The devil is and always will be a gentleman.

They say that the eyes are a window to someone’s soul.
But what if they are empty?

Scarlet Waters, a teenager who is being stalked down by her future husband, is slowly noticing everyone around her is dying. Drained of all hope and clueless to her serial killer's wishes, she plays straight into a pair of loving arms.

She falls helplessly in love and begins twisting her morals to be with this man. Everything that she stood for in the past is altering and she is forced to become disturbingly submissive to this beast.

However, you shouldn't fight ten enemies with nine bullets because damaged people are dangerous- they know how to survive.

She has one question for you:
How exactly do you breathe when your kisses are filled with pain?


9. Stalker


The day was old, casting shadows up the street lights, which towered over me. My heart beat faster and faster until i thought it would explode as i quickly strode down towards the end of the highstreet.
The dimming lights didn’t help my paranoia as the rain pattered down.

Hood up, head down and pacing fast.
I was the only one awake at this god-awful hour of eleven O’clock on a school night. Truthfully, i had been sitting in the little cafe again- but this time, i was alone. I was going to stay there as late as i could push it, but unfortunately, the cafe closed.

I rushed out the second the lights flickered off. The darkness in the cafe was too much when combined with the darkness in my head, it frightened me. However, not much helped because outside, too, was pitch black.

Uneasily, my body shivered with tension. It felt like someone was watching me, observing every little skip i created as i hurried down the street. A whooshing noise surrounded me, the wind howling for me to escape as i picked up my pace, not far of from a sprint.
My eye darted around the cold, miserable town, searching for something, anything. For some reason, a serial killer would have been more satisfying that just my mind going crazy; at least that way, i would have an answer- a scapegoat to blame my madness on. 

“Scarlet!” A voice screamed out. 
My heart was pounding away, adrenaline coursing through my veins as my breathing thickened. Should i stop? 
Would i be classified insane if i turn around to answer a stranger bellowing my name during the dead hours of the night? Of course, i didn’t.
I took the next left turn, scrambling away as discreetly as i could. If it was someone trying to kill me, why would they yell my name? Would they be angrier if i ignored them? Would i be able to fight them off? These type of depressing questions spun around in my head, on top of my paranoia, creating a whirling sensation of fear.
The alleyway was ahead of me. I knew i shouldn’t have gone down there, but what else could i do? It was the only way home and at least had a few street lamps scattered up the deserted, winding path. My feet stumbled underneath me as i heard the panting of someone behind me, trying to catch up.
I broke into a sprint.

Not today Mr.Killer. Not today.
However, my legs were not made for exercise yet my heart was designed to survive. A battling conflict within me was debating the idea of death if it means not having to run ever again. Am i mad?

My name was screeched out again. Fear, madness, upset and distress pounded upon my mind as i began fully sprinting the rest of the way home. 
My keys were to hand already as i ran into the door- literally. Fumbling and cursing under my breath, i forced the key into the lock and threw open my door, falling into my home.

Quickly, i kicked the door shut and scrambled back on my bum, terrified and trying to make sense of what happened. 
I checked the window after that, but there was noone there. 
Maybe i was going insane after all?

I dreamt a horrible dream that night. Within it, i fascinated about death and suffering.Scarring, to be specific. 

Scar tissue has no character, i tell myself.

It’s not like skin where it shows age or illness; there are no pores, no hair, no wrinkles, either. It is like a slip cover, shielding and disgusting what is beneath it. Maybe that is why we grow it? We have something to hide.

In my parallel universe of insanity, time was different too. It goes backwards, disguising itself as a memory; or forward, becoming a thought or prediction. There is no such thing as a present, in my opinion. I also  do not believe in the concept of time. Instead, i believe it is a parallel world in which society has collaborated into a forming a set measurement of this mental concept. Long words just to explain that time is not a physical thing.
Do other primates need time? Seasons to help them hibernate or reproduce, yes,  but do they really need to know when it is 3 O’clock on a wednesday afternoon? They have a natural pattern which is already programmed into their minds. Humans have taken this primal reaction, and named it with fancy words. 

You see, my thoughts and dreams were turning me insane. It all started when i saw the second pair of eyes, the dark, alluring ones. Everything had gone wrong since then.

Bruises had formed as a sinister reminder of my stalker. From where i had ran into the door and then thrown myself to the floor, blotchy, weeping circles grew. All up my wrists, arms, legs and one on my cheek. They looked hideous and wouldn’t cover up, no matter how much makeup i layered on.
Humiliation, followed by anger was how i felt every time someone asked about what happened, when i arrived in school. 
How do you sanely say you were chased by a maniac who wasn’t actually a real person?
You don’t- you lie.

“Hey, Red!” A soothing voice called from behind me. Quickly, i rested my arm on the desk and awkwardly held my hand over my cheek, pretending to lean on my arm,
My attempt to cover up was pathetic as Hunter just stared at me with a look of pure confusement. His lips twitched up in a smile and then he shook his head, walking away. I thought i had gotten away with it.
Now, i know i couldn’t hide my stupidity for ever, but i felt like Hunter should be protected from it, just for a little while, at least. I was enjoying my new found friend and didn’t want to lose him. Is that wrong?

Later on in that day, i was at my locker, swapping my books around for next class. I had managed to steer clear of Hunter that entire day, avoiding him subtly but like all good things, they come to an end. 
“Red!” Boomed a voice from behind me. I screamed, dropping my books in the process.
Smooth going you clumsy twa-
“Hey, you have been ignoring me all day…” Hunter pouted as i dropped to my knees, scooping up the three books off of the floor. I shook my head, allowing the hair to fall forward on my cheek, hiding it quickly.
“Have i? I didn’t notice, i have been so busy.” I lie, taking my time to collect the dropped books.
“Are you going to sit on the floor all day or…?” He teased, suddenly snatching the books out of my unwilling hands and shoving them into the locker.
“Great, thanks. Bye!” I quickly stuttered, standing up and beginning to leave. His hand immediately clasped around my arm, spinning me to face him. Momentarily, i was in shock.
“Red, where are you-” He paused, a look of concern spreading across his face,
“What happened to your cheek?”
I played dumb,
“What do you mean?”
“The bruise, Red. I am talking about the bruise on your face!”  His voice got louder and i slammed a hand over his mouth, eye quietly pleading for him to stop yelling.
“It is pen, silly.” I roll my eyes, forcing an innocent smile to my lips. His hand moved so fast, i couldn’t react in time. Firmly, his  fingers clutched around my chin, tilting my head to the light as he inspected it. Then, he tapped it and i involuntarily winced.
“You are lying.” He sternly grunted, pulling off of me and folding his arms. A look of rage and upset flashed through his eyes, making me stumble over my response.
“I, ur.. I f-fell down the stairs?” 
I was never a good liar, i never felt the need to hide anything from anyone.
“And hit only that section of your body?” He winced, rolling his eyes with an annoyed sigh of disapproval.
“Lucky me, eh?” 
My joke didn’t make him smile, or laugh, or even react. Instead, he spun on his feet, leading the way to our next class.
I followed behind like a naughty child, who has been caught stealing a cookie. Flushed crimson, my cheeks could have been used as a red traffic light sign- minus the bruise, obviously.
During that class, he sat next to me, staring straight at my face. I grew uncomfortable but at the same time, happy he was concerned. 
“Do you want to get a coffee later?” Hunter finally spoke, demolishing the awkward silence between us.
“You don’t like coffee.” 
My tease brought back the old him, the grinning, flirty one.
“Okay, you caught me. Do you want to hang out later instead of doing hard core drugs?”
I burst out laughing, not containing this inside joke to the world.
“Course, what do you want to do?” I chuckle, tucking my hair behind my ear and relaxing slightly. I liked it when i could just talk and laugh with someone without being blamed or reminded of… yeah, that.
Hunter’s eyes never left my face in an oddly attractive way. 
“Why are you staring at me?” I roll my eyes, turning to face him. I wanted to smack the amused expression off of his face and then replace it with a kiss. Too soon? Perhaps.
“I like your laugh.” he points out, his grin stretching from one ear to another. The heat rose in my cheeks as i shook my head gently, looking down,
“I don’t.”
Hunter sat back, shock written over his face. Dramatic, but it worked, i was completely stunned by him at that moment in time.
“Why not? It is gorgeous! Angelic!” He gasped, eyes wide with over exaggerating hand gestures. I couldn’t help another smile cross my lips as i met his eyes again.
He made me feel like the only person who mattered; and after all these weeks of agony and suffering, i welcomed this manipulative man into my life.

Hunter drove us to the beach on the friday afternoon. We stopped at my house and then his house to change our clothes before racing down to the golden sun and the sun-kissed sand.
I wore my red bikini but covered it with a flowing, loose summer dress that covered my arms and halfway down my thigh, hiding the remaining bruises, and he wore a pair of black swimming shorts and a grey top. His muscles pressed through the material, but i wasn’t complaining- nor was any woman on that beach. 
Once parked, we both raced to the bottom of the beach, where a party was just starting up.

“Wait, Hunter!” I remember grabbing onto his arm, stopping him from walking,
“A party?” I whisper loudly.
“Yeah, i thought it would be a good way for you to meet new people.”
My face fell and i felt extremely sick. Was this his way of saying he didn’t want to be my friend anymore?
“How many people will be at this party?”
Quickly, he spun around to face me, concern dripping in his gorgeous eyes,
“Only a few. If you are not comfortable with all of this so soon, we can leave?” 
I bit my lower lip and thought long and hard. Of course i wanted to get out the house and make new friends, but a party was where my life went wrong in the first place. And i really didn’t want to lose Hunter as a friend.
“I’m not very lucky at parties.” I reminded him nervously.
His eyes widened and he gently placed a hand on either side of my arms,
“Don’t ever say that again, Red. It is not your fault that Isabella died.”
“But i never got sentenced unlike Sarah and Kylie. That isn’t fair.” I pointed out, casting my eyes cautiously over to the massive tent near the sea where a swarm of people hung out.
“What isn’t fair also is you being sentenced for something you didn’t do.” Hunter grunted as he took a step back and then forward again, a wave of anger quickly passing through him.
I stood there watching him nervously. 
“You can go, i will go home. Thank you though.” I say politely, backing away.
“Red, no!” 
Hunter stopped me, and smiled sadly,
“I will come with you. I would chose you over a party anyday.” 
The world was obliterated for a few minutes.
“Of course. You are my best friend, i would never leave you!” 
I laughed nervously, feeling like an idiot for thinking he was trying to get rid of me.
“I thought this party was for me to find new friends. I thought that-” I stumble on my words as he cuts me off,
“You need to stop assuming what i think, Red.” He growled dangerously before pulling me into a tight embrace. Winded from the sheer shock of his affection, i blinked and stammered a few times, trying to understand what was going on. After a while, i hugged back.
It was obvious i needed this hug.
“Now, let’s go home.” Hunter smiled brightly as he pulled back. I shook my head,
“I want to go to the party now.” 

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