Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


2. the warning

 as i stare frightened he starts talking. " so you are Scarlet Winters,right?" he had a British accent. "well,,?" he was waiting for me to answer. i couldn't form words yet so i nod."good, that means you saw what i did to that girl last week?" nod " well i didn't mean to, i'm usually well kept from feeding." silence. " it took forever to find you to make sure you wouldn't talk, you wont to talk right" nod. "well obviously because if u do id have to kill you " then he gets up and smiles and i see the fangs. as he's leaving he says " oh and i'm a Linkin park fan too." smiles again then leaves. i'm frozen (let it go comes on in the background-haha) to my spot. then slowly and wobbly i  go up the stairs that lead to my bedroom.  when i get to the top my bedroom door is open, and my window. then i check my safe. its open. everything is on the floor. i check it. my signed Linkin  park cd is gone. that.... that ...that sparkling bitch (haha twilight) 

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