The devil is and always will be a gentleman.

They say that the eyes are a window to someone’s soul.
But what if they are empty?

Scarlet Waters, a teenager who is being stalked down by her future husband, is slowly noticing everyone around her is dying. Drained of all hope and clueless to her serial killer's wishes, she plays straight into a pair of loving arms.

She falls helplessly in love and begins twisting her morals to be with this man. Everything that she stood for in the past is altering and she is forced to become disturbingly submissive to this beast.

However, you shouldn't fight ten enemies with nine bullets because damaged people are dangerous- they know how to survive.

She has one question for you:
How exactly do you breathe when your kisses are filled with pain?


6. The new boy

A new boy joined my college half way into the spring term.


Tall, broad and muscular, no one could believe he was a teenager not on steroids. He possessed dark, spiked hair with strands that stood above his tanned face, bringing out the frown lines in his forehead. Lips of a sinner, plump and dark below a stubbly beard. Formally dressed in a black suit, he put shame to all the shaggy, half-dressed chavs in my year.


As he strode down the winding hallway of my school, a whiff of unknown silence filled the air. Tension brew as he sagaciously passed a few flirty girls, batting their eyelids and tossing their hair over their shoulders, desperate to gain his attention.


I held my breath but couldn’t hide my prejudice thoughts.


Who wears sunglasses inside? Who wears a suit to school? Who starts school half way into a term?


These questions were soon answered with rumours.


I sat in my English class, bored out of my mind as a group of latecomers filtered into the classroom, and took their seats behind me. Each of the girls giggled loudly as they threw their bags to the floor and almost immediately began gossiping.


“I heard that he got kicked out of his old school.” Boasted one particularly annoying girl behind me, referring to the new boy. She obviously spoke loudly so other people could understand that she was powerful enough to know all the facts about someone who had been in school for a day.


“Why?” A blonde haired girl leant in closer, a sense of secrecy washing through these girls.

“Don’t you know?” I recall one girl quizzing. I have never seen someone so brainwashed for gossip as her eyes turned wild and mouth gawped with fear,

“What? What don’t i know?”


“It was because of a fight.” The rumour spreader shrugged, sitting back on her seat with pride. I hung my head with a new found embarrassment for being in the same generation as these liars- not that i knew any difference.


“Oh, really? Who won?” Another girl chimed in, digging away at my humanity.

“Well do you see any scratches on him, Stacey? Dur, of course he won!”


I winced. The rumour spreader was not a very nice friend.

However, It was then i realised, maybe i shouldn’t be embarrassed of this generation because none of us are loyal friends! I let my friend die, all rumour spreader done was state the obvious.


Who is really the bad guy here?


“The guy he fought was twenty six, you know.” She proclaimed, nodding widely with a big grin on her face,

“He said that the guy was hospitalised and, get this…”


Now i was hooked to this terrible wheel of “he said, she said.” I was interested in figuring out what happened- not that it would influence my life in any way...


“The man he fought, or so Maria said, died!” She gasped, clapping her hands together with amusement. Of course, i didn’t believe it but all the girls squealed and laughed, as if death were a good thing.


I couldn’t help the snort that left my mouth. Because i was ahead of these girls, they didn’t know i was listening and judging, but now they did.


“Shhhh,” Hushed Stacey,

“That is the girl that killed her best friend. Don’t talk about death!”


I had to refrain myself from attacking this rumour, spreading piece of sh-

“No way. She would be locked up for murder.”


Like this apparently dreamy new guy? I wanted to spit at them, smack their fake eyelashes straight off their faces but instead, I remained facing forward, pretending i wasn’t alive.


“A girl called Sarah and Kylie got charged for the murder instead. You know, Kylie who sat next to you in math class?” Rumour spreader got involved. I could imagine her beaming with joy that she finally remembered something in her thick, stupid skull.


These girls, though stupid, were just like me. Did they not see the new boy sitting in front of me, listening just as attentively?


However, an unknown revenge was taken, the following week.


Rumour spreader came into school with a hideous gash on her face. It started on her lip and curled around her mouth, forcing it shut. Her eye was also swollen shut, oozing with a yellow and green liquid. She no longer gossiped.

Who knew someone could fall down the stairs and hurt themselves so much?


I was unwillingly paired up with the new boy in our English class, forced to work on a report about “Fate.” To be honest, it was the last topic i wanted to be researching after all the bad luck in the air.


“What are your opinions on fate?” He asked me, flipping his book shut and looking extremely bored. I kept my head low, afraid that if i looked up into his dark, familiar eyes that he would follow in my dreams, a comfy seat next to rumour spreader.

Ignoring him wasn’t going to work because he cleared his throat and dipped his head to my height.


How exactly do you breathe again?


“What?” I stumbled, dumbfounded by this man.


Mesmerising wasn’t a strong enough word to describe the undeniable pull towards him. Words failed me, my bones trembled slightly, and my body was on fire. It was then i believed that  the eyes are the direct pathway to the soul.


His lips moved as if he was speaking to me, but my heart roared to life, screaming over him.


I shook my head, staring back down at my work in front of me. Then, i glanced back up to him. Smugly, his head cocked itself to the side like an animal trying to observe my reaction as he smirked.


“My name is Hunter. Hunter Waller.” His husky voice awoke me from my trance.

“Scarlet Waters.”


My voice was barely a whisper.


I was wrong. His eyes didn’t appear in my dream; they were already there, set in stone in my mind. I had met my future husband.


Sorry for the short chapters, i am trying to build a picture but miserably failing sorry x

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