Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


4. The First Day

Addie’s POV

I want to go home. I want to go home. I kept saying as I tried to open the door to my bedroom. Finally I opened the door and tottered down the hall. I found stairs and decided to not go down them.

“No stairs. No stairs. No stairs.”

         I walked around and found a door open. I walked in and found the mean lady sleeping. She was sleeping but I couldn’t get down the stairs. I went back to my room, took my teddy bear, and walked back to the mean lady’s room. I threw up my blanket and bear and finally found a way to climb up. I rolled over and climbed onto her tummy. I pulled up my blanket and fell asleep.

Lana’s POV

         I woke up to find my little Addie sleeping on my chest. I didn’t even know how she managed to come in but I didn’t care, she wanted to be with me. I stroked her hair and kissed her head. Finally I got her off me and went to the bathroom. I was doing my hair when I heard a knock on the door. It was Addie


“You are home.”




“Adelaide Elizabeth.”


“Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla.”

         She ran and I turned off my hair straightener. I pulled it up into a ponytail and chased after her. I heard a door slam and found that she had locked herself in her bedroom. She was smart for being only two. I took out my key and opened the door. She was sitting on her bed. I came and pulled her into my lap. She tried to wriggle away but I held her.


“Let’s get dressed.”








“Okay dress.”

         She pulled me to the closet and picked out a blue Cinderella dress. I shook my head and handed her a pair of tights and a Once Upon a Time t-shirt. She shook her head.


“Yes, you can’t wear that.”





         Addie took her pajamas off and pulled on the shirt. I helped her and then put her tights on. I picked her up and hoisted her on my hip. She squirmed and ran towards the stairs. When she reached the stairs she looked up at me and reached for me. Of course, I had a lot of stairs in my house. I let her down at the end of the stairs and she followed me into the kitchen.

Addie’s POV

         I didn’t call her mommy yet even though I should. I wasn’t going to get too attached because then she wouldn’t take me home. She made me do things I didn’t want too. She made me wear ugly clothes and it was only day one. I followed her into the kitchen and she asked what I wanted to eat.

“What do you want?”

“Not hungry.”

“Addie you must eat something.”

“I want binky.”

“Binky’s is washed. Mama washed him.”


         I ran off and she followed me. I tried to open the door but she had child proofed it already. She picked me up and looked straight into my eyes.
“Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla! What do you think you’re doing?”


“You are home.”


“Who’s Lizzie?”


         I could see that I had hurt the big meanie she set me down and went back into the kitchen to do a couple things. Maybe make me breakfast I wasn’t going to eat.
“Addie time to eat.”




         She came in and picked me up. She put me in the booster seat strapped me in. I felt bad after what I had did to her but I didn’t care. She started to try to feed me pancakes but I wasn’t hungry.




“Please Addie”

“Addie please for Mommy.”


         She finally got me to open my mouth and I ate a couple bites of pancake. When I was done she washed the dishes and put me on the couch. She popped in a Disney movie and let me watch it while she did some housework. When the movie was done she asked.

“What do you want to watch now?”

“Snow White.”

“Okay I think Netflix might have that.”

         She turned on Snow White and sat down. I climbed into her lap and she held me. She stroked my hair and kissed my forehead.

“I love you Addie.”

“I know.”

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