Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


9. Sean's Visit

Lana’s POV

         We arrived at Toys-R-Us and I carried my sick little baby in. She looks so cute in her outfit today. She already had four baby dolls at home and a whole bunch of clothes. I didn’t know what she wanted for her birthday so I let her pick some stuff out. I put Addie on the ground and walked behind her as she walked around.

“Addie you can get one toy? Maybe two but remember you will get a lot of presents on your birthday.”

“Ok Mommy.”

         Addie stopped in front of the dress up clothes. I sighed. She already owned a Cinderella dress, A Snow White dress, A Belle dress and she already owned the baby dolls. She had like six crowns. She was definitely three. She picked out a Frozen dress and put it into the basket. She then picked out an Elsa stuffed animal. She threw that into the basket and turned around to me and said.

“Ok Mommy I’m done.”

         We got in line, I bought her a sprite and we checked out. It was one and I was sure she was hungry. I put her in the car and drove to McDonald’s. I changed lanes last minute and remembered she could only have soft foods and non-colored liquids. I had applesauce in the fridge and apple juice. She was also sipping on her sprite in her sippy cup. I pulled into the driveway and found her sleeping. She would need to stop doing that. I would also have to pack some of her things because I usually spent weeks on set while filming. I carried her upstairs and put her in bed. I kissed her head and tucked her baby into her arms. I covered her with her feather blanket and turned off the light. I shut the door and retreated to my bedroom. I needed to pack and study the script. My character was getting married tomorrow but I didn’t know when I was.

         I got on my laptop and scrolled through my twitter page. There was one girl who had been catching my attention for three years but I never did anything. Maybe this time I would, she sure was dedicated. ‘Dear Bex Mader 07 thank you for your wonderful comments and I love you too.’ I shut my laptop and pulled out my script. I could here the sound of Addie’s breaths and I was at ease as I read and studied. Finally a few moments later I read the clock and realized it was four in the afternoon. I had put Addie to bed at two. I pulled three suitcases out of my closet and began to pack. My trailer didn’t have any clothes or any toiletries. It only had food and appliances.

         I packed three pairs of pajamas, a handful of OUAT shirts, my Brazil shirt, a couple pairs of skinny jeans and four pairs of converses. I packed weeks worth of undergarments and tossed in a hairbrush. We were leaving for Brazil on the 15th. I threw in a bottle of shampoo, conditioner and blow dryer. I couldn’t forget my straightener or curling iron. When I was finished with the first suitcase I moved on to the second and packed Addie liquids and kid friendly soft snacks. Then I packed her suitcase. I packed her Cinderella, Snow White and Elsa dress. I packed her OUAT shirts and leggings. I packed her converse and a few of her tiaras. I also made sure to grab her undergarments and an emergency kit full of medicines and a first aide kit.

         After I was finished packing I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day. It was six o clocks and my little baby bean still slept in her bed. She had really slept all day long. I walked in, kissed her head and then went downstairs to grab something to eat. Maybe I would order a pizza and watch Netflix. I grabbed the pizza menu and scrolled through the numbers on my phone. Finally after three rings someone picked up on the other line.

“Yes I would like one large pepperoni and mushroom pizza along with a 2 liter of root beer.”

“Is that all ma’am?”

“Yes that’s all thank you.”

“Okay $17.67…”

“Will do when you arrive.”

         I hung up the phone and walked into the living room. I turned on the television and signed into Netflix. Snow White was still playing so I turned it off and scrolled through my recommendations. I stared down at my hand and saw my engagement ring. I wondered if Sean would come over or he was studying for our characters’ wedding tomorrow. I got my phone and texted him.

Hey Sean

Hello beautiful. What’s up baby?

Addie has the stomach virus and she’s sleeping.

I was wondering if you want to come over and watch a movie.

I would love too. Let me finish my scene.

I’ll be right over. Love you Lana.

Love you too Sean. You know I miss Lola.

Lola was the best OUAT mascot ever.

I’m sorry she passed away.

She was getting old. She died when I was pregnant.

Addie will be three the day after tomorrow.

Let me go. I’m going to get ready and head over.

Love you Lana. See you in a few.

Ok Sean Love you

Love you too baby.

         I closed my messenger on my phone and heard the bell ring. I opened the door and paid for my pizza. It smelled quite fresh. I got down two beer glasses and sat them on the table. I also grabbed paper plates and napkins. I took everything to the living room and set it all up on the coffee table. I scrolled through Netflix and found a movie that Sean had been dying to watch with me. He had been dying to see the second Guardians of the Galaxy. I got it ready to play and hurried up to my room to change into something comfortable. I changed into my feather shirt and a pair of feather pajama bottoms. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and ran downstairs as the bell rang.

         I pulled open the door and found Sean standing there. He wore a gray t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. He held a bottle of champagne in one hand and chocolates in the other. I took the champagne and chocolates and kissed his cheek. He came in and stood by me as I put the champagne in the fridge and the chocolates on the kitchen counter. He followed me into the living room and we stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments. I kissed him and then gestured to the food.

“Eat Sean, don’t stare at me. We have a movie to watch.”

“You look adorable in glasses.”

“I love you so much.”

         I lay on top of him and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. Finally I pushed him away and said.

“We should wait until we get married.”

“Yes that’s a good idea.”

         Sean poured us both glasses of root beer and got himself four pieces of pizza. He ate his pizza while watching the movie. He finished his pizza and wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled in his arms and soon my world turned to utter darkness. 

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