Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


14. Comic Con

Addie’s POV

         Mommy and I walked into this huge building. People stood behind ropes and took pictures of me in my little Snow White dress. Soon I got tired of walking so Mommy picked me up. I hid my face in her dress and just listened. Mommy signed a couple autographs but we finally went behind this curtain and waited for them to call us out.

         Mommy wore a straight black dress with cut out sleeves and wore a pair of black heels. I sat on her lap as people called out my family’s name. Finally it was our turn. Mommy stood up and waited for us to be called out. I still hung onto her.

“Presenting the beautiful, talented and wonderful mother. The one, the only Lana Parrilla and her daughter Adelaide.”

         The curtains opened and Mommy walked out. She waved and made the Evil Regal sign. I just stared at everyone and hid my face in Mommy’s dress. Everyone laughed and began talking about how pretty I was. Mommy was handed a bottle of water and she sat down behind the table. I sat in her lap and hugged her tighter. I could hear people speaking into the microphones.

“Hi Lana”

“Hi Sweetie.”

“What is it like to be raising Addie after not having her for two years?”

“It’s a dream. Addie is really easy to take care of and she’s my flashlight. Addie is a brat at times but she’s like her mama. Got that hot Latina temper.”

“Thank you Lana.”

“No thank you.”

         I turned around and watched the crowd. I smiled and I wasn’t shy anymore. Finally another kid asked a question.

“Hi Addie.”

         Mommy held the microphone to my mouth. I wrapped my hands around hers and spoke to the person who was talking to me.


“Did any one ever tell you that you are lucky to have Lana as your mom?”
“I love my mommy!”

         Mommy kissed my head and she whispered.

“I love you too.”

         The next question went to Rebecca. She sat up and put a hand on her stomach.

“Hi Bex.”

“Hi my pretty.”

“Are you excited that you’re going to be a mum?”

“Yes very excited. I love the fact that I’m going to be a mum. My sister Lana is a mum and I want a lil girl just like Adelaide.”

         The next question went to Mommy. Most people asked her their questions.

“Lana if you had the chance to go back in time and keep Addie would you have done it?”

“Everything happens for a reason and what matters is that I have Addie now.”

“Lana, are you ready to marry Sean and become Mrs. Lana Maria Parrilla DiBlasio Maguire?”

“Easy there Evil Regals. I’m going to become Mrs. Maguire. The Parrilla and the DiBlasio part will be gone. Adelaide will be Adelaide Elizabeth Maguire and that’s final.”

“Thank you for your honesty.”

“No thank you for asking the question?”

         Mommy kissed my cheek and played with my hair. She handed me her phone and I was preoccupied playing games when I was asked yet again another question.

“Hi Addie.”


“Are you happy to have your mommy back? And are you excited that Sean’s going to be your daddy?”
“They’re getting married at Disney next month.”

         Mommy lifted the microphone up to her mouth and laughed. She kissed my forehead and spoke.

“Well the cat’s out of the bag. Sean and I are getting married next month at Disney World on June 15th. It’s going to be a closed ceremony but I will release photos directly after.”

         Mommy passed the microphone to Bex and I listened to the question being asked.

“Hi Rebecca.”

“Hello Darling.”

“I was wondering if you’re going to Tupelo MS with Lana in November?”

“I don’t know love. It depends on if my lil bundle of joy is here or not.”

“Okay thanks. My friend asked me to ask.”

“Okay tell your friend I sure missed her today.”

“I will Bex, thanks.”

         I looked up at Mommy and she booped my nose. I giggled and yawned. I was hungry. I looked at Mommy again and frowned.

“What’s wrong Addie?”

“I’m hungry.”

“You are? We’ll go on break soon. I promise. Then we’ll do photos and sign autographs.”

“Do I have too?”

“Not unless you want too.”

         Mommy picked me up and carried me behind the curtains as soon as the music began to play. She carried me down this long hall and into a room with comfortable couches, a child table and an array of food and drinks. Bex was already here and so was Sean. When Momma put me down I ran to Bex and sat in her lap. Then I crawled over and sat on Daddy’s lap. He held me and talked to me while Momma got my lunch ready.

“Addie come eat.”

         I got off of daddy’s lap and sat down at the Frozen table. Momma had gotten me a glass of milk and a plate with carrots, ranch, a few chicken fingers and some cheese bites. She also got me a small bowl of blue jello. I sat down and watched Mommy drink coffee and Sean seat a sandwich while I ate. I didn’t want many pieces of chicken and I didn’t want my carrots. I ate a few pieces of chicken and ate my cheese. I drank all of my milk and got up to throw my plate away. I ran over to Momma and she lifted me up into her lap. She straightened my dress and we all waited for Con to resume. The Comic Con goers were all eating as well.

         Finally Mommy got up and picked me up into her arms. She carried me back down the hallway but this trip was different. Bex was behind us the whole time with a hand on her stomach and she was making silly faces. I giggled and then Mommy started tickling me.

“Mommy stop! Rebecca stop!”

         Marcus crept up behind Bex and scared her. She literally jumped. I kept laughing. Then I turned around and watched where we were going. We didn’t go back to where they all asked us questions we went to a long hallway and sat down behind tables to give out autographs. People standing in costumes and backpacks smiled as Mommy and I sat with Rebecca and Sean at the same signing table. The first person in line was a mother with her daughter dressed up as Regina. Mommy began talking to the little one and her mother.

“Hi sweetheart what’s your name?”

“I’m Christy and I love you.”

“Aw how sweet. Christy this is my daughter Adelaide.”

“Hi Adelaide.”

“It’s Addie!”

“Okay Addie. I’m Christy!”

“I don’t like you.”

         Mommy apologized to the lady and then we went into the bathroom. She sat me down on the floor and just gave me the death stare.

“What’s gotten into you?”

“I hate this place. I wanna go home.”

“You have to finish out today and tomorrow I’ll leave you with Marcus.”

“Then behave!”




“Adelaide you need to behave!”


         I left Mommy in there with shock for a few moments. I ran out of the bathroom and fought my way through a crowd of people. I heard Mommy calling for me but I kept running. No one tried to stop me.



         Mommy’s voice faded as I pushed through the crowd. I found a door and opened it. It was the room with the Elsa table and food. I hid under the food table and squatted there in a little ball.

Lana’s POV

         Addie had run out of the bathroom. I kept yelling for her but we couldn’t find her. The actors all gathered in a group together while our directors ended the con early. They would be given part of their money back and tomorrow we would go into overtime. As everyone made their way to the exits Bex and I got together and split up to find Addie. Everyone searched the entire property but I couldn’t find her. I went into the banquet room and got a cup of coffee. I heard sniffling. I peeked under the table and found Addie curled into a ball and crying.



         Addie crawled out from under the table and into my arms. I picked her up and carried her outside. I told everyone that she was found. She went into Sean’s arms; she went into Rebecca’s. Jennifer and Colin also held her. Ginny held my daughter before passing her off to me. I sat her in a chair and the cast surrounded her. I talked to her first.

“Addie what’s wrong?”
“Mommy is you going to leave me?”

“No you’re my family. We will never leave you. We are your family. You have your mommy, your daddy and your aunts and uncles. Soon you’ll have two little cousins.”

“Mommy please doesn’t ever leave.”

         I gathered my daughter up into my arms and held her tight. She was my little princess and I loved her to pieces. We all headed to the hotel and I was invited out for drinks but I decided to stay because I had a daughter to care for.

“You understand. Addie’s more important. Soon you’ll have children and you’ll understand. Family matters but my kid comes first.”

“We understand. Love you Lana. See you tomorrow.”

“Love you too Bex.”

         I walked into the hotel room and got into bed with Addie. Together we watched OUAT into the night. It was perfect. 

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