Baby Mine

Adelaide Elizabeth Parrilla was born to Lana Maria Parrilla and has an unknown father. Lana didn't want to expose her baby to celebrity life so gave lil Addie up for adoption. When Adelaide was one Lana decided to look for her baby and finds Addie just a few weeks before her third birthday. It was difficult at first but a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel


12. Addie's Birthday

Lana’s POV

         I threw Addie’s binky away as soon as she asked for it and I said no. She was three years old and should’ve out grown it a long time ago. I gave her Sarah and watched her fall asleep with her lil baby in her arms. I closed the door and walked into the kitchen. I had promised Addie we would buy a cake but I was going to make one if it’s the last thing I do. I took down some pink vanilla cake mix and vanilla frosting. I got pink flowers, blue flowers, red flowers and yellow flowers to go on the cake. I was going to put Anna and Elsa right in the middle of the field of flowers. I also got a huge number three candle. I got the supplies delivered to my trailer today.

         Three hours later the cake was done and frosted. I put the candle on the cake and then put the cake on my cake plate. I looked around the counter for my engagement ring and couldn’t find it. I searched everywhere. I searched the floor, the counter, the bathroom and the couch. I sent a flashlight down the sink and it wasn’t down there either. An hour later I still couldn’t find it. I found the ring on the cake plate as part of the decorations. I washed it off in the sink and put it back on my finger. I walked into the bathroom and took off my contacts. I put on my glasses and feather pajamas. I got my laptop and scrolled through twitter for a while. Everyone was sending Addie birthday wishes. Bex Mader 07 was telling everyone that she was lucky to share a birthday with Lana Parrilla’s baby daughter. I made sure to wish her a happy birthday as well.

         I finally turned off my laptop and climbed into bed around midnight. Addie’s cake was done. All my friends were coming over after our scene shoots and I was emotionally prepared. I kissed my princess on the head and closed my eyes as well. I only had one more episode to finish then I would be on hiatus and I would take off comic cons to plan my wedding. I would go to Brazil, I would go to France, I would do the Vancouver one and I would do the one in Corinth but I wouldn’t do anymore than four because my daughter and my family was more important than building my fan base. I wasn’t even sure if I would make my hospital appearances this year. I would go to the BUILD series but that’s it.

         I turned off the light and let the darkness engulf my tired little body. I wrapped my arm around my daughter and drifted off to sleep.

         My alarm clock woke me up at eight and thank goodness Addie was still knocked out from my stressing her out yesterday. I quickly showered and pulled on my Outlaw Queen shirt. I put on my skinny jeans and a pair of converse before lovingly preparing Addie chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and a candle. I made her turkey bacon and prepared cinnamon applesauce. I put chocolate milk in her sippy cup and got out her birthday tiara. I also pulled out a selection of her princess dresses. Snow White, Elsa and Cinderella. I pulled out three colors of her converses and a handful of socks. I would let her pick out her outfit today.

         When I was done setting everything up I heard a knock at the door and I opened it to find Sean standing there. He didn’t have anything in his arms so I embraced him and gave him a quick kiss. I let him in and he sat on the couch.

“The birthday girl is still asleep but I’ll go wake her up.”

“Good I have a present for her.”


“It’s outside. I thought she could ride around set in style.”

         I opened the trailer door and found a huge blue Cinderella jeep waiting for my little princess. I smiled and kissed Sean.

“You didn’t?”

“Oh but I did. I actually want to talk to you about the wedding.”

         My muscles tightened as I turned back around to face Sean. I didn’t want to talk about the wedding until after Comic Con or after Adelaide’s birthday at least. Sean wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

“What do you want to say?”

“Easy there tiger. Your Latina is coming out. I just wanted to ask if you would be okay with my parents paying for everything?”


“Yes everything. We don’t have to pay a dime.”

“That’s wonderful Sean and yes I am okay with that.”

“And I was wondering if you wanted to get married in Disney World or Disney Land or Hawaii?”

“ A Disney wedding? Is that why your parents are paying for everything? Because our wedding is going to be planned by Disney?”

“Yes surprise.”

         I kissed Sean and he wrapped his arms around me. We broke the kiss and I decided I better get Addie up and dressed before her breakfast got cold. I hurried into my bedroom and shook her awake. She sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. I gave her and hug and kissed her head.

“Happy birthday princess.”

“Am I three?”

“Yes you’re three.”

         She smiled and hopped out of bed. I brushed her hair and helped her get out of her pajamas.

“Snow White, Cinderella or Elsa?”


         I helped her put on her Elsa dress and fixed the tiara into her hair. I helped her put on her Sleeping Beauty socks and blue converse. I opened the door and she ran down the hall. When she saw Sean she jumped into his lap and gave him a huge hug?



“Adelaide, breakfast!”

         Addie got off of Sean’s lap and sat at the breakfast bar. I lit the candle and she blew it out. I cut up the pancake and watched her eat. She drank her milk and ate all her food. I was proud of her.

“I’m so proud of you. You ate all your food! Good job! Sean has a present for you!”

“For me?”

“Yes silly. Go outside.”

         Sean and I watched as Addie discovered her new Cinderella car. She climbed in and began driving around the parking lot. She wore her tiara and gave all the crew and extra cast members a little wave as she drove by. I recorded her driving around and posted it on Twitter. I kissed Sean as I watched my little girl drive around. Finally she decided to come back in and sit with Sean while I grabbed my stuff to start shooting our last episode before hiatus.

“Addie get your car. You can drive around while Mommy’s acting but I want to see you at all times and you stay over with Hugo and Oliver.”


         Addie drove as fast as she good and to every person she saw she would shout I’m three. Everyone laughed. I went towards the costume and make up trailers while Sean watched Addie act like a silly goof ball. When I came out I was wearing my mayor suit and my hair in a weird fashion. I walked to the scene location and watched Addie drive her car around. Sean and I would be filming outside of Granny’s on a lunch date. I got prepared and got ready for the director to shout action.

“Ready, Action!”

“How has work been today Regina?”

“It’s wonderful. How’s hunting.”

“It’s wonderful.”

“Actually I have some news. We’ve only been married a couple weeks but we’ve been dating for a couple years. Remember that night when we were down in my vaults?”

“That was the best ‘sleep’ I’d had in years.”

“Well something happened. And now I’m pregnant.” Robin got that goofy smile on his face and he stood up. He gathered me into my arms and kissed me passionately.

“Regina that’s wonderful.”

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

“Cut! Good job guys! Okay Sean you’re done for today.”

         I was getting ready to walk away when Sean grabbed my hand. I whipped around and twirled myself into his arms. He leant down and kissed me. I put both hands on his face and stood on tiptoe to kiss him. He still was trying to kiss me when I kissed his cheek and walked away to remove my makeup and my costume. After my costume change I found Sean holding Addie and them both waiting for me outside. I gathered Addie into my arms and she erupted into laughter.

“What’s so funny miss birthday girl?”

“Daddy told me you guys are getting married in Disney World.”


         I turned to Sean and he was crying. Addie was calling him daddy. I laughed and sat down on the ground with Addie in my lap. Sean walked over and kissed Addie’s head. I kissed him. I was so happy. That was literally the happiest moment in my life. My daughter had called my fiancée daddy. I didn’t know who her real daddy was but in that moment she has accepted the fact that Sean was her daddy. Sean kissed me and said.

“I guess that means we have to get married?’

“Sean! How dare you!”

         Addie jumped out and tickled me. Then Sean tickled me. I stood up and began running and laughing after them. It was perfect. We were already family and Addie was so happy. After running around for thirty minutes we stopped to catch our breaths. Addie began driving around in her princess car and running into literally everything. Every time she did I would here her say.

“Oops! That was wicked!”

         Later that night Sean, Marcus, Colin, Josh, Bex, Jen, Ginny and I all watched as Addie opened her presents. Every time she opened one her eyes would grow big and she would hug whoever gave her the present. The first present was small and wrapped in pink wrapping paper. She tore off the paper and showed everyone a dress up jewelry set with a tiara, a diamond ring, earrings and bracelets. It even came with a necklace. Addie kissed Bex and then kissed Bex’s belly that held little Elizabeth Maria. Then next present was in a bag and it was a cute little Captain Swan shirt from Colin and Jen. It actually was a couple OUAT shirts and made me love my co-workers even more. One shirt said ‘Outlaw Queen Princess’ and it was true because Sean and I were her parents.

         The last and final gift was from Ginnifer and Josh. Oliver and Hugo had apparently picked out the present. Addie opened the present and found a set of Disney Princess storybooks. Addie absolutely loved them and kept telling everyone thank you. They thought it was cute. They all gathered around the coffee table as I brought out Addie’s birthday cake.

         Addie smiled that huge smile of hers when she saw Elsa and then again as I lit the candle. I set the cake down in front of her and I joined the circle of my friends around the birthday girl. We all belted out a verse of happy birthday and watched Addie blow out the candle. Addie blew out the candle and I began passing around slices of cake. I gave Addie a small piece but she did get the first piece. She began eating her cake and watched everyone eat his or hers. Addie finished eating and went into the trailer’s bedroom. I sat my cake down and followed in after her.

         Addie’s POV

         I finished eating my cake and walked back to Mommy’s bedroom. My tummy hurt and I was tired. Today was my third birthday and Mommy made me a beautiful Anna and Elsa cake with flowers. I got a shirt, dress up clothes, a toy car to drive around and Disney Princess books for Mommy to read to me. I lay down on the bed and took off my crown; I took off my princess dress and put on my new shirt. I got under the covers and just watched the door. Mommy came in and sat down beside me.

“What’s wrong baby? Are you having fun?”

“My tummy hurts. I’m sleepy and I did have fun. Thank you Mommy. Are we leaving tomorrow?”

“Yes so I guess you should get some sleep.”

“Okay, Good night.”

“Good night princess.”

         Mommy kissed my head and tucked me into the covers. I held my baby and closed my eyes. She shut the door and I could hear their laughing and horsing around deep into the night. I was three and shouldn’t have been exposed to all of that crap.

Lana’s POV

         I put Addie to bed and walked back into the living room. Rebecca was sitting on Marcus’s lap and she was rubbing her ever-growing belly. Jennifer was resting her head on Colin’s shoulder and rubbing her belly as well. Ginny and Josh were snuggling as well. Sean was in the kitchen making virgin drinks and some drinks for the men and the two ladies who weren’t expecting. Sean passed out the drinks and then came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. We stood and then announced our very special news.

“We’re having a Disney Wedding. And Sean’s parents are paying for everything. We’re getting married in June or July.”

“That’s wonderful.”

“Really that’s the best news in the world.”

“Thanks Bex. I want you to be my matron of honor?”

“It will be my honor.”

“Jennifer and Ginny I would like you to be bridesmaids.”

“Do we have to dress up as Disney Princesses?”


         Josh got up and plugged his phone into my speakers. Then Colin and Marcus began moving furniture out of the way. My trailer was big but not big enough for four couples to slow dance. I wrapped my arms around Sean’s neck and together we danced deep into the night. Finally a few hours later Jennifer and Bex got their husbands and bid me goodbye. I would see them on the plane tomorrow. Then Ginny and Josh left. Finally I turned to Sean and asked.

“Are you going home or staying on the couch?”

“Going home. I’ll see you this weekend.”

         Sean kissed my cheek and gave me a hug. He opened the door and stepped out. Then he shouted.


         Sean then ran into the darkness and did a double flip. I thought he was going to fall. I went back inside, took a quick shower and then climbed into bed with my little girl. Addie rolled over and slept on my chest. I held her tight and closed my eyes. Tomorrow she would be on the plane to Brazil, hopefully she didn’t become fussy or go all Latina on me on the plane. I stroked her hair and dreamt of my wedding to Sean. It would be the most beautiful Disney wedding that I’ve ever seen and hopefully it didn’t go onto television. I would have to call Adam and tell him that I changed my mind and was going to Brazil, Paris, Vancouver, Chicago and Tupelo. I wouldn’t go to any hospitals either because Addie’s schedule didn’t permit any huge traveling. I wasn’t about to travel with a baby. 

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