Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


19. To Harry from Scar

(sorry no pic) 

Har's pov


I went int the kitchen to grab the drinks and Josie stopped me. Then SHE KISSED ME! "Sorry Jo, but I don't feel that at about you." I say. Then I leave the kitchen. When I come out I see Scar rush out the door. What is happening. " hey Lou where is Scar going?" I ask "I don't know text her" 


Scar where r u going


......sorry Har. I have other plans.  C u later


Later on---------

We have gone through all the presents but a few for Scar. 

"Hey Har there's one more for you" Li says and hands it to me. I read the card. To Harry From Scarlet. I open it it's a flash drive with a note.


Play this when your alone. Then come find me.


when everyone leaves I go up to my room. I plug in the flash drive into my computer and press play. it's a song but why....." I remember that day when our eyes first meet,you ran into the building to get out of the rain cause you were soaking wet. and as I held the door, you wanted to know my name, timing is everything.And I could've been another minute late And you'd never would've crossed my path that day And when it seems true love is hard to find That's when love comes along Just in time  You can call it fate Or destiny Sometimes it really seems like its a mystery  Cause you can be hurt by love Or healed by the same Timing is everything  It can happen so fast Or a little bit late Timing is everything." o.m.g she remembered me from before everything.


***flashback*** I was heading into the karaoke bar in the poring rain. I had my brown leather jacket over my head so I probably can't get the door. thankfully someone was there, "hold the door"I shout to the human, knowing ....she wouldn't have heard me if I didn't shout. when I got to the door I saw her beautiful blue eyes so light they looked like ice. I stoped." what's your name?" I ask her. she probably won't ans..."Scarlet." she says, cutting my though off. wow. I could write a song about her beauty. how she smiled at the ground. "thanks to  holding the door" I say. then she flips her hair.oh my supernatural. then she heads away. wait a minute. I'm not drawn to her blood.  :0  ***end of flashback***



I need to find her!!!!!!








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