't let him upload a video without winning once, so the last round was of course in his favor. (If you don't get that reference you have not lived)

"I bet you're enjoying it, I know how much you love that game," Syd says grabbing the milk out of the fridge.

"I'm loving it! But it's a collab," I say excitedly.

"Really? I thought he didn't do those," Syd questions.

"He does, but not many. And you need a minimum of three players to play the online version," I clarify not taking my eyes off the screen.

"I know that, I've been playing that with you since middle school. Who's he playing with?" Syd asks as she sits with me at the table.

"cinnamontoastKEN, and jackiepoo. Before you ask I don't know them," I responded

"Well YouTubers have weird names," Syd laughs

"Yes I know. Look at pewdiepie," I say with a chuckle.

"For real. Hey do you have to work today?" Syd asks. Being I'm in collage I have a part time job. I want to be an actress or something like that, maybe a singer.

"Nope, you?" I reply popping the p.

"Sadly yes, but instead of just sitting on your lazy ass all day can you do something?" She asks jokingly.

"I'll try to put the dishes away maybe some laundry. But don't get your hopes up. I have a test on Tuesday," I reply with a light tone.

"Cassandra, it's Saturday you have plenty of time to study," Syd retorts

"Yes mom," I reply bluntly looking to see her reaction. But she just rolls her eyes. And she's leaves the apartment. What I live in an apartment you have no idea how much it costs to live in a dorm.

I decide to be nice and help Syd out besides she is working today. She works down at steak and shake which is about 10 minutes away. I clean up my breakfast dishes. Wipe the table sweep the floor and what not. After I finished that I threw a load of laundry into the wash. We share a two bedroom apartment it's actually pretty nice. ( ) that's out living room. Our kitchen could be bigger but it's a decent size. ( ) and there was our rooms they looked the same they just had different posters and what not ( )

My room is usually clean, there were just papers on my desk, my bed wasn't made, and some of the stuff on my dressers were out of place. But for a collage student that's pretty clean. But I had done what was promised and then some, so now I can finally relax. I decided to chill with some YouTube. See this is YouTube and chill for us single people. I bring out my fuzzy horse blanket and my headphones. I plop down on the couch and finish the video I was watching. But there wasn't anything else on pewdiepies channel that I wanted to watch. So I typed into the search bar "cards against humanity." And then I saw a youtuber by the name of Jacksepticeye. Could that be Jackiepoo? Out of curiosity I click on the video. As soon as the video started I was greeted with,

"Top of the mornin to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye," And I quickly paused the video. My headphones were almost all they way up, giving me a mini heart attack. After turning my volume down I continued the video. He was going to play with Felix mark and ken out of those youtubers I had only heard of Felix being that he was pewdiepie. This Jacksepticeye was loud just like me and I loved it. Syd always tells me to shut up that she needs her eardrums to listen to her music. But if he isn't funny I'm leaving.

Now being my grandma is from Ireland hearing an Irish accent made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. God I miss my grandma so much. He wasn't bad looking. Pretty attractive I must say. The episode started off amazingly. Not even five minutes into the video and Jack (is he called that? Oh well I'll call him that) made an Anne Frank joke and I was dying. Jack seems to be the king of this game because he just keeps winning. I would love to play against him, I bet syd would too.

By the time I finished the video I was doubled over laughing. So I countined to watch his videos. After the third video I subscribed. After watching the 8th video I was hungry so I decided to make some lunch. Ramen noodles, the symbol of college life. After that I went back to watching Jacksepticeye. I don't know what it was but something about him... He was just so relatable. And the funniest youtuber I had ever seen. And later that day I figured out what my calling was. To become a YouTuber.


I mean I had always thought about it. But I never really had that extra incentive. But seeing a guy my age enjoying himself doing what he loves then why can't I? I live in America, the land of dreams. So I'll pursue mine. So I started thinking about my channel. what would I do? What kind of videos would I make? What would my name be?

All of these questions bombarded me, slow down Cassandra, you can do it. So I went one step at a time.

My name......

Got it! Every year in middle school when we had to pick usernames I was ALWAYS the Horselady. So why not make that my name? Cause I mean there are WAYYYY crazier names out there than mine. But it had to look cool..... GOT IT! The 'H' and the 'L' would be in cursive capital cursive letters. Bam halfway there! Seriously the name is the hardest part. Alright now fans.... What will I call them. Well that is if I get any. I'll ask syd

C: syddddddd HALP!!!!

S: OMG what happened!

C: I got an idea

S: uh oh this is worse than I thought

C: oh shut up you might be impressed

S: alright. Well I'm heading home so it can wait.

There was no point in responding since she was gonna be here soon. So I unlock the door for her. And minutes later she walked through the door.

"Sydney of my gosh you're gonna be so proud of me!!" I squealed causing her to cover hear ears.

"Chill, you're so damn loud." She mutters, but I'm too excited to care.

"Thanks but I wanna start a YouTube channel." I say anticipating her answer. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Nervouscited, my word. Don't take it.

"Are you serious?" She said flatly I couldn't read her emotions. She's my best friend, I needed her input.

"Yesh!" I replied throwing my hands in the air. Again my word, mine!

"Eh I've heard worse, let's do it! But I get to make my own channel. AND we gotta become famous!" She said laughing.

"You can make your own channel. But I'm not worried about fame honestly. But what's the harm in trying?" I ask. And her face brightens.

"I swear your too cheery. But it's contagious!" She says laughing she hasn't even untied her shoes yet but we're too busy celebrating.

"Let's eat first, I'm hungry." I say heading to the kitchen.

"When are you NOT hungry." Sydney says laughing. She brought home some Subway.

"Very true." I said digging into my sandwich. She got my order perfectly.

Friendship goals.

We ate quickly, wanting to start our channels. She got the chicken teriyaki. And I got turkey breast. Shut up it's not that funny. I

Got a foot long, and she got a 6 inch. Well you would expect me to be fat, but I'm only about 130. Well I have a weight deficiency (A/N this might get sad. But this is something I have.) with my deficiency my body has a SUPER fast metabolism so therefore I burn calories faster than most people and so I can run out of body fat to burn. And my body resorts to muscle tissue bit when it's used as fuel it releases toxins into the body, which could cause my kidney and/or liver to fail. So basically I have to eat a shit tone of food everyday. But it's a blessing and a curse. So now I'm strong as fuck, but I look like a twig.

"Cmon lets get started!!!" Syd says excitedly. I spring up from my seat and head over to the laptop. Syd presses some buttons a few apps are downloaded. But she pulls up the camera. And I press Record,

"Hello my lovelies! Today you are here with the first time in YouTube history with the HorseLady! Since this is my first video I'm gonna start with a little bit about myself. I'm not using my real name for a reason, cause I wanna make it a contest! So if you can get my name message me and I'll give you a shout out! But my favorite color is purple. As my name suggests

I love horses. I live in the great country of America! But yea this is my first video so I'm not going to do much. But this is me! I plan to do mostly games and reactions but I'm open to other ideas! I know this is short but I'll get to making actual content soon! Any questions comments or concerns please let me know in the comment box below. I want to get to know you guys! Wait no ones watching me psh I have no "guys" oh well maybe one day! But that's all for now goodbye my lovelies! HorseLady out!" And with that I make a half heart with my left hand and slowly get closer to the camera and end the video.

"That was amazin! How did you do that so quickly? As well as in one take!" Syd exclaims perplexed.

"I don't know. It just happened! But it felt amaze balls!" I yell throwing my fists in the air.

"Well you have a knack for it. I'm just going to do drawing videos, nothing big like that. But you're going places," She says and with a pat on the back she goes to her room to brain storm some ideas. I decide To text one of my fellow friends, I know she does YouTube as well.

Cass: Heyyyyyy

Chloe: hey! What's up girl

Cass: oh ya know just uploaded a video to YouTube no big deal.

Chloe: WHAT!! OMG cass I'm so proud of you! We totally need to do a collab.

Cass: oh that'd be amazing!

Chloe: what the name of your channel I'll subscribe!

Cass: HorseLady I just have one vid

Chloe: One is better than none

Cass: very true how many subs you got?

Chloe: About 250,000 sorry gotta run ttyl

Cass: ttyl bestie

Today is the best day ever. I decide to check out her channel Kat_Scribblez she pretty popular,

Not to high up there but climbing. But I then see a new video. I watch it and it turns out she gave my channel a shout out?!?! I'm going to thank her FOREVRR for that. I decide to do a quick song cover so they at least have SOMETHING to look at.

"Hey my lovelies I'm the HorseLady and I'm just going to do a cover of a really meaningful song I heard on the radio today I'm not gonna tell you what it's called but enjoy!" And with that I start to sing. ( via Free Music app )

Oh I hope they like it

"Well that's all for today my lovelies and that's Kat for the shoutout! But for now goodbye my lovelies HorseLady out!" And with that I do my half heart to the screen. And post the video it goes up SUPER quick and before I know it I already have 1,000 subscribers. Holy shit. I didn't expect this to happen.

Ya know what I'm gonna let my brain rest and check up on my channel tomorrow. And with that I head off to bed. But as I try to fall asleep I can't help but think of Jack. His green hair, stunning blue eyes.... And with those thoughts I drifted off with a smile on my face.


I woke up the next morning at about 9:30. Why must I get up early! Stupid birds. Thankfully I don't work today. I only work after class is over. But today is Sunday, and because of my religion I don't work Sunday's. Typically I go to church but being I'm in school in Georgia I can't go to my normal church.

*ring ring*

It's my mom.

"Hey mom" I reply rolling out of bed

"Good morning sweetie, how's school?"

"It's okay. Classes are a little difficult but nothing super hard. How's the rest of the family?" I ask

"Oh they're fine. Dad and I are heading off to church. We just wanted to check up on you." My moms says

"Alright thanks mom have a good day. But I gotta go love you bye." And I quickly hang up. My mom and I aren't on very good terms. She's upset I left Kentucky to come here for school. I felt neglected by her, I was never her favorite child. I could never amount to my siblings.

I know I want to have a career in public relations. I want to be around people. So right now I'm taking most of my core classes and looking into being an actress. Sydney has to work today so I better wake her up.

"TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA SYDNEY IM THE HORSELADY AND TODAY YOU'RE GOING TO WORK!" I yell from her doorway. And she jolts up, like she had a bad dream.

"Cassandra!!!! What the fuck!" She screams at me. Throwing a pillow at me but she misses.

"You have work today cmon I made waffles." I reply and her eyes get wide. She loves waffles. Little does she know they're toaster waffles.

"Cassandraaaaaa I wanted GOOD waffles." She whines when she sees they're toaster waffles so I grab her waffle.

"Hey leggo my eggo!" She yells and I stop in my tracks. I slowly turn around and look her dead in the face.

"You did not just...." I trail standing there bewildered she actually said something funny!

"Yep" and with that she took my (her) waffle.

"And don't forget you have softball today." Syd says and I facepalm DAMMIT! I play softball for our collage but I forgot I had practice.

"Wait let me grab my stuff and you can drop me off at the field." I say

"Fineeeeee but hurry up. Or else

I'm gonna be late." She says and I run to my room put a ponytail on my arm grab my bat bag and meet her at the door.

"You're lucky I love you." She mutters.

"You're lucky that this is saving gas which saves money." I tell her.

"Fair enough." She replied. And minutes later she drops me off at the field. I head to the bathroom and change into this ( ) and I grab my purple bat ( ) I love purple and I found my bat for a REALLY cheap price. (A/N that's what my real softball bat looks like btw) I finished putting my gear on then put my hair into a high ponytail. Great now I got 20 minutes until practice starts.

I decide to head off to the batting cage. I turn on the pitching machine and adjust it to where I need it and put the ball feeder on. I get my stance ready. I align my bat to where I can see it out of the corner of my eye. I know that's not proper batting stance but it helps me. I miss the first ball. I focus on the machine. I keep my eye on the ball and watch it hit my bat.

"Ding" my bat is aluminum so every time I smack the ball it makes a high pitched ding noise. My team finally arrives. It's a Sunday we wanna get home so not much talking is done. So we field, bat, run bases, and everything else. Within a few hours practice is over. I change back into my normal clothes. Put on some deodorant and begin to walk home. I check my phone 12:34 AHAHAHAH get it! It my favorite time of the day. It takes me a good twenty minutes to walk home. She won't get home until 4. And there's no way in hell I was waiting that long.

I throw my hear into my room and plop onto the couch. I decide to check YouTube. When I check my subscriber count my jaw drops 2,653!!! Holy shit! I need to do another video. I only have two, and if I do t post any new content I'll end up loosing some subscribers. I don't want to do another singing video, that's too easy. I decide to play it's practically a cooler version of Because Sydney put the screen recorder on the laptop I could just play. I played a couple rounds. Attempting to be funny 80% of the time I was screaming at the screen.

"Alright my lovelies that is you have no idea how tempting a rage quit was. Stupid giant ass snake picking on little ass guys like me! Some nerve, anyway I'll try to put some more videos up soon! But for now goodbye my lovelies HorseLady out!" I finish my outro and I decide to make dinner. Start uploading the video and pull the chicken out of the freezer. Today I'm going to make s homemade special.

Cornflake chicken.

Yes I know it sounds gross but it's actually really good. While the chicken is thawing I decide to make some social media accounts. I got a Twitter but I had to make my username Horselady8723 cause SOMEBODY stole my name. I also get a tumblr, and I find Jacksepticeye! I decide to ask him a question, but what to ask....

"What's your favorite game to collab with other people?" And I submit it. He probably won't answer but it's worth a shot. I also find Markiplier and follow him. I'm not trying to be stalkerish besides they are pretty cool. I debate on what game to record next. When all of a sudden I get a notification saying,

"Markiplier has followed you, start chatting now!" I started freaking out, what do I do? Do I wait for a message? Do I message him first?


"You have one new message" I quickly tap on the Twitter icon and I find my inbox and I find a message from none other than markiplier.

"Hello HorseLady! My name is Markiplier and I was checking in YouTube stats and you have the fastest growing channel and I wanted to congratulate you!" As I read I'm just bewildered Markiplier one of the most famous youtubers messaged me! Well I have to say something back!

"Thank you Markiplier! If anyone should be doing congratulating I should be to you! You have such a successful channel which is one of my favorites." I responded trying to sound genuine.

"One of your favorites?! I though ole Markimoo was your favorite!" He says sounding offended.

"Hahaha lol Well you're in my top 3! So don't feel bad." I respond smiling I'm laughing so hard right now.

"I take no offense who's your favorite youtuber then?" He asks and I'm a little shy to tell him.

"Good ole Jackaboy! He's SO much like me!" I respond

"Awwwwww that's adorable. You two would be cute together! ❤️❤️❤️" and I blush like mad.

"What? No, he probably has a girlfriend. You don't know what I look like ya goof. Besides he probably doesn't know I exist." I reply trying to think logically

"Ohhhh you never said you didn't like him! The love doctor is in!" Mark says and I feel like a tomato.

"Why would I have a crush on someone I've never met? Besides he probably doesn't know I exist. And you're not a doctor you don't have a degree?!" I respond trying to change the subject.

"I can already tell, I know you do. Maybe you two can meet. Maybe we can do a collab and get you enough subscribers to go to PAX!" He responds and I'm over here fangirling! me! Do a collab with the one and only Markiplier!

"Sure what game do you have in mind?" I ask. I'll be up for pretty much anything.

"How about some prop hunt! We all love that game and it's super easy to play!" He replied and you can tell he's excited.

"Who is "we"" I ask curious

"Me, wade, bob, and Jackkkk." I roll my eyes he's so determined.

"Why do you want us together so bad? What happened to Septiplier?" I ask laughing

"He proposed to me and I said no end of story. Besides I'm not gay XD" he says I laugh

"Alright, well I'm making dinner for my roommate and I. Can we play tomorrow? Just send me a time and I'll get on!" I reply getting off the couch.

"Oh so you can cook! Jack is in for it now. Alright sure, but you're still in school so well do it in the afternoon thanks again HorseLady!" And with that the chat is finished! I can't believe it I talked to THE Markiplier and he want me to date JACKSEPTICEYE!! Oh man wait til Sydney gets home she's gonna believe me. But I make the chicken put it in the oven and pace around trying to wrap my head around this.

Man this is amazing.


Alright that does it for this LONG chapter I hope you enjoyed it! Also I need ship names for the characters (using HorseLady and Jacksepticeye) but if you have any questions comments or concerns don't be afraid to let me know! I'll try to update tomorrow. But for now

Goodbye my lovelies

~Cassandra out

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