Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


11. what did you do wrong

scar's pov


they boys didn't know what to do. they weren't used to situations like this (so they say) and so they did the first thing that was suggested. THEY TIED ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know its so i wont hurt harry but still. grrrrrrr. this is driving me insane. i am so thirsty my mouth is watering at the thought of tasting his blood. it had now become my goal. nothing was more important than this one thing. "why is this happening?" Nial asked. he slowly turned his head to Harry. " you must have done something. when you turned her you must have screwed it up. its the only explanation." he added. harry rolled his eyes. "i did everything by the book, Nial. whatever is wrong with her has nothing to do with me" he says. " I disagree" Lou says "she is attacking you after all. you had to have done something." he adds. then Liam looks at me.staring into my eyes. " she'd thirsty, her eyes are red still. they look like they are getting darker. like your when you havent feed in a while." he says to Harry. "why didn't she swallow the blood?" Lou says. " how am i supposed to know!" Harry says. "Oh, i don't know , maybe because she's like you now. You must have some experience with this kind of thing." Liam says.  Harry looks at me. uncomfortably. i watched him. i noticed the way his pulse began to beat rapidly. this made me what him even more. " well i do have a theory" he says. 

everyone was staring at him now. he sighed. "i met this vampire once. she had a guy with her. her love or whatever. she told me that when she turned him into a vamp he developed this weird attachment to her. he could only drink her blood. she researched it and it said it was when she turned him she had found him lying on the side of a road suffering a beast scratch. just like Scarlet. she said that its because a vampire's venom is the only thing that saved him from his scratch and vamp's blood was the only thing capable of keeping him strong. when i crossed paths with her that was all she knew. nothing else."  "so you knew this would happen?' Nial said looking furious. Harry shook his head. "no,Jessica, i mean the Vamp was making her own conclusions based on books that were thousands of years old. i didn't know if it was true. i still don't. like i said, its just a theory." he says. "well so far its the only one we have" Liam says standing up, taking a few steps away from me. " we should test is" he adds. "how?" everyone but me says. my mouth was now too dry to talk and besides i don't care about hteir stupid convo, only about the delicious liquid running through Harry's body. Liam went into another room and came back with a sharp knife. he handed it to Harry and grabbed another glass. "unless you don't want to." he said.

Harry looked at me with a sad frown and nodded slowly he slit a deep line across his palm and squeezed the blood into the glass. He didn't even wince, but i did. i screamed. the moment his blood mixed with the fresh air its smell intensified.  i never knew a need as strong as this. i focused on getting free of my binds and i was next to him in an instant. grabbing his arm and pressed it to my mouth. the blood was heaven.

they had to pull me off him before i ran him dry. harry's wound healed quickly and i was no longer as strongly exposed to his sent. i could start thinking again, almost rationally.  " iguess its true then" Harry whispered watching me like a hawk. Liam kneed in front of me and looked into my eyes again. " there going back to normal, wow icy blue." he says,then adds " she's not as hungry any more"  them Lou laughed bitterly "so she's a Vamp that can only drink blood of a vamp." he says. " that's kinda cool" Liam says. 

my throat felt so much better. i could actually concentrate on other things now, instead of Harry's blood. i shook my head and caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror hanging on the wall. There was blood all over my face. i looked horrible. my hair was wild and in a tangle of knots. i felt dirty and disgusting. 

slowly i stood up, the boys watched me carefully. " i, i think i'm better now." i mumbled trying not to look into Harry's eyes. i could feel my cheeks heating up. shit.  " you should go get cleaned up. there is a bathroom just down the hall, and this room can be yours. the closet is all stocked for you" the person that said that had basically read my mind. gratefully i raced to it. who said it? was it Harry? then i broke down. what is wrong with me!!!!!

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