The devil is and always will be a gentleman.

They say that the eyes are a window to someone’s soul.
But what if they are empty?

Scarlet Waters, a teenager who is being stalked down by her future husband, is slowly noticing everyone around her is dying. Drained of all hope and clueless to her serial killer's wishes, she plays straight into a pair of loving arms.

She falls helplessly in love and begins twisting her morals to be with this man. Everything that she stood for in the past is altering and she is forced to become disturbingly submissive to this beast.

However, you shouldn't fight ten enemies with nine bullets because damaged people are dangerous- they know how to survive.

She has one question for you:
How exactly do you breathe when your kisses are filled with pain?


2. The club

Flashing lights, ear-splittingly loud music, cheap beer and strangers; the perfect recipe for a successful party. Chuck in a few skimpy clothes, drunk teenagers and unconcealed laughter, then you have hit the jackpot.

Blinded by the red and blue beams of light, I was hiding away behind my hand whilst downing a beer and dancing with my overly drunk friends. The music was bellowing, echoing words to some remix around our heads as we all bobbed up and down, screaming and laughing away all the problems a teenager could have.

Whirling patterns and numbness controlled us, but we were young and stupid, so we welcomed this feeling with open arms and a big, sloppy kiss. Who could blame us?

“Guys, I need to pee.” Isabella, one of my friends slurred as she stumbled into me, the stench of alcohol radiating off of her. I scrunched up my nose at the hideous smell as she leant on me, one hand clutching onto my shoulder for support and the other trying to tug down her skirt which was way too high.

“We just went!” Complained Kylie,

“Can’t you hold it in?”

Isabella tossed her silky extensions of never ending hair over her shoulder and pouted, but failing miserably due to the intoxication of alcohol. Again, Isabella tried to pull her skirt down to a modest length, but a mini skirt would never fit her wishes.

“I told you that you should have worn jeans!” Kylie accused, squinting her eyes at Isabella with annoyance. Isabella ignored her comment and leapt onto her arm with a pleading whine,

“Please come to the toilets with me!”

“No! I already told you, we just went.” Kylie snapped, swiping Isabella’s hand off her shoulder with irritation. She thought for a moment and hissed,

“Besides, I saw that girl checking you out over there and you knew it. It is the only reason why you need the toilet, you want to go see her again!”

Isabella’s jaw dropped with offence and I lowered my head immediately.

Kylie and Isabella had officially been a couple for three years and I had been friends with them for six. This means I had been around them long enough to hear all the petty arguments and secretly ship them together at the beginning. Therefore, debates over other woman were frequent and I stayed out of them.

The music seemed to get louder as if everyone knew a jealously, girl fight was about to begin. However, all it done is make the girls scream even louder at each other.

“Shut up, Kylie, you always do this! My bladder needs to go, when my bladder needs to go!” Isabella exclaimed, waving her arms everywhere, spilling her beer down herself. I had to stifle a laugh to hide the fact I was standing in the middle of a brewing dispute.

“You checked her out, didn’t you?” insisted Kylie,

“You think she is prettier than me!”

“Kylie, you are being ridiculous, I cannot hear what you are talking about because my bladder is screaming.” Isabella retorted, rolling her eyes. It took everything within me not to tell her that it was the music that was loud, not her pee holder.

“Did you, or did you not smile at the girl?” Kylie screamed, stepping closer to Isabella with a threatening intention. Smiling was not the reason of the pettiest fight they had been in.

Usually, they say a few words and then hug it out afterwards, but since neither of them were listening to the other, I had to step in.

“Guys, would you stop arguing for one night and have fun? We are at a club, enjoy it! Save this little feud for when you go home!” I yelled, glaring at both of them. However, I didn’t realise, they would be the last words to one of my best friends. For ever.

“Fine! I’m going to toilet on my own!” Isabella declared before storming off, leaving Kylie rolling her eyes and mocking her with dramatic hand gestures.

Still to this day, I wonder, if we accompanied Isabella to the toilets, would she still be alive?

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