The Love of a Boss

Cassandra is a girl trying to make it. She loves to sing but drama seems to follow her wherever she goes. Maybe she can make it through the struggles and fall hopelessly in love with her own lucky leprechaun!


3. Best Monday?

I still can't believe it! THE Markiplier messaged ME. Holy firetruck. Syd was not going to believe me. So I saved the messages and finished making the chicken. Good now that that's all prepared I download steam because how else am I supposed to play the game? When it starts downloading I pop the chicken into the oven. I set the timer and go back to my laptop. I check up on my channel




Holy shite. Most of them are nice, of course there are a few haters. Most of the hate comments were on my song choice or hate on the song. But that was okay, I know everyone wasn't going to like the song. I respond to all the comments I can. I must've gotten lost in comments because the timer went off for the chicken. I finished preparing dinner and I waited eagerly for Sydney to come home. Moments later she walked through the door.

"SYDNEYYYYY!!!!!!" I squealed. She gave me a panicked look.

"What? What's wrong?!" She asked nervously.

"So I got a message from someone today, but I'll give you the details in a minute," I say excitedly.

"Wait what?" She asks confused. I rush her to the table pull the chicken out of the oven. Luckily I had mashed potatoes and corn as the side.

"I shall tell you over dinner," I say with a posh British accent.

"Whatever, Please tell me you didn't poison me," She says, obviously she was joking. But I give a mechanical laugh. Making me sound like a an evil maniac.

"Don't worry the food is safe,

I'm just messing with you," I replied laughing.

"I knew you were," She says slapping my arm lightly.

"Sure ya did," I scoff and I sit down and begin to eat.

"Well your acting skills are pretty amazing. And your voice 10/10," She says. I blush.

"lies! I can't sing for my life. My acting could be better," I reply being honest.

"Whatever I say you're amazing, but tell me about this news," She asks intently.

"Fine fine. So I made some social media accounts because most other youtubers have one. And I started following some of the famous youtubers. And I got a message from Markiplier!" I swear excitedly.

"Nuh uh! You're bullshitting me! Show me the messages!" She says skeptically. I planed for that, so I pulled up Twitter and I tapped on Marks name. I handed her the phone. As she scrolls her jaw drops, she does a Fangirl scream.

"OhmygodOhmygodOhmygod. You talked to him! Oh you are SO lucky. I'd give anything to talk to him!" She screams. She's jumping up and down.

"I know right! And tomorrow we're gonna do a collab. But I'll see if I can get you on the game with us,

That would be amazballs!" I exclaim

"Well then you need to watch some of their videos so you can catch up on some of their jokes and whatnot," She says. Which is a good idea.

"Haha BONERCAST!!" I yell laughing. And syd just looks and me like wtf?!

"Prop hunt reference." I say with a sigh.

"Um okay. Haven't seen that episode," she replies. She watches the some of the same youtubers that i do.

"You should it's better than game grumps. Don't tell them I said that," I whisper the last part to her. Because we LOVE game grumps.

"Well then, I will but YOU have to upload more videos." She offers and I'm a little confused.

"Why?" I ask cocking my head.

"Because once you start doing collabs with famous youtubers people will look at your channel. So you need more of a variety," She says and it clicks

"Good idea but what should I do?" I ask needing ideas.

"How about one of your favorite games?" She suggests

"Ohhhh that's such a hard question I love SO many games!" I groan.

"Okay pull out a few games and I'll pick which one you do first." She offers, and I take up that offer. I pull out Heavy rain, until dawn, Mario, Slender, Minecraft, and huniepop (she's not a lesbian SO many people have this game.)

"Nice selection. Don't start with Minecraft or else people will think you're a Minecraft channel. Not huniepop too sexual for a first gameplay. Don't start with Mario too old school. Not slender all the "big" youtubers are playing it. So heavy rain or until dawn," She says. I respect her choices. She's smarter than I am, she wants to be a neurosurgeon. Also, her logic made sense.

"I'll go with until dawn, I've seen someone play heavy rain a couple months ago." I decide, that was easier than I thought. I get the game loaded on steam and begin to play

~le first time skip~

Woah!!! That was so much fun! I played for a good 45 minutes. Syd helps me edit the video so it's about 30 minutes long. I don't want my videos to be TOO long. And we let it render, and we finish up cleaning the kitchen. And watch some TV while it uploads. I still can't believe I talked to Mark, one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me in my life. But after we finished watching the Lion King (shut up it's a good movie) the video is almost done uploading. Thank god. I have almost 3,000 subscribers. This doesn't seem real. But it a quarter after 12 so I'm tried and I head off to bed. Hopefully my video does really well. As I drift off I dream of the possibilities of tomorrow. Mark and his friends, maybe even Jack! Oh I would die. But even then I fall manage to have a smile plastered on my face in my sweet slumber.

~Next day~

*beep beep beep beep*

Damn ittttttttt I have school today. Fuck. And even worse it's Monday. But I get up anyway. Sydney is already up, probably straightening her hair. I don't straighten mine, takes too much time besides sleep is a beautiful thing. I throw my hair in a ponytail do some light makeup and grab a waffle.

"Hurry up!" I yell to Syd as I'm at the door waiting, but I head out to the car. It's mid April so the cold has left. The Georgia heat is here but it's not TOO hot. We went to the University of Georgia. Syd and I had some classes together but being we have totally different career choices we don't share all classes. We only have core classes together, we both are advanced students but she's still smarter than I am. She finally walks out the door but I'm driving because I got out here first, it's kind of a rule we have. Whoever is ready first gets to drive. We take the 10 minute drive and arrive on campus. We day our goodbyes and head of to class. All day I look forward to my acting class. It's my favorite!

"Alright class come in I have some important news today," Mrs. Harley says excitedly. She's my favorite teacher of all time. I eagerly sit on the stage.

"We are going host a play!" She says with a smile and the class erupts into cheers and conversation. I yell a loud yes.

"Class calm down. If you want to participate in the play please stand up," She asks, but she hasn't told us the play yet? But I stand up anyway because I'm game for anything. And one of the kids in the back raises his hand.

"What is the play?" He asks.

"That's a good question Andrew but I would like it more if you raised your and then let me call on you," She says and the class giggles. I look around me and a little over half the class is standing. Probably 35 kids are standing.

"We are doing Tangled!" She says excitedly. I love that movie! I love when Disney movies are used in plays. But this one in particular will be extremely difficult. How are we gonna mimic her hair?

"How are we going to imitate Rapunzel's hair?" I ask when she calls on me.

"Very good question! I already have it planned but I will tell Rapunzel herself," She says with a smile.

"Now I will have auditions after school. And I'm sorry for the short notice so on your behalf I talked to the sport coaches letting you miss practice in order to come. Now if you want to have the main role you must preform a song. Dance routine is not required. You must also prepare a monologue. It does not have to be memorized, but you will have to do small acting with your presentation," She says and I immediately begin to think. I don't want to do a song from the movie, too cliche. But class is dismissed I spend all of my free time in my classes looking at monologues and I find one. Called where is my Prince Charming. And I couldn't relate more. But my mind goes to Jack for some reason. And I shake my head at the thought. It'll never happen. Actually maybe there is, I'm doing a collab with Mark after school maybe he might play with us. But who knows.

I then think of a song. After an hour of looking through a playlist. I find a mashup of let it go and let her go. Because the vocals aren't hard, but some parts will require me to fall into my soprano. Which I want to show I have, that way I could be open to more vocal ranges. I print out my monologue and my song even though it's memorized, but better safe than sorry. And time flies by. I have so much on my plate the collab, the play, my vocal warm ups, my YouTube channel, my parents, and even my career! Anything that happens here could impact my life forever. I finish packing my stuff into my book bag and head off to find syd.

"Hey Cassandra!" Syd yells at me from a couple feet away. And I swerve through people to get to her.

"Hey what's up?" I ask

"Oh the usual I have a final next week, what about your major?" She's asks I'm majoring in creative arts. Which is why I'm in the drama club/class.

"Well we're doing a play!" I squeal and she looks happy for me. She always loved seeing me on stage. Even if I had a small role. But I've gotten better and that's the best reward in itself.

"Really?! What play?" She asks

"Tangled." I reply

"Oh I LOVE that movie! Disney girls for life!" And we fist bump.

"I know right! But auditions are after school, I'm not sure if we can swing it," I trail, because if I don't have a ride home. I mean sure I could walk but that'd take forever. I only walked from the softball field because it's closer than the school is.

"Oh yea, I have soccer so you'll have plenty of time. Now get to the room! You have a main role to get!" She teases and I laugh. Oh I would love to get the main role. I head to the room there's about 10 people in front of me. I don't want to go first anyway. I practice my general warm ups. Look over my monologue a good million times.

"Ah Cassandra! Glad you could make it!" Mrs. Harley says. She likes me as a student, possibly one of her favorites. I know that sounds unfair or biased. But she judged me for how I do in class.

"Thank you Mrs. Harley you know I wouldn't miss it for the world." I tell her. And she sits down in her tall chair being she's short.

"Which would you like first, the song or the monologue?" I ask.

"The song please. Did you warm up?" She asks.

"Yes ma'am." I reply. She gestured to an aux cord and I plug in my phone and sing my song. ( via Free Music app ) I find myself getting lost in the lyrics. She films all the auditions as well and sends them to us. So we can go back and see what we need to work on or what we're good at. At the end I use my false setto and she looks impressed most girls don't use it in an audition. When I finish she claps.

"Very good! I'm impressed! But if you wouldn't mind could you sing another song?" She asks and I blush she wanted me to sing another song? But hey I'm game.

"Of course, I don't mind at all. Any suggestions on genre or particular song?" I ask

"You are the best audition so far, and I was hoping you'd sing a song from the movie. I see the light for example. Just to test your range, which is phenomenal, just to see if you're comfortable," She explains. And I find the song, I already know most of the lyrics. And I begin, I always loved this song. I get to the male part and I have a second of confusion. But I song the male role anyway because why not? My voice almost falters at a high not but I manage to keep my voice in check. When I finish shes smiling. Which is a good sign.

"Good job! Thank you so much. Do you have a monologue prepared?" She asks and I nod. She then gestures for me to continue.

"Okay, people.  I wished upon a star.  I guess it does make a difference who I are!  Do I have to be some poor nobody wannabe?  Do I need some kind of kryptonite like a little pea?  Did my prince get turned into a frog and he's now hiding in some creepy bog waiting for me to find him?  I don't even know how to swim.    

What's the use of dreaming anymore.  No one is beating down my door.  I need to be some kind of damsel in distress to get some attention I guess.

Where's my Prince Charming?  Is there something about me that's alarming?  All I get is Prince Pampered who spends his whole life hampered by being royally stuck up.  Or there's Prince Never Grow Up who is way too pretty in his curls.  All these boys make me want to hurl.  Why can't I find a man sized prince who will sweep me off my feet and take me to far away lands.  He will hold me with his strong hands and devote his life to me.

Is that what I want?  Is that what I dream about?  If I don't get it, will I forever pout and cry because I didn't get my way?  

I just want to feel special.  I want to feel like they care.  I want them to bravely face any challenge for me.  

Enter my heart if you dare.

Lock me in a tower. Make me your precious flower.  I want you to battle your way against dragons to win my love today.  Quit playing with your toys and prove your worth to me, boys.

I promise I will be the perfect princess for you to please. I will be good to you and I won't be a tease... much.  Who am I kidding?  I'm chasing a dream.  They say I got everything in life but it is nothing it seems.  

Where is my happy ending?!"

I finished and Mrs. Harley was laughing.

"That was amazing, good choice. I'll post results on Wednesday. And don't worry your name will be on there. And would you mind if I showed your performance to some others?" She asks and I stand there stunned.

"Of course, I don't mind. But may I ask for a copy as well?" I ask nervously.

"Oh but of course! Have a good day Cassandra," Mrs. Harley says

"You too," I say happily and I walk out of her office. I head to the soccer field. Which is a five minute walk away. I heft my book bag onto my shoulder and start walking. My brain is flooding with classes friends and food. Man I'm hungry. When I make it to the field I see Sydney taking off her cleats. They must be finished.

"Wow that took a while. What happened?" She asks.

"Well I think it went well I'll show you when I get home but I'm beat. Please tell me you're done," I plead

"I couldn't of said it better myself. But yeah I'm done, get in the car. But I'm driving. You need to rest, remember you haves collab to do when you get home," Sydney says.

Oh shit I forgot! I throw my face into my hands. As I'm thinking about what to do. I wind up falling asleep.


Alright that was a long ass chapter! Damn. But thanks again my lovelies! And guess what! Someone stole my catchphrase! Yes I was reading a story and she called her readers lovelies! Like wtf I though I was creative! (I've been using it since 2013!) but hopefully you liked this chapter. I WILL put Jack and the other youtubers in the next one because I felt like this was too long. But I'll try to update soon! But for now,

Goodbye my lovelies!

~Cassandra out

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