Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


15. Wedding

A month and a half later…June 15 2019

         Addie ran around the hotel room. She wore a beautiful white dress covered with gold designs. Bex had put a red rose flower crown in my daughter’s hair. Addie wore white ballet flats and looked so cute. Rebecca’s huge belly was slightly hidden with her emerald green dress. Ginnifer wore a yellow dress and Jennifer wore a light blue one. My bride’s maid’s dresses were sleeveless and went all the way down to the ground. Bex’s dress ended a few inches below her dress and all of them wore their hair slightly to the side and with red roses.

         My dress was a floor length white lace dress with lacey sleeves. My hair was braided and a lace veil was clipped in with a diamond clip. I wore red lipstick and white ballet flats. My bouquet of flowers was a rose of red and white. The wedding wasn’t exactly Disney themed, it was more locational than themed. We decided to spend a few days in Disney afterwards and then give Addie to Bex whilst Sean and I went on our honeymoon.

         I stood in the hallway outside my hotel room and Rebecca took my arm. She turned to me and asked. She gave me a hug.


“Yes I’m ready.”

         Rebecca took the lead, and then came Jennifer, then Ginny and finally Addie. The ceremony room of the hotel opened and I smiled as the Disney princes lined up with their swords raised. It was Addie’s own personal touch. Today Disney princesses would be working at the reception and it would be perfect. I walked on Addie’s petals and stared at Sean. God I wished my family was here but I did have some family. Not by blood but by love.

         The wedding music began and I made my way up the aisle. Today Lana Parrilla would be no more. I would be Lana Maria Maguire and that was final. Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla would be Addie Maguire. I stopped and Sean lifted the veil. I gave Rebecca my flowers and took Sean’s hand. He helped me up the steps and he gazed into my eyes.

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of these two lovely people. We are here to join these two in holy matrimony. If anyone objects to the union of these two please speak now or forever hold your peace.”

         There was a moment of silence and I waited to murder the person would you ruin my wedding with an unworthy cause. I would dig the marriage breaker’s grave with my engagement ring. No one spoke and I turned back to Sean. He smiled and squeezed my hands. I smiled back and squeezed his. I couldn’t wait to kiss him. He would be mine and I was so happy. In a few moments I would be married again and this time my marriage would last.

“Would you like to exchange vows?”
“Sean when I met you I was seeing Fred DiBlasio, I was so in love but I couldn’t divorce Fred. When Fred died I turned to you and you became my best friend. You did something to me that no one ever would. You loved me and had patience. Now I’m proud to say when I leave here today you’ll have a daughter and a wife. I’ll have a husband and a new name. I will be Lana Maguire. No more Parrilla, I am yours and all yours.”

“Lana when I met you, you were married. I was in love with you and prayed that I could make you mine one day. Fred died and I watched you cry. You became pregnant with Addie and I comforted you when you gave her away. You found her and I found love. Today I make you my wife and I promise to spend eternity with you. I want to grow old with you and today I am. I want to raise Adelaide with you and after today I am. I promise to love you forever.”

“Do you Lana Parrilla take Sean to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.”

“Do you Sean Maguire take Lana to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“Then it is with great honor and pleasure that I announce Sean and Lana as husband and wife. Not Regina and Robin but Sean and Lana. You may kiss the bride.”

         Sean slipped the wedding band on my finger and I slipped the wedding band on his. He pulled me into a kiss and I laughed as Addie said ‘That’s nasty.’ Sean pulled me in for another kiss and then bent down. Addie jumped into his arms and together we walked back up the aisle as a family. We made our way to the carriage and rode to the reception area. The carriage was a beautiful pumpkin carriage and Addie immediately ran and jumped in. Sean helped me up and turned to him and said.

“Why thank you dear husband.”

“Anything for my lovely wife.”

“I love you Sean.”

“I love you Lana.”

         I leaned my head against his soldier while we drove to the reception area. At the reception we sliced the wedding cake, we shared drinks and danced together. We danced with Addie and we all had a good time in Cinderella’s castle. Finally the moment we had been all waiting for my matron of honor would make a speech. Rebecca took the microphone and stood up. She wore no shoes on her feet and her baby belly popped out a bit. She also held a glass of water in her hand.

“So this is my lil sis’s wedding day. She’s not my real sister but since her family all died in an unfortunate car accident I’ve been her stand in sis. Actually been her sister for five years. I don’t know what to say, other then in a few months she’ll have a little niece. Lana has given me my niece because my real sister can’t have children. Lana, you and Sean will be very happy together. I know this personally, I see the way you look at each other and I see the love in your eyes. Live life in the moment and live life to the fullest. You may be old now but don’t screw life up anymore.”

“Thanks Bex.”

         I stood up, held my wedding dress and ran to give my big sister the biggest hug ever. Then she handed me the microphone and I made a speech. I was brought a glass of wine and look a few sips before speaking.

“I’m an actress, I love giving speeches to motivate young people around the world and yet I can’t give my own wedding speech. So my mom, and dad died in a car accident. My sister and nephew got into a car accident on the way to the funeral. Their car ran into the ocean. My parents ran into a ditch. My late husband Fred also died. My family was gone and I realized that since 2011 I’ve had a family in my co-workers. The people I work with have become my family.”

         I sat back down and Sean kissed me. Everyone started clapping when Addie got up and took the microphone. It was very unexpected. I didn’t know what she was going to say and I hoped she knew what she was doing.

“We are in Disney World. My mommy just married my new daddy and today I am happy. When my mommy came to get me a while ago I didn’t want to go but I’m glad she made me come home with her. She’s my mommy and the only one I will ever get. Daddy I’m glad you married Mommy today. It’s the best day of my life.”

I wiped away the tears and Sean helped me pull out my chair. I gathered my dress into my hands and ran to the center of the room. I collapsed on the floor and pulled Addie down with me. I hugged her and heard people taking pictures. I held my daughter and kissed her endlessly. I couldn’t believe how emotional I was being. I whispered.

“It’s one of the best days of my life. The best day of my life was when you were born.”

Addie went back to her seat and I went back to mine. Multiple people came to the microphone and wished me good luck and wished us both to have a happy life. Then everyone got drunk and started dancing. I noticed Addie was tired to I gave her to Rebecca to spend the night.

“Addie, mommy and daddy are going to spend the night together. You’re going to stay with Aunt Bex okay?”

“Okay Mommy.”

Addie wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss. She wrapped her arms around Sean and gave him a kiss. Finally she wrapped her arms around Bex and together they left.

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