Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


24. Hard At "Work"

Sean’s POV -----------------

         Lana and I sat at the restaurant. She looked stunning in her navy blue and white striped dress. The waiter came and handed us menus. I ordered some wine.

“A bottle of 1947 please.”

“Any particular flavor.”


         The waiter left and I decided to make conversation. I was too busy deciding whether or not to start with something inappropriate or something romantically inappropriate or something romantic. Lana beat me too it though.

“So what are you ordering?”

“The Carbonara looks good. What are you getting?”

“Lasagna and gelato.”

“You know what also looks good. The dress you are wearing.”

“Thanks Sean.”

“You know what that dress looks even better on?”


         Lana wore a puzzled expression on her face. I couldn’t bring myself to say what I was about to say. Lana just gave me a dirty look and I busted out laughing. I tried to say it through laughter but it was so hard.

“It’ll look good…on…the…floor!”

“Sean Michael Martin Maguire. So help me!”

“What are you going to do about it?”

         Lana’s eyes lit up and her face held a silly expression. She stood up and walked to my side of the table. She leant down and whispered something in my ear.

“Sean you better stop. Or when we get home Mommy’s going to punish you.”

“Have I been a naughty boy?”

“Very naughty. Now stop or you’ll hurt the baby.”

“Okay Mommy.”

         Lana kissed me and sat back down. She stretched her hand across the table and I her hand in mine. She giggled as I gave her a silly expression.

“Stop acting like a child.”

“I am a child. Didn’t you know you married a child?”

“You silly boy.”

         The waited brought the wine and filled up both glasses. Lana sipped her wine and smiled at me with her beautiful smile. I lifted up my glass slightly and said.

“A toast to my beautiful wife who I love so much.”

‘It’s only bee a month.”

“No Lana with you it’s been an eternity of happiness and love.”

         The waiter then brought the food and we tucked in. Lana really enjoyed eating her lasagna. I loved my carbonara. It was simply delish. We finished eating and ordered two bowls of chocolate gelato. When Lana finished her dessert and I paid the bill. I left a 20$ for the waiter and helped Lana put on her coat. We stepped out into the Vancouver skyline and the valet got our car. I drove and she rode. She wore the look of worry on her face.

“Lana what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m tired that’s all.”

“Lana I know when something’s wrong. What’s wrong?”

“I said it’s nothing.”

“Okay no need to yell.”

“Then leave me alone.”

         Lana slumped up against the window and I sighed. She sighed back louder. I sighed louder and so did she. Finally she looked at me and smiled. I sighed again and grinned. She leaned over and pecked my cheek with a warm kiss. I turned into the driveway and saw my truck. I remembered all the gallons of paint in the back. I should start working on that tonight. It was nine and we had promised the sitter we would be home at seven. I spent five lovely hours with my beautiful wife.

         I helped Lana in the house and paid Ella. She didn’t say a word when I handed her a hundred dollar bill. I helped Lana up the stairs and into bed. She was perfectly perfect as she changed into her silk gown and climbed into bed. She fell asleep the instant her head hit the pillows. She was exactly one month pregnant and by the time we went to the doctor she would be three months.

         I showered and changed into some work clothes. I then called Colin. We had a nice chat.

“Hey mate.”

“Hey Sean. What’s up?”
“Nothing much just wondering how you are?”

“You saw us yesterday?”

“It’s been a long day.”

“I understand. Jen’s been all moody.”

“I know Lana’s moody too.”

“Well sorry Sean the old lady’s calling. Braxton hicks.”

“I don’t know what that is.”

“False contractions.”


“Yeah well farewell mate.”

“Good day mate.”

         I put the phone down and ran down the steps. I went out the front door and carried in three buckets of paint. I kept carrying in paint and putting it in a pile in the locked room. I covered the furniture with drop cloths and tarps. I then got out one of the trays and a roller. I would have to literally prime everything. I would have to get every small detail and cover up all the nasty and mucky olive color. Once I was through in about six months everything would be perfect. Hopefully I would get done before Lana decided she wanted to do a nursery. Hopefully she didn’t want to start building the nursery as soon as she found out the baby’s gender. I would have to come up with a lie to keep her out of the room.

         I poured primer into the tray and began rolling one of the walls. I rolled and painted until the olive color was gone. On half of the wall so I poured more primer and rolled the other half that was a gallon of primer. I rolled the other three walls and used a whole bucket of primer. I had primer all over my clothes and all over my skin. I was dog-tired and didn’t want to finish priming but I had too. I checked my watched and found it was one in the morning. I cleaned out my roller and stood it up to dry. I wouldn’t paint the ceiling; it was a nice blue color anyway. I would fit in perfectly with the rainbow swirls. I would also have to change the light fixture but that was down the road a bit.

         I intricately stood on the ladder and primed the crown molding and the trim. The crown molding was difficult because it had so many layers of nothing but molding. At least it wasn’t popcorn ceilings. That would’ve been impossible to paint. I finally finished priming and cleaned every brush and cleaned out the trays. I stored the primer in the garage and locked the nursery door. I hid the key somewhere Lana would never look and then cleaned up a bit.

         I walked into the bedroom and climbed into the bed beside my wife. It was three in the morning and I was done with one layer of the nursery. I still had a long way to go but it was worth it. I wrapped my arms around Lana and peacefully went to sleep. Lana mumbled something that I couldn’t understand.


“What you been doing?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Okay. Night.”

“Goodnight my beautiful angel.”

         I woke up to sunlight streaming through the window. I turned to Lana but she wasn’t there. I looked at the clock and it was ten. Lana was standing in the door holding Addie’s hand. Addie was all dressed up to go out.

“Where are you going?”

“Addie and I are going over to Ginny’s. She has a play date with Ollie and Hugo.”


“You looked so peaceful sleeping. What did you do last night?”

“I can’t tell.”

“Oh okay. Well we’ll be home later and have a good day. I love you.”

“I love you too Lana.”

         Lana came over and kissed me goodbye. Addie just gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Both of my ladies looked so solemn and serene. I felt dazed and confused but I shook it away. As soon as they left I changed into some clothes and went back into the nursery. I made sure the primer was dry, which it was and I poured a gallon of white paint into the tray. I began painting the walls carefully and I painted with quick strokes. Up down, up down, up down. All along one wall then I moved to another wall. Up down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down. Another wall was done. I finished the fourth wall and had just started on the trim when my phone rang. It was Lana. She was frantic.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Rebecca, she went into labor. She’s in the hospital. Oh shit! We’re at the hospital and Jen just went into labor.”

“How far along are they?”

“I can’t remember.”

“Like seven or eight months?”

“Just get down here.”

“Okay I’m coming.”

         I changed into a fresh pair of clothes. Cleaned up my mess and climbed into the car. Then I ran back into the house and locked the door. I climbed into my car and drove to the hospital. When I arrived Lana, Addie, Josh, Ginny, Ollie and Hugo were in the waiting room. Colin and Marcus were nowhere to be found. I sat down next to Lana and held her hand as we waited for some news. Addie turned to Lana and asked.

“Is my Bex alright?”

“Yes Addie, Bex is okay. She’s just having a baby.”

“You mean she’s not my aunt anymore. She doesn’t love me anymore.”

“No Addie she loves you and no matter what you will always be her favorite niece. That’s why I’m hoping to give you a brother.”


“Adelaide Elizabeth, what has gotten into you?”

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