Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


4. the murder?

scarlet's pov

so after we got all set up we changed in to our swimsuits and jumped into the water. we swam and swam then sat on the diving rock to sun bath. " So Rain hows it going with Justin?" i ask. she blushes. me and Mer start laughing. "tell us" me and Mer say in union. " well we went to the movies the other night and we.....kissed" we all squeal. i stoped because i heared a growl. i look into the trees. nothing. " what about you Mer, how r u after...Bruno." Rain asks.  "im fine girls, i don't need a man"  she says. we burst out laughing. then mer and Rain look at eachother. they nod then look at me. " how r u?" they ask. 'yea i mean since the murder" Mer says. this time i hear a deeper growl. what is that. "hey pay atention to us" Rain says with a hint of laughter. " im ok." i say. 

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