Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


14. Training

Scar's pov

" well today i'm gonna teach you about your new strength. so why don't you go change"  and with that i left for my closet and got dressed. (pic) and headed down stairs. 


today(Monday) so I'd say i'm all good on strength. a few mess ups or "fails" as Har says. i picked up a boulder,kicked down some trees moved heavy stuff,blah blah blah. i maybe struggled and have things fall on me. anyhow. 


Tuesday- Nial taught me the rules of Vamps and such

Wednesday-Harry taught me to resist the temptation of blood. don't ask how i did!

Thursday- "you ready" Liam said when i walk into his study. "yep"  say. "ok so every vamp has a gift. Harry's is ...never-mind he should tell you. anyway so today your gonna hop on to this cat-scan looking thing and find out your gift." he says. "wait. whats a gift" i ask "a supernatural with superhero's" he said. ah shit this is awesome. so i hoped onto the thing and a few minuets later..."aright here are your results" and a sheet came out of the printer. he grabs it before i could. "elements" w-o-w wow. just like Avalanche(x-men/earth),Human Torch(F4/fire)/Pyro(x-men/fire), Wind Dancer(x-men/air),Hydroman(spider-man/water), and Crystal of the Inhumans. "ok so now i know what i'm dealing with. tomorrow we all will help train you with your gift." he says. "ok so...tomorrow?" i say "yep see ya later." he says and i head up to my study. 




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