Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


12. the new look

scarlet's pov

i get into the shower. i had just dyed my hair a month before but there is still some that is coming out. i'm gonna have to ask to get more dy. as i wash the blood off i realize i won't be able to go home. this makes me sad. i knew i wouldn't be able to when i said yes but now it is getting to me. my friends could care less. they ... urrg. anyway. i get out and grab a towel. i hear the boys down stairs so i go back into "my room" i look for the closet. there is a door next to the bedside table and i open it. it is a walk-in closet. not the small ones but the ones you see in movies. its completely stocked. and with all my sizes. i really missed the passed tow days. i pick out my outfit and get dressed. (pic) i look in the mirror my hair looks as bold as the day i dyed it. guess being a vamp has its perks. i dry my hair. i'm about to head down stairs when i think of trying it the vamp way. i try to remember how i did it before and next thing know i'm falling down the stairs. the boys rush to me. then they burst out laughing. "tried doing it the fast way huh." Harry said. he helps me up. "your gonna need training first. i groan. "isn't there just a how to manual" i say. they burst out laughing again.  then all of us sat down in the living room. no one siting near me. well i better start asking questions." so.. what are you? i ask. "well you know our names, well you know what Harry is, im a Wizard, Louis is an Angle and Liam is a Demon" Nial says. i realize i'm nodding as he says this  so i stop. " where are we?"  "our small mansion in the middle of the woods aka in the middle of no where. " harry says. "how did it get here"  "we build it" Li says. "how did you all meet?"  " well me and Liam grew up together. and we meet Nial and Lou on missions." harry says.  "missions?"  "we used to be with an organisation for evil beings but they convinced us to use our gifts for good." Lou says.  " so....i know that i can't go home or anywhere for a while but what do you do all day?"  they laugh. "grrr im not funny!" they stop Nial and Li look scared. i burst out laughing. Lou and Har look at them and laugh with me. "scared of a little girl boys" Lou says. i stop " im not a little girl" i say deeper than i wanted to. this makes everyone stop and look scared. i burst out laughing. then sooner than later we are all laughing. 

little while later when we have calmed down.."so tell us about you Scarlet." Lou says but i know harry wanted to ask that. "well, im an only child. my mom died of cancer when i was 6. dad is always working. my friends turned out not to be my friends, full name is Scarletina Missy Winters, but i go by Scarlet or Scar. um my first boyfriend turned out to be gay. umm.,,i now currently live with  4 good looking guys" i say. they are all smiling. "good looking eh" they say in union. "shit i said that out loud didn't i"  they nod. "anyway i want to know more about vampires and sort.." i look at Harry. "um tomorrow?" he says. "we can all help train you." he adds. " guessing Vamps don't sleep so...."   "yeah um they do so i can show you to your study so you could do whatever" he adds. then the others yawn and say their good nights. we go up some stairs and right above my bedroom is a room that is half a library and half work space. "you can do whatever to this room as you like" Harry says. "there is a door over there he points to the door next to a patio "the stairs lead to you study is right down the hall and same as yours my room is underneath." he says  "you have a laptop, and a phone but it doesn't allow you to contact any humans that are oblivious to the supernatural." anyway. there is a hardware/decor store in the basement so you can get the things you need for remodeling. anyway...see ya" and he's gone. i hear a door open and close down the hall. hum there is something about no don't go there. any way. i think i am gonna turn this into  

library/office/dance studio/ hang out space. i get to work. 


it actually doesn't take that long. A because i have gotten the hang of doing things at Vamp speed and B half of it was already there. when i'm done. i chill out on my hammock with my new laptop. i found a website were i could meet other supernaturals. and i meet #1Vamp_123 and i start chatting with him/her. 

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