Over It


2. Chapter One

        My alarm clock goes off and I quickly press the snooze button, wanting to get some extra sleep in. Almost immediately, I hear Ashley Wang’s voice in my head. “Oh, my God.  Of course she would be sleeping in. God, what a lazy loser.” I sigh and get up, figuring I might as well start the day. I grab my clothes from the rail that they are hanging on, and go into my bathroom. I immediately start undressing and cringe at how fat I am.      

My legs are huge, my thighs are ugh, and my stomach is gross. It looks like a full grown bear decided to ball itself up and lie under my shirt. My mom doesn’t agree with me though. But she’s my mom. Of course she has to say that. She nags me all day about how a girl my age should be a bit bigger, and how I must have a high metabolism. Normally I just roll my eyes and keep on moving, and she gives up.

          I step into the shower and just stand for a minute, letting the hot water relax some of the tension and stress I feel, before I grab my vanilla-cinnamon scented soap and lather it onto a loofa. The scent helps calm me down even more when I’m stressed. I finish and rinse off before turning to wash my hair. I grab my cinnamon scented shampoo and scrub it throughout my head before I condition it. While I am rinsing the soap out of my hair, my mind wanders back to a memory from the grade five.

          “Oh wow. You want to play with us? A smaller version of Ashley said. I nod excitedly, hoping that this would prove to everyone else that I am cool to hang out with. Well, that was before Ashley let out an evil, merciless laugh. “You are way too fat to play with us. Why don’t you go and eat a bag of cookies?” Her minions and everyone else behind her laughs. I laugh too, a small uneasy laugh, and pretended I wasn’t bothered. But on the inside, it hurt deep. That night, I didn’t eat dinner. I didn’t eat dessert. I just went to bed. I felt powerful. Strong.”

          I am knocked out of my revere when a loud knock issues on the door.  “Kiera, hurry up. You are going to be late for school. I roll my eyes and turn the shower off, wrapping my towel around me. I did not want to go to school today, but it was my first day, and mom wanted me to make a good impression. I step onto my scale so I can see if the numbers had gone up any. I wait, and the scale soon reads one hundred and five pounds. I almost cried. I was humongous. I was determined to lose this weight. I was willing to do whatever it took. No matter the cost. No matter the consequences. I was ready.

___________________________________________________  I walked down the stairs and grabbed my helmet off of the table. I walk over to my mom and kiss her on the cheek before I walked out the house. I went over to something covered by a tarp, and pulled it away. Underneath was the love of my life, my black and silver Harley. I received it as a gift last Christmas. I swing my leg over onto the bike and start it. It roars and I smile. I back out and am on the way to school, when a black car speeds past. I look over and see a face for a split second, before he’s gone. I shake my head and pull into Starbucks, ordering a tall mocha with two percent milk, and no whipped cream. I set the drink in my cup holder and roll the last mile to school. I pull in, just as one of the kids walks in front of me.




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