Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


1. the start

scar's pov   "OK Scar, you can go home" said Jess my manager,But i didn't hear her. i was listening to music as i was closing the dinning room of Apple bee's. i was cleaning the tables when Jess came up behind me and taped on my shoulder, obviously i was scared because i didn't hear her. " you can go home now Scarlet." she said. "you sure,because i can stay if...." she interrupted me " you have been here all day, go home"    "ok jess." then i grabed my stuff and punched out. i changed out of my uniform and into skinny jeans , tank and my fave hoodie. as im walking home i hear noises behind me like someone was following me but when i turned around no one was there. ok this is freaky. i mean after waht i saw a week ago *****flash back**** as im walking home i hear a scream, it came from the park a block from me. i go to see and a figure was standing over a body. i creeped up and there was blood everywhere. he had curly hair . " hay Har come on again really" said a voice in the shadows. tthen three more figures came up . i tried to get closer but then i step on a branch. they all look my way and i ran home and locked the door.*******   but even more a week even earlier.***flashback*** I leave salena's house and when I pass the park their is a girl standing over a body with a gun ,i call 911 and when they get there she saw me and shot at me. I was fine but then I saw a guy come and took her away at light speed.****now I realized that the guy I saw from both times at the park are the same. when i reach my home i go in side," hey Mom im home" i say then head to the kitchen and theirs a note saying she was out for girls night. then i go into the living room and turn on the light and there on the couch was HIM. ...curly

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